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    Then your dm Two has a recording lock from the factory.

    From Gutemines plugin feed install UserScripts

    Open plugin UserScripts and then press blue button to open setup.

    In this menu you see Recordings, Change from "No" to "Yes" and you have unlocked the block.

    Thanks to gutemine for always saving us with his good work when we are in need :)

    Best regards the "Special Friend" ;)

    If i understand the flash process correct? Every time i flash my Dreambox there is a saved copy of last image in hidden folder /data/.recovery

    And this image will be used if anything with the new flash goes wrong.

    Is this correct or am I wrong about this?

    I am in no way an expert but looks like the flash when through correct and you now have booted into the DM Image?

    To connect with ftp ot dcc you must first create a password. Menu>>Setup>>System>>password>>Enter Password.

    Now create your own password and save. After us that password to connect with dcc.

    Username is as always root

    Of cause you should be able and flash a DMM image.

    As long as you get the box back into Rescue Mode?

    If so when you are doing the new flash, and i strongly recommend "Online Rescue" Make sure you have uncheck the boxes for Backup and restore settings.

    This is very important special if you have try one of the public OE-A builds for Dreambox One. Otherwise you mix the both images and cant boot.

    Since its about remotes i have notice that my BT Remote have gone black. It's working proper but no indicator lights when pressing the buttons.

    I have probably change some settings that i cant seem to find.... I have looked at the RC settings where i can change colours but nothing works

    I have the one with the microphone button instead of help button.

    I am on latest unstable image with all updates


    Update :)

    Probably some kind of battery save mode;) Change to new battery and all works fine now :)

    Problem solved

    Thanks onlydb after setting the speed to 600 i manage to get in contact and got a my boot log.

    And now also i got a terminal connection so i could fix the boot issue and put my box back into rescue mod :)

    So any one else with the urge to try what should not be done.. learn from my lesson and dont do it

    I have done it for you ;)

    Problem solved

    Thanks :)

    Thanks but i cant even get a connection so cant add any files.

    I was hoping that the serial connection would work so could put i back into flash mode or at least create a boot log to figure out how to fix this.

    but at least i have done it so nobody else with the same ide will do it ;)

    Hi now i could write that a friend of mine did this but i will be honest.

    I know that you should not try and flash any other image for any boxes rather then the one suited for yours.

    But stupid me just hade test and see if the Dream-Elite 7 image for Dreambox one also worked with Dreambox Two :/

    I was expecting to get a wrong image result from the flash tool but no all went through and box booted.

    I did my settings and was thinking, well this was nice.

    Now i did a full reboot and of cause now it's not that nice. Box just quickly flash blue end then all colours and stop.

    I have try the rescue boot with sd card, no luck. Try and get a serial connection described in the boot log post but stil no connection.

    Is there another way or have i just killed my box and can now use it as a paper weight ;)

    And to all others with the same urge like me.... DONT DO THIS listen to the staff saying NO NO!!

    Agree if i go to a car dealer who is the official seller for BMW and buy a Volkswagen i still get help from the dealer since it was them who sold me the car.

    So if DP is allowing IHAD to publish on the DP feed then they also need to provide support. Either them self or the authors who publish on the feed

    In this case it's very easy just zombi and he will tell you how to get a round this ;)

    I can see your point gutemine and this is the backside of OpenSource ;) One person do lots of work and other leech on them instead of asking for permission, so in my opinion you have all the right in the world to this.

    I am just happy that the information is out there now and users can choose for them self what to have and what to use. And i dont have to wonder what the heck happen to my plugin ;)