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    I have a good access to the plugin ;) and if it was an issue with all other skins i would instantly agree with you

    But why would anyone have to open up the skin.xml of any skin and find what the color code is and then use only them if they create a plugin??

    You must missunderstand me somehow.

    Its not a problem as long as your skin gets used with default settings as downloaded. But when using the styles and change the skin apperance

    i assume that color code gets copied from the main skin.xml into the styles.xml file?

    Now for some reason the skin also try and copy the color code from the plugin

    In this case the color code "Header" and of cause this code is not in the main skin.xml so this fails and cause the GreenScreen from .... ;)

    But if i put the color code into the main skin.xml for your skin of cause it gets copied and therfor all is good again.

    So please explain to me how this can be the Plugin causing the problem?

    Really want to now so i can fix this problem if thats the case.

    But i am still more into an issue with DreamOS or how the styles have been setup to work?

    Accully after further investigation and test with manufactor image, this is probably a bug in DreamOS or your plugin Styles or a combination.

    Because the color code color 'header' is part of the skin.xml for the plugin not your skin.xml

    so why it get picked up of your skin is a real mystery?

    Yes but for IPTV we need to add a custom source from the provider thats not in any source list of any plugin.

    But with JedimakerXtream and the OpenSource plugin EPGImport this can be done.

    I ported this plugin over to DreamOS (DreamElite) but all hell broke loose even if i was very clear this is not my plugin and all credit goes to the author of the plugin ;)


    JediMakerXtream i can answer for ;)

    Jedi creates a source in plugin EPG Importer.

    I know there is a Plugin with same name for DreamOS (DreamElite) but that plugin is not the same as the OpenSource EPG Importer you are used to in your OE-Alliance image.

    So the custom add of source does not work.

    Hi zombi

    I use your skin in my Dream One UltarHD with image DreamElite7 and i have a question tou you.

    I guess that styles are only for merlin image? or should styles also work with other DreamOS Images like DreamElite?

    I have also try GP4 with same issu

    Reason i am asking is when using styles i get a crash of missing or wrong color code when open a skinned plugin?

    I.f i put the color code for header into the skin.xm of skin Zombie-FHD then all works fine and i can also use styles.

    Is it something in the plugin i can add so it does not mix up with your skin, or is this a known bug in the Styles or a compatibility problem?

    This is my crashlog:

    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/", line 9643, in __call__

    return ret (* args, ** kwargs)

    File "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/Components/", line 72, in action

    res = act ()

    File "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/Screens/", line 48, in save ()

    File "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/Screens/", line 52, in run

    plugin (session = self.session)

    File "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/XStreamity/", line 117, in main (main.XStreamity_Main)

    File "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/", line 490, in open

    dlg = self.current_dialog = self.instantiateDialog (screen, * arguments, ** kwargs)

    File "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/", line 391, in instantiateDialog

    return self.doInstantiateDialog (screen, arguments, kwargs, self.desktop)

    File "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/", line 433, in doInstantiateDialog

    dlg.applySkin ()

    File "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/Components/", line 117, in applySkin

    self.createGUIScreen (self.instance, self.desktop)

    File "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/Components/", line 27, in createGUIScreen

    if not val.applySkin (desktop, self):

    File "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/Components/", line 39, in applySkin

    skin.applyAllAttributes (self.instance, desktop, self.skinAttributes, parent.scale)

    File "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/", line 447, in applyAllAttributes

    applySingleAttribute (guiObject, desktop, background_key, background_val, scale)

    File "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/", line 363, in applySingleAttribute

    guiObject.setBackgroundColor (parseColor (value))

    File "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/", line 197, in parseColor

    raise SkinError ("color '% s' must be #aarrggbb or valid named color"% (str))


    skin.SkinError: {Zombi-FHD / skin.xml}: color 'header' must be #aarrggbb or valid named color

    Best regards Seagen

    I know that DreamOS only support thoose servicetypes but there are many users out there who use this amazing software for other Images then DreamOS

    so they might get an hickup if Dreambox Edit hade stop support for other service types ;)

    Ayway thanks for an amazing software :)

    If you open Telnet connection to your Dreambox and then type this and press enter to send command

    journalctl -f> /tmp/log.txt

    Now do what you are doing when the box is crashing.

    After crash has happen just press CTRL + C in telenet and you find the log in / tmp folder.

    Only crash info will be logged and also give a better info about what buttons pressed when crash happens.

    Try this

    Step 1

    Format a sd card with fat filesystem (Not Fat32)


    Label the card DREAMBOOT

    step 3

    Put card into the sdcard slot

    step 4

    Turn on your DM One UHD and it should send you into rescue mode and i strongley recomend that you install online DreamOS and rember to uncheck restore settings box before flashing

    There you have the answer ;)

    The channel without audio have a bad audiotrack, while this last have good audiotracks where language is defined.

    Have you ever hade any audion on the channel? and try and press red button to turn of ac3 downmix

    and also try green button to see if there is any audio on left or right channel