dreambox..the Future

  • After the device was at the forefront... it has declined in recent years in favor of other brands...

    This decline was evident with the release of new small devices (one + two ).

    Is there a new tendency..multi os...

    Android : where do you go, you find it in phones, TVs...tv box..stb

    libreelec : same as Kodi , Available on most digital devices

    Armbian : What do we do with Linux os on a Linux receiver..!!!!

    Enigma2 : closed source ...slow development...few plugins and skins

    Long wait for updates...

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  • This is known..but Enigma2 must be compatible with the advanced hardware of the new devices (one + two + Seven )....!!!!!

    Because the eternal problem is the opendreambox..!!!!

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  • The end is near when these teams have given up support.

    regards pclin

    Dreambox ONE, TWO, DM920UHD, DM900UHD, DM820HD HDD + USB-HUB, Stick 64GB, USB-HDD, Keyboard K400r, Wlan-Stick 11n

    (Flash) DP-OE2.6 (BAXII) eigenes OE2.6, debian-buster, Diverse

    (Flash) DP-OE2.5 (BAXII) eigenes OE2.5-e2+kodi+X, debian-stretch, Diverse

    AudioDSP: miniDSP 2x4HD

    TV: LG OLED65BX9LB (PicCap)


    Hyperion und Plugin HyperionControl auf der Dreambox ONE/TWO

    ESP32 mit WLED Wlan 263 LED's SK6812-NW 60 LED/m

    DM9x0 Plugin EnigmaLight

    Ambilight for ever

  • Use other brands so much. Why do you make vain posts?

    The creator of Enigma2 is Dreambox, and now other brands are horned for him.

  • Warum haben viele Teams die Unterstützung für Dreambox aufgegeben?

    nabilosat + Powersat + OOZOON + Powerboard + Demonisat + TSimage

    Openpli + Egami + PurE2..... etc

    du hast open atv vergessen. Mit dem "Notimage" von denen geht nicht mal HDR/HLG. Und in den Tunern ist auch ein fetter BUG drin. :grinning_squinting_face:

    Besser wäre, die würden das gemurxe ganz lassen.

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  • I have kept my mouth shut for a longtime now. But first of all where is the moderator of this forum ??? Please.

    And to the users who constant needs to make stupid comments.. Please please please!!!

    If you do not like a Car like "Volvo" you do not buy it. You do not ask the the manufacturer to put a Fiat engine it to satisfy you.

    You buy a crappy Fiat instead...

    Also this crapp about closed source. Well DreamProperty has develope and own the source and can do what ever they like with it.

    Just as Google, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and all the other companies.

    I run on my free time a very very small Team

    If we can build our own custom image then so can anyone else if they want.

    The closed source is closed, It will stay that way. And we want it this way!!

    My little Team and all the others get the best of support from DreamProperty and the developers.

    Also there are never any problems to get some nice help from the other Team devs..

    You just need to behave as a normal person..

    So can we please go back to normal use and normal conversations :smiling_face_with_halo:

    Everything in life that's any fun is either immoral, illegal or fattening

  • Do you know the difference between dissenting opinions and "alternative truths"?

    Anyone can have an opinion on any subject - regardless of whether the subject is understood at all. This case is a very good example of radical constructivism.

    Gruß Fred

    Die Dreambox ist tot, es lebe die Dreambox

  • I have presented facts in previous posts.... regarding the disappearance of the supporting teams... or the usefulness of Android or the Linux os..

    or dream os images were not up to the expectations of the users with their unresolved problems

    Is it a crime for you... to be slandered by sycophantic fans.... bigotry..

    We have confirmed why this forum is deserted....

  • So what's so bad about it that you have to keep spamming ....

    STB receivers are a dying breed, so it is normal that the frequency of users is now limited.

    And about Android and co on the dreamboxes - just because the chip might be able to do that, any other streaming box is better suited for it.

    The primary purpose of the boxes is to receive DVB signals via satellite, cable or terrestrial. And to be able to make recordings with them.


    ('''... Gruß Ketschuss ...''')
    DM920uHD, DM900uHD, DmTwo,DM520
    Team-Member Project Merlin - we are opensource

  • If the receivers for watch the channels and recordings with them. There is no need to buy a device for 500 euros, because a device for 10 euros achieves the above purpose.. e2 devices are for programming, development and modification

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  • If the receivers for watch the channels and recordings with them. There is no need to buy a device for 500 euros, because a device for 10 euros achieves the above purpose.. e2 devices are for programming, development and modification

    Gehe doch bitte auf die Apple–Website und erzähle denen dort, warum deren „device“ mit 500+ Euro viel zu teuer ist. Und erkläre denen nebenbei doch auch direkt, warum die gefälligst den Quellcode von iOS offenlegen sollen.

  • go to the Nokia website better...and ask them why, after you were in the first place, you are now not completely classified in the phones map....

    Nokia stayed with the closed system... and did not comply with Android

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