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    Let me just confirm i hade to test with the knowledge that i would probably break the image and NO NO you are lucky if it worked for you.

    For me no boot but i could just restore my current drivers and then box booted again ;)

    So like dhwz say. Dont do this if you are not prepare for a crash and have the now how to fix it.

    Better to wait for the Devs they will absolutt fix it as soon as they can :thumbsup:

    If a person needs help and you have the knowledge the common use of a support forum is to give a helping hand :)

    Really don't get why people log in to forums like this when the intention is to not help people and just come with smug comments

    Like yours. If you don't now how to don't buy a Dreambox but rather buy something else ??

    And i don't get that DP and Olove let this nonsense continue because they don't really care if it's A German or an Chinese that buy there product

    I assume their main goal is to sell their product and make some money. And if the usual gang really supports DP then you should really think again

    Because you are not doing a good work as a promoter for a company you are suppose to be supportive of ;)


    I took my dm900uhd to my friend who have a Samsung 75 "Q67T 4K UHD QLED Smart TV QE75Q67TAU just to see if we have overlooked something

    But i can't reproduce your issues.

    I tested all HDMI ports direct and also through the Philips soundbar the only way i could get the same issue was if i put the HDMI cable into the wrong port of the dm900uhd

    It has 2 port one for "in" and one for "out" where "out" is the correct port.

    There are some settings for how the HDMI port is handling 4K / UHD on the TV so tested different settings to see if there was an issue there but everything worked just fine.

    And i must say that the picture quality was stunning good for this old box.

    I also tested with some very old HDMI cables and still no issue. What i forgot to test but don't see that it should have an impact was, the hdr settings in my dm900uhd

    I would maybe suspect either you have the cable in the wrong port on your dm900uhd or your TV has a faulty software / hardware.

    All test is done with Factory image and HDMI-CEC off Video settings 2160p 60hz and 1080p 60hz

    I have a linksys router and are always fiddeling with my Dreamboxes and other brands.

    I run into this issues very often and it's always my router who is the cause.

    In your router check the device list and as Cepheus62 mention check your dhcp assignment.

    Clear out the device list to get ride of old saved devices. Check your dhcp settings and check if mask mac address is activated or in some cases even clone mac address can be an option.

    The clear out device list always fix my issues when i run into double ipaddress :)

    Incredible i have search the unstable feeds and did not find it but thanks any way i need to get my eyes checked ^^

    But my next question about this.

    Image i am using is the Factory image but i have built it my self from the opendreambox github

    No errors all when just fine But why did i not get this file in the feeds. Do i need to setup the feeds for unstable?

    Because i have searched the feeds created when building the image and i cant find the tar package you provided me with

    How stupid can i person be :D:D:D:D:D:D did not run apt-get update before apt-get install tar <X<X

    Well that lesson is learned and thanks dhwz for your help but this we can call nonsens ;):):):thumbsup:


    I have been building debian packages on my dm900 with factory image for a longtime without any issues.

    So now i was trying the same on my Dreambox Two.

    Here all did not go as well as i am used to ;)

    I get this errors and are really stuck. I suspect i am missing some dependency files? Just cant figure what so if someone could lend me a hand and tell me what packages i need

    root@dreambox:~# dpkg-deb -b /root/deb-x/ my-debian-package.deb

    dpkg-deb: building package 'my-debian-package' in 'my-debian-package'.

    tar: unrecognized option '--format=gnu'

    BusyBox v1.24.1 (2021-04-04 22:23:21 EDT) multi-call binary.

    Usage: tar -[cxtZzJjahmvO] [-X FILE] [-T FILE] [-f TARFILE] [-C DIR] [FILE]...

    I just commented the fact that we are talking about the same Channels! not transponder and as i wrote let me check. Did i not write that in my post??

    Than I really don't now why you always have to be so rude in your comments? You are always telling me and others that we talk nonsense and nobody cares.

    We don't have your skills or knowledge that's why we visit this forum the get better and to learn. But your lesson as the self appointed spokes person for DreamProperty

    is that we should just f**ck off because we are trying and more often fail.

    So if i did not read and hade the whole lyngsat in my memory but instead give an answer about a transponder that do work. Well sorry for the nonsens and for making your day a living hell!!!

    dhwz Welcome to the club, Maybe you should install google translate plugins because his German translate just fine to English ;)

    It's this channels he is reffering to.

    With DM900/920UHD all channels works but with DMone/two UHD only WOW 4K is working.

    They are free to air so if you have this sat config available you can tune in and check your self.

    I think i read some conversation here between you and Sven H that you could use Dreambox Edit

    to fix the other channels settings so they did work for Dreambox one and two.

    But if someone wants to try the amazing 4K of the Dreambox One and Two just tune into WOW 4K :)

    Turn off Just Scale for both 16:9 and 4:3 and try

    Set 16: 9 to letterbox and 4: 3 to black pilar

    Also check your TV's same settings. If they also are set to same settings just change to same as your Dreambox

    In the future if this helps only do your settings in your Dreambox if you want to scale the picture

    For IPTV in bouquets the easiest to use is JediMakerXtream.

    As for Players Xstreamity, XC plugin or of cause DreamXtream it's just a matter of taste.

    Install them all and try you will very fast figure out what is best for you

    Checkout Youtube :)

    just search for unboxing dreambox one ultrahd and dreambox two ultrahd

    there are lots of them :)

    Dreambox is working just as good as any other enigma2 box with IPTV and you really don't need fiber to watch IPTV

    A regular adsl or cable is more then enough.

    When it comes to choice of box. If you need a good sat box then the Two is the best choice because it offers a Common Interface and a tiny display.

    But if you are not in need of a Common Interface the the One is just as good. For IPTV they both perform equal.

    Than of cause IPTV will never be better then the quality of your provider.

    As with all that's new we old dogs have a hard time to adjust. I really did not like the new RC at the start but with the Two i got the BT remote and that is much better quality.

    Now i really like that remote and with ©gutemines lostkey plugin this RC is my number 1 choice :)

    But why do you want to change your resistor for the LEDs??

    And as info the Philips TV is really trouble to get working proper with it's own RC ;)

    So give the remote some time and you will see it is not that bad :)