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  • seagen

    Replied to the thread red light flashing dreamone.
    (Quote from gutemine)

    Well you could maybe at least give detailed description about how to tell U-Boot how to boot from the SD Card ?

    What the story is or is not are not that important, If there is a solution at least it would be nice if you gave a…
  • Dreamy-FHD is in the addons panel of Dream-Elite so you can download it there :)

    DMM feeds are not that up to date when it comes to skins ;)
  • seagen

    Replied to the thread Transcoding.
    Well then i learned something new to day ;) Did not know that the HDMI In port hade anything todo with Trancoding but that explaince a lot of why some STBs can Transcode
    and others cant.

    But is there any plans for a software transcoder or is thats…
  • seagen

    Posted the thread Transcoding.
    Hi its a lot of reading but almost all is in German so sorry if i ask a question that have been asked and answerd before :)

    I am also pretty new to working with Dreambox so my skills are somewhat outdated ;)

    But is there no encoder in DreamOS?

    If i check…
  • seagen

    Replied to the thread AiO Dreambox ScreenGrabber.
    Thanks :) that worked well
  • seagen

    Posted the thread AiO Dreambox ScreenGrabber.
    Hi i have question about taking a screenshot from telnet (putty)

    I get this error when trying to grab a screenshot

    root@dreamone:~# grab -o -p /tmp/grab.png

    AiO Dreambox Screengrabber 0.95

    Unknown STB .. quit.


    I see it says…