CI+ Modul unbenutzbar in 7080HD

  • Hallo, Ich habe meine 7080HD seit einige Jahren, es kann sein das der Software ebene zu niedrig ist um die CI+ module zu benutzen, oder ist es ein problem mit der Cam, zz ist der Cam ohne Karte, nur die Modul. es zeigt am monitor das diese cam in diese dreambox nicht benutzbar ist weil es incompatibel ist. Ist es wahr ??

    Bild am anhang zeigt der S/W ebene.


    Marcus M

  • ah, now it’s clear, if I had known, I wouldn’t have bought it, but does DM-7 also only support Ci?

    P.S. when I bought Dream Two, I thought at least CI would work in it :winking_face:

  • Source

    CI+ is a further development of the DVB-CI standard 1.0, which was previously used in TV sets and CI modules. With CI the encrypted digital programmes are decoded in the module and then passed on directly to the TV set. With CI+ the encrypted digital programmes are encrypted again between the module and the TV. In this way it is also possible to ensure that the minimum requirements for parental control and copy protection are met. A TV set with CI+ specification recognises whether a CI+ module is being used. If a CI+ is not being used then encrypted digital programmes may possibly not be shown.

  • another guy who does not read release notes and data sheets before buying - and then the manufacturer is to blame

    informing in advance is better than believing or thinking :winking_face:

    Gruß Fred

    Die Dreambox ist tot, es lebe die Dreambox

  • It's all up to your provider if they support that your Module can be run in legacy mode or not.

    Legacy mode is Card paired and register to the module by your providers customer support.

    This is the legal way to use your CI+ module with a legal subscription.

    At least for us Scandinavians

    And it all works just fine with my dm7080hd, dm900UHD and dmTwoUHD

    If you install any illegal plugins in the hope it should work then you are pretty much smoked :winking_face:

    Everything in life that's any fun is either immoral, illegal or fattening

  • There are also providers that use CI as it was since its introduction - no pairing of cards.


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  • und es gibt auch welche, die verlangen CI+. Gerade bei uns hier in D.