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    warte ich jetzt auch schon wieder 2 Jahre auf die Seven.

    You can wait for it like Goliath indefinitely, the release date is postponed every time

    P.S. I don't like the new One/Two line BT remote control, numeric buttons 1,2,3 at the bottom, player buttons at the top, to return to the previous channel with the <0> buttons, you need to shift the remote control to the other hand or have fingers 20 centimeters, and better tentacles like an octopus :)

    P.P.S. Not a very good decision

    kleine Anmerkung, sie sprechen von 2mm, welche an den Bolzen vom originalem Kühlkörper entfernt werden müssen.

    Das ist falsch! Es ist genau 1mm!

    No need to cut there, sold a set of copper plates gi diameter 20-20 and 25-25 mm thickness from 0.2-2 mm, you insert between the processor and the radiator and that's it

    between them, spread thermal paste or thermal pad with a thickness of 0.3-0.5 mm ;)

    And if you sell your boxes with Merlin somewhere, we can't help it if your customers complain. That is your problem.

    The hardware is delivered with the original Dreamimage from DP.

    Do I look like a receiver seller? I am a regular user, like many others...

    Where did you get such incomprehensible thoughts in your head? Fantasy works well for you ^^^^^^^^

    You should treat your head, you entertain people like a local clown ^^^^^^

    Wait for the 911 to pick you up ,

    You need to be treated, and you are sitting here entertaining people and flooding ;)

    P.S. leave me alone with your image Merlin, I now have Newnigma2 and it suits me completely, go to your forum and prove to the remaining users there that your image is super

    Last famous words.

    • mic71 started a discussion we are ignorant, don't like foreign language users ..

    Where did I say that? In the Merlin forum? Well, I told the truth, which you didn't like. I can't ask you on your forum when there will be updates, because it's in the rules, with such orders, the last 100 people will soon run away from you

    Image DreamElite are good too, but if it is not updated, the image becomes irrelevant because it is outdated, there are old drivers, no support for high bitrate, it matters to me

    Why are you picking on me? I gave my opinion on the image of NewNigma2, did it get you that much? You can't get past the truth, can you?

    maybe it's enough for you to flood and tell me about your merlin image? I'm not interested in this

    P.S. What does it have to do with some skins, converters, renders? =O=O

    Are you all right in the head? do not flood and pass by ;)


    It's a well known fact that the Merlin Team isn't building their images every day/week. The reasons are known. It's cheap populism to mess around with them at every opportunity.

    So the NewNigma2 image is cheap populism? The developers of this image won't like what you say. Choose your words carefully

    You turn the public against you by saying that ;)

    deskjet78   I just expressed my opinion about the best image, I don't know why dreamer-flt started breeding flood

    he probably has nothing to do ;)

    P.S. NewNigma2 image is updated every week, I am satisfied with everything, bugs are eliminated immediately :thumbup::thumbup:

    The russian revenge, RunningText, occupied permanently 100% cpu load after the first usage for months, until Dr. Best fixed it. Without one of you genious skinners ever noticing it.. And your Dreamboxes are still alive after this "deadly SoC attack" 8o

    That is, now rendering RunningText fixed? Look at the CPU load in the skin My Flow , it is 80-90% when the display is a running line.

    Doesn't the CPU load depend on the scrolling speed?

    Why will I prove something to you and point out something, you are a Profi and I'm just a passerby ;)

    look at what the CPU load was on MMP2, 85-90%, but as a normal user I can talk about it on the Merlin forum...

    P.S. you can not even ask about the update on the forum, the rules say that it is forbidden, I wish you good luck, do not get sick and get well

    P. P. S. when I pointed out bugs to you on the Merlin forum, you preferred to keep silent or pretend that you didn't see them, because you knew about it, didn't you? And now you accuse me that no one has noticed the problem of render, Isn't it funny to you? ^^^^^^

    e.g. with some of the renderers you are using in your skins.

    Are you serious? :D:D:D

    What renders are we talking about and what's wrong with them?

    Even using the Default FHD skin, are there any renders to blame? ^^^^^^

    Don't make a clown of yourself. ;) my knees are starting to laugh


    A commercial company would sue you for such a statement.

    Really? The IPTV list is officially provided to me by my Internet provider, don't you have one? 8|8|

    P.S. what do you want me to say? I made my point, at the moment I prefer the image of NewNigma2

    You assure me that the image of NewNigma2 is worse than that of Merlin4? I think the developers of NewNigma2 will not like your words

    Merlin doesn't "kill" your Dreambox in any aspect more (or less) than the DP image did until last week, better be careful with what you say.

    Are you serious?

    Need I remind you of the CPU load and CPU temperature when watching IPTV on 4097?

    If you don't read very well, I'll remind you


    I priority iptv viewing,

    is the question closed?

    P.S. no need to impose my opinion, I said what image for me as a priority

    I'm not telling you how to properly make a Nuke skin ;)

    My priority was two images, Merlin4 and Newnigma2.

    After the latest updates to r14, the NewNigma2 image has become a priority

    I priority iptv viewing, I don't want my receiver to die on the Merlin4 image

    When they will have updates, no one knows, the developers do not have time to update, and that's a pity :(