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    No it's not!
  • If you open playlist with notepad++ or simular editor you will se its a non standard Xtream playlist.
    Stream are sent in chunks to you so if 1 chunk gets lost all gets lost and you have to start all over.

    Gstreamer is not allways the best player for…
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    Like (Post)
    It works fine in alle modes.
    You're posting links to porn sites, which might be some scam software on your pc, please check it.
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    Now it become a lot of Google translate ;) And i get the point its your view that all should look like the skin i use and for built in system plugins thats very important
    But for any free third-party plugin like MediPortal and simular plugins not part of…
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    No problem we have Google translate even if not perfect i get your opinions :)

    And for full image skins i must say that DreamOS is cutting edge. The new way of setting up the skin like you explained in an earlier post is just amazing.
    And i look at…
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    And I really do appreciate all answers i get but the mode from all except Zombi is so hostile

    I now that the solution i come up with is not correct and does not suit my purpuse since it hi-jack all config listboxes and give them wrong font.
    I also get…
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    This is very interesting and thanks for taking time with an old dog like me ;)

    My plugin is simple ;) But any way look is allways important but if its not possible to have custom fonts without "misuse of some applet code ;)"
    Then i am of the oposite…
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    Okey that makes some sence ;) But as i wrote a couple of post up

    You can set custom fonts but then you have to use applet code like this

    <widget name="config" position="519,309" size="1372,672" foregroundColor="#ffffff" backgroundColor="#232323"…
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    I trying to figure that out bit its in German and my German is as good as google translate ;) :)

    To me his solution looks like a full skin solution while i just look for a simple embedded plugin skin solution

    And all works just as i want except that i cant…
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    Well i dont really get you answer gutemine???

    Yes there is no problem to get about any plugin to run in DreamOS but i am very new to skinning for DreamOS.
    And if i want to use lets say my custom font in the plugin skin how is that possible if i cant…
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    Took some time to translate ;)

    But what i understand if a simple skin for a small plugin i can jsu skipp the setFont or in the skin code
    i dont need font="Regular;28" as example since plugin can use the default skin settings?
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    Es ist im DreamOS sogar leichter ,einfach mal die aktuellen Plugins oder auch mal in die schauen.;)
    Zauberwort lautet TemplatedListFonts

    Und im Plugin code gibt man sowas dann so zb. an

    from skin import TemplatedListFonts

    def __init__(self,…
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    Lots of reading but German is not my language so read alot with Google Translate :)

    I am and old DMM user who have been gone for many years to the other side ;)
    but back again and now try and rapp my head around the new DreamOS OE 2.6
    Its alot diffrent…