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Montag, 19. Juli 2010, 18:12

no audio over dvi dm800

Hi all,

Since some days i have no audio anymore over DVI => HDMI.

After going to standby at evening (when all was OK) & coming from standby to 'on' i only had perfect picture but
no sound. So nothing of settings were changed, the problem came just the one to the other moment.

My dreambox is a dm800 (genuine), my tv a Philips pfl8404 lcd full hd.

Following driver was installed: dreambox-dvb-modules_2.6.18-7.3-dm800-20100623-r0_dm800.ipk & i believe this is the latest one.

I'm not the only one with the same problem.

reflashing the firmware did not solve the problem.

Is this problem driver-related?

Can somebody put me on the right way?

- edit -

problem resolved !!!

The solution was: put the TV and the dreambox off for at least 5 mins.
(off- power; i mean cables disconnected from the power at the wall)

After this, powercable reconnected & i rebooted first my dm800.
Then i powered my tv with his powercable & put it back on.
Result: picture AND audio!

so what the cause was: i don't know but at this moment all is working back again.

Hopely i can help somebody with this information.

OR: the driver for the dm800 gives problems over time,
OR: my pfl8404 (philips) has a problem with his firmware.
(other pfl-types could be also affected i read)

I think it's the last one; i disconnected the dm800 earlier for more than 5 mins
& after it i had the same problem. TV remained standby then...

So i learned HDMI is important for the 2 devices: dm800 ànd television;
incompatibilities can exist in both; i believe in my case the lcd gave problems.

ps: sorry i posted a link; was not allowed. Will not happen again. ;)



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