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    I also had some problems similar to what you describe. But in my case it was actually my Older Samsung TV that blocked the RC.

    You can try to press and hold the Mode button so it changes color and goes into TV Mode. Then again press and hold so it switch back to Dream mode.

    Now try and wake up your box from Standby.

    That worked for me. But the problem was gone after the FP update and I had the problem on my Dreambox One.

    It's working just fine with the factory DP image OE 2.0 2.2 2.5 2.6 AIO.

    No tweaks in any code. Blue button (Favorites) goes one step back.

    But this is not important. It's only a very few of the Jedi users who use this function.

    And it's only use full for IPTV

    It's working just fine with DreamOS. And have done for many many years

    You can test your self. Just create a

    here is an example replace the bouquets with your own that you find in

    With Jedi you can group your bouquets into one if you have several providers.

    instead of scroll through a long list of bouquets you can keep them sorted into a provider main bouquet

    Just like a main folder with sub folders on your computer.

    I have kept my mouth shut for a longtime now. But first of all where is the moderator of this forum ??? Please.

    And to the users who constant needs to make stupid comments.. Please please please!!!

    If you do not like a Car like "Volvo" you do not buy it. You do not ask the the manufacturer to put a Fiat engine it to satisfy you.

    You buy a crappy Fiat instead...

    Also this crapp about closed source. Well DreamProperty has develope and own the source and can do what ever they like with it.

    Just as Google, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and all the other companies.

    I run on my free time a very very small Team

    If we can build our own custom image then so can anyone else if they want.

    The closed source is closed, It will stay that way. And we want it this way!!

    My little Team and all the others get the best of support from DreamProperty and the developers.

    Also there are never any problems to get some nice help from the other Team devs..

    You just need to behave as a normal person..

    So can we please go back to normal use and normal conversations :smiling_face_with_halo:

    Can we please stop this!!!!

    What is wrong with people... This is the changelog thread !!!!!

    Please any admins/moderators clean this up and close the thread as read only

    Discussions do not belong here at all

    Did you read my answer to you??

    Look at your own post RE: Help me

    Here you have taken a picture and posted your self. As you can see all the info you need is there.

    So look again at your TV Screen. you see and internet address

    Type that address into your Internet web browser on your computer

    Go to the address and you have open the Flash tool

    Look at your TV Screen (You posted a screenshot of it ) there you see an address you should use that. It's not an IP Address but a real name url.

    Type that into your Web browser and you should be just fine.

    But your box must be connected to your home network. With a network cable.

    Wifi want work

    You can not compare a legal business with an image Team.

    The factory image can not contain anything even in the grey zone area.

    Again you buy the HW with an factory image. What you do later is up to you.

    OE-A do not build or sell any HW so this is not a correct comparing :smiling_face_with_halo:

    But this is of topic

    Okey but the latest version is now corrected to wqhd and not 4K so you can go straight from what ever size to 2K