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  • Rami2

    My brother, I sent a message to them and they did not answer me
    Why is this complex? The device does not connect to the network, there is no IP
    The solution is only by com and a file, and if the support team has the solution why not publish it publiclyونه
  • dhwz

    He already gave you a solution, contact the support.
  • Rami2

    Unfortunately, the Chinese don't tell you how the problem happened, why you did it, and why you did it
    They treat you well and immediately give you programs and files that get you out of the deadly stages
    Don't blame me if I'm wrong
    What should I do I made…
  • Reichi

    And how did you bring it to that state?
    There's two possibilities I see at this point:

    1. It's actually is some kind of hardware issue (I kinda doubt that, tbh)
    2. You or some software you used (prominently any kind of partitioning tool) messed around with…
  • Rami2

    The device does not stop in stop mode does not give me the ip
    It is not connected to the network
    It lights up but the bulb is red
    And when I try to link it in putty it gives me a black screen even though it is linked to com but the logo does not come up and…