how to do firmware upgrade model DM800SE help me please

  • Hello, please can you tell me how to upgrade my dm system model is DM800SE Booloader version: Dreambox Second Stage Loader BUILD # 79, built 20101015 . tell me how to download the file to refresh, please please help me. i need file and i do not know donwlodoj site I am very upse

    image 1

    image 2

    image 3 drevir information link:

    image 4

    I am very grateful if you can help me

  • Thats not a genuine Dreambox. Theres no WLAN connector and no Miniflashup button on a genuine DM800HDse.


    2.6.3 keine Clones (Dreambox-Kopien)

    Das Besprechen oder Bewerben von Dreambox-Clones ist verboten. Der Versuch, Clones zu verkaufen wird mit sofortigem Ausschluss von diesem Internet-Angebot geahndet. Supportanfragen, die Clones behandeln können jederzeit vom Boardbetreiber geschlossen oder gelöscht werden.

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  • how do you think he is the clown, how did you understand. I bought 90 euros. how can i fix it can you help me please

    or how it can be fixed, just to refresh it. because it does not light up at all

    but you can topic help at least sedi find it. I have no idea, I just bought it how to search the forum

    but you can topic help at least sedi find it. I have no idea, I just bought it how to search the forum

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  • please my friend can you give me a link for this device of mine to make a flash. I have been looking for it for almost 7 days and I am trying to find it

  • hmm, actually i'm not guilty of buying the box, i took it in good faith and had no idea the box could be cloned. I am writing to you in good faith and out of grief, I have no idea where to turn and where to write. I bought 90 euros for almost 10 days and used very little

    will thank you at least the direct topic of how to look for it, or where to look for it

  • It's your own fault if you pay 90€ for 10 year old clone trash.
    You won't get any help, even if you ask again and again.

  • Bad luck. For 90 € you can buy a new original and much better DM520. You just get cheated by the seller of that trash box. Try to get your money back!

  • He won't get his money back. Probably the seller will not even respond anymore... Throw it in the bin, take your loss and buy an original... On the plus side: you get a new device, faster, more RAM for almost the same money....