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    Did you read my answer to you??

    Look at your own post RE: Help me

    Here you have taken a picture and posted your self. As you can see all the info you need is there.

    So look again at your TV Screen. you see and internet address

    Type that address into your Internet web browser on your computer

    Go to the address and you have open the Flash tool

    Look at your TV Screen (You posted a screenshot of it ) there you see an address you should use that. It's not an IP Address but a real name url.

    Type that into your Web browser and you should be just fine.

    But your box must be connected to your home network. With a network cable.

    Wifi want work

    You can not compare a legal business with an image Team.

    The factory image can not contain anything even in the grey zone area.

    Again you buy the HW with an factory image. What you do later is up to you.

    OE-A do not build or sell any HW so this is not a correct comparing :saint:

    But this is of topic

    Okey but the latest version is now corrected to wqhd and not 4K so you can go straight from what ever size to 2K

    Well that is not a script but a Windows Software and you can thank me for the WQHD got implemented dhwz    :saint:

    But it's very easy to use.

    put your xml file in an easy to find folder.

    Browse that folder from the software.

    Choose output folder or else the files will be overwritten in the same folder as from where you are loading them.

    with your xml files alpha you get the question what size you are converting from and after that just chose size you want to convert to.

    and then all is done in a blink of an eye.

    You can also scale your pngs at the same time but that you should only do if you are scaling down.

    Create your skin in wqhd and also your pngs then scale down from there

    I would say that since IPTV seems to work proper it could be signal issue with your Coaxial cables and connectors.

    Maybe it's time for an dish adjustment.

    I can also confirm that former CanalDigital Scandinavia, Now now as Allente. Also allow the use of the Module with Card in Dreamboxes.

    All you have to do when you order it from them is to inform that the Module and Card is to be used in a Dreambox.

    Then the card is paired to the module by them and you are allowed to run it in legacy mode CI instead if CI+

    As long as you stay clear from any illegal way to try and run your module and card in CI+ mode all works just fine and fully legal.

    Now when Christmas is just around the corner I want to wish the whole DP staff a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    I want to share my appreciations for all the good work you do every day to provide us Dreamers with the best platform.

    There will always be bumps in the road, But all in all I am pretty sure that everyone can sum up the year

    as a happy Dreambox user and look forward to a new exiting year to come :saint:

    With all the best from

    Team Peter Pan

    By default the plugin is not showing in the PluginBrowser.

    Just open a IMDb search from event info and press menu button to open Configuration screen

    Here you can activate or deactivate if IMDb should show in the PluginBrowser

    Seems to work fine but there is an issue with the HTMLParser import.

    The import is for python 3 :)

    I would set it up like this instead to cover both

    Did my test on the dm900 and got the import error

        from html.parser import HTMLParser # python 3 import
    except ImportError as ie:
        from HTMLParser import HTMLParser # python 2.7 import

    Just use telnet to search for EMC

    It's all up to your provider if they support that your Module can be run in legacy mode or not.

    Legacy mode is Card paired and register to the module by your providers customer support.

    This is the legal way to use your CI+ module with a legal subscription.

    At least for us Scandinavians

    And it all works just fine with my dm7080hd, dm900UHD and dmTwoUHD

    If you install any illegal plugins in the hope it should work then you are pretty much smoked ;)