• Hi:
    Place help me .I can not recorder from my Dreambox 520 to flash memory 32G .what i do to solve this problem.and learn my how.

  • That's luckily very easy to accomplish. Alas we need just a little extra info.

    First a little information: The DM520/525 is sold as a 'zapper'. This means -to evade extra taxes- that the recording function is disabled in the original firmware. So when you first setup the box with the original firmware you can throw any recording device at it... It will simply not record.
    But.... it is only a software block.. You have 2 options:

    Keep using the original firmware (I prefer DreamOS 2.5) and simply edit the file 'settings.xml' which resides in /etc/enigma2. Find the line ........recordings=false and change into recordings=true... Keep in mind that enigma needs to be stopped first... Or
    Install the Userscrips plugin from OzOon board and set recordings to enable....

    After the settings file has been succesfully changed, restart the box and record to your heart's content...

  • Won't help as he wants to record to the flash-memory. It will quite likely fail because of the free space check. And it's never a good idea to record to internal flash


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  • I'm pretty sure that the dm520 doesn't have 32GB Flash memory :P

    Probably he wants to use a 32GB USB Stick as Harddisk replacement.

  • I think he meant flash as in a flash-drive i.e. a USB stick :)
    I think even he understands that the DM520/525 does not have 32Gb flash space. That is....unless you have installed MrBig. Again thanks to Gutemine....

  • Hello.
    Can anyone tell me how I can reach the filesystem in the box. My box is Dm 525 Hd with
    Dreambox OS:
    and image: Experimental 2016-12-11
    I can find it in the backup on my usb, I unpack it with Peazip and have edit the file "settings" with wordpad.
    I find the line "recordings=false" and change it to "recordings=true" and then save the file and update it, but when

    that is done and I check in the file "settings" again i'm back with "recording=false"
    My thinking was that if I could edit the backup and then read/send it back to the box.

    I have tried to enter rescue mod, but when I do, I not get any IP adress. The box only seeking the dhcp but not find anything.
    So any tips?

  • Option a) use UserScript Plugin

    Option b) connect via telnet/ssh to the box. Enter systemctl stop enigma2. Edit settings. Enter systemctl start enigma2.


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  • I think wordpad can't write Linux line endings.

    But Option c ) connect also with Telnet or SSH and use following commands to change the settings.

    systemctl stop enigma2
    sed -i 's/config.misc.recording_allowed=false/config.misc.recording_allowed=true/g' /etc/enigma2/settings
    systemctl start enigma2

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  • Don't get it to work.

    I conect to the box using telnet in PuTTY
    And then I have to log in with root. no password needed

    it then display root@dm520:~#

    but thats the wrong directory?
    I can enter systemctl but not stop enigma2 from inside that listing

    I have manage to load a plug (dream explorer) to the box that can let me

    see the files in the box.

    I wonder if i need linux to manage the files on dreambox?
    I have windows 7 on my computer

    Im not so god with linux code.

    but can learn.

    with some help

  • Do EXACTLY what we told you. systemctl stop enigma2 WILL stop enigma2. You do NOT need DreamExplorer nor Linux to edit the file. Use the sed command provided by Swiss-MAD to replace the value. It can ALL be done in Putty.


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    Developer Project Merlin - we are OpenSource

  • Now I got it to work.

    Had to restart putty a cuple of time,

    cause I got telnet to freze

    but now I have tested the file I recorded.
    I even could copy it directly from the usb stick
    over the network to my computer harddrive.

    Thank you very much.