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    Now i think you don't get me correct. I could care less what happen if you for reason install an unsupported image.

    My point was if my Peter pan image has issues so i need to reflash then it would not be vice to backup and restore my old settings.

    I would probably end up with a less good image then if I made a clean install ??

    I get your point rest assure :) And the nice thing now is that there is info in English so for none German speaking users they can now get some search result with the fine info you gave a couple of post above :thumbup:

    But in the end it's not up to you and me if they change it or not. Only the future will tell

    By the way, Thanks for all you nice work making the Dream experience a more diverse world

    Yes but such knowledge is probably not to be expected by the regular users or new customers.

    So would be less harm to leave them out as default and later when users have got more knowledge they also will now about this.

    It's so easy to forget that we all have been newbie and can users be spared from broken boxes because they are not that skilled... Well se no harm in that :)

    I have suggested before that the Flash Tool should not have the Backup and restore option marked as default.

    Normal users will of cause not fiddle with anything expecting that the default is the correct way to do it.

    When you need to flash a new image it's almost always because you have wrecked the one you use at the moment

    So to have those settings as default is not a good option and should spare regular users from lots of problem

    So if you can get back into rescue mode chris19 Flash the newnigma2 image but this time make sure you

    un hock both the backup and restore check boxes before pressing "Go" to flash the image.

    If you are using Windows on your PC just open Windows Explorer >> Network >> your dm920

    Now you should see your root folder and your HDD and you should be able to transfer and edit files

    Since the universal language is not German among most users I translated the very nice "How to make a bootlog" to English for none German speaking users.

    You find it here: How do I create a bootlog

    Try and create a bootlog in that way it's easier to figure out what is going on.

    Turn off the box with the power button switch in the back of your dmtwo

    Now in the front top over the lcd screen press and hold the small button pressed while turning on the power switch in the back.

    Hold the button until you see the orange light. Also you will have information in the small lcd screen telling you the box is in recovery mode.

    now open your web browser and type as below to enter the recover/flash tool


    Now do an online recovery but very important!!!!

    Uncheck both options for backup and restoring settings before you press Go!!!

    I am the worst skinner and developer so i restart reboot my boxes up to 100 times a day when i work at something and have never hade any data lost or strange light blinking.

    I practical abuse my dreamboxes with bad programming and skinning so this "bug" must be very rare??

    Also all my boxes is set to go into deep standby after idle for 3 hours and they all start just perfect with the remote or button press.

    I assume that with GUI restart your box goes black and not starting proper.

    But most of the time network still works so you can connect with telnet and ftp.

    So try and connect to your box with telnet and just manual run enigma2 to get the crash info in the terminal window

    If you now how to create a bootlog that is still the best option :)

    If you never used telnet with DCC or Putty and don't now how i can guide you through the steps

    No it's not usual to regular customers to do an update with telnet. But it's good ide when something goes wrong.

    Also what's helpful is if you give some info about what image you have installed. And since you are using gemini plugins i can guess it's the dm unstable with GP4 addon.

    So how to get the info. Yes a bootlog is always nice but sometimes a bit complicated so let's start with telnet.

    Open a Telnet connection with Putty or DCC and then just do a new update.

     apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

    If you any errors just post them here.

    Now also run the command to see if there is some dependency issues

    apt-get install -f
    Restart GUI when done
    systemctl restart enigma2

    Still no luck just type enigma2 in your telnet command prompt and you will get a crashlog in your telnet window

    Mark all text then press CTR+C to copy

    Now you have it all in the clippboard of your computer so just paste the text here and post it.

    Best of cause is to create a bootlog file

    No matter what opinion people have i must say that I am stunned in the way conversation goes on. Name calling and bulling and it's like red thread through this forum.

    But what surprise me the most is the lack of Staff intervention ??? Where is the Moderators and Admins ?? It does not matter if you agree or disagree about a topic or opinion.

    The constant name calling and the bulling of Forum members can not continue. Disagree and debate should have i high tolerance and we should disagree sometimes and hopefully agree sometime :)

    But this most be done in a civil manner. We all have agree to "terms of use" for this forum! Read them again from time to time.

    Respect each other. Respect all Developers hard work, Don't forget that we all have been newbies and not all will be geniuses.

    No = No & Yes = Yes

    High or low bitrate have nothing to do with CI+ it the same use with Cams run in legacy mode.

    There is no license issue if your Cam works in legacy mode. You stil need the option to run the Cam in High Bitrate

    Why this option does not show with the dm525HD i really don't now but i change my default settings to "yes" in the file and it works for me ;)

    My Cam is a Strong Conax Cam.

    If you say it's OK then I agree with you :thumbup:

    This fix by you should also be patched into the git


    This is how i solved my build but if you have added the i posted in this thread you can restore the original when you have gone through the first build for armhf and mipsel32

    and all works fine. You only need to run the modify for one armhf and it works for both same with mipsel32

    If you run the modify for ex dm520 then you can run all other mipsel32 machines without any changes

    You can also build on any linux distro of your choice, even the linux distro for Windows 10 ;)

    And i agree this is a temp fix and it is a dirty fix but since no one from DP have provided any solution this at least makes the krogoth possible to build