Recording to an external drive in DM ONE

  • hello, I have a problem with recording to an external drive in my DM ONE.

    I am using the original image from the dreambox website, I have a 1TB external drive connected to the USB3 port. The disk has been initialized and mounted to the / media / hdd directory. The HDD is properly detected, but I can't burn anything anyway.

    A few weeks ago I was recording to this hdd normally, so I checked the image I was using up to then. Recording does not work on any original image, but it works on image dreambox elite. I tught I might need some plugins on the original image to be able to record? So far, after pressing the record button, it shows to me in the upper right corner of the icon as in the attached screenshot

  • Thanks for your help, how should I install this script? From plugins? what exactly to look for? Forgive me, but this is the first time I see an image in which there is no recording function by default

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    Ich suche Beta-Tester für mein Programm --> Tagebuch.xls, ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn die Profis mal ein Auge drauf werfen.. :)

  • The error is imho not the original os. I also have a DM one with current original os and 1 TB disk on the USB3 port and recording works normally (just tested again). I do not have the userscript on it. The userscript is only for the front sd-card slot.

  • I had an image installed:

    I also tried this painting


    On both, when I pressed the record button, I saw an icon in the upper right corner

    It does not help to initialize the disk or mount it.

    while in this image:


    Instead of an icon in the upper right corner, I get a message that my disk has not been initialized. After the disk is initialized and mounted, the recording function works properly.

    But why doesn't she want to work on the original painting? :( I formatted the drive as well, and that didn't help.

  • seagen thanks, I didn't know that. Can not the recording lock on the ONE also be deactivated via the console as with other Dreamboxes ?

  • Imagebuilders can put whatever setting they want in their image, but DP can NOT - unless you want to pay the increased import tax for them ;)

    Eexecute a settings backup from standard DreamOS software manager in an image where recording works and restore it after flashing the Original image and you will see it works there too.

    Because the difference is a single line in the settings file, which is off course a so well kept and NSA protected secret, that NO popular search engine or the board search will tell you :/

    And my feed does NOT bite ... unless you step on his tail .. :P .

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  • I understand that the original image may have a limited function, but the recording protection is not intuitive. Because hardware everything indicates that the receiver should record by default. It has REC and PVR buttons on the remote control, and a USB 3 socket for faster data transmission. Sooner I suspected that I needed to format the disk correctly, I unnecessarily did it and deleted over 500GB of videos recorded on the old receiver. =O

    it's hard to copy again...

    I don't mind your feed, but if I use minimal original firmware, I prefer not to throw in additional sources that I won't use too often because I don't have too high requirements. And this type of problem I prefer to learn to solve in the terminal than. to save myself with plug-ins :)

    Thanks helped, recording works :thumbup:

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  • They should never have sold their soul to the Chinese! If they kept Dream in Germany, the tax would not have been a problem and this rediculous recording block would not even exist on such an expensive box which is sold as a PVR! anyway….

  • sorry, that's just's not a problem to remove the software block...and when you produce in Europe you pay a lot more for the device and your argument with be the exact oposite.


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