Enigma Signal Meter - [iOS & Android]

  • Use your phone or tablet to align your satellite dish by reading signal levels from Enigma 1 or Enigma2 satellite receiver.

    SUPPORTS ALL currently existing Enigma1 and Enigma2 receivers and images, has same interface for both versions and works remotely (just forward HTTP port and you can connect from anywhere).

    Additionally it allows you to ZAP channels, take screenshots and watch live TV streams directly on your device.

    Application is ADS FREE.

    Awailable for FREE download.



    Informations & support: https://krkadoni.com/

  • Wie sehen denn deine Einstellungen für das Webinterface aus?

    Bei mir gehen alle Boxen mit der IOS App.

    ZAP channels and watch live TV streams geht auch.

    Nur Screenshots gehen nicht.

    gruß pclin

    Dreambox ONE, DM920UHD, DM900UHD, DM820HD HDD + USB-HUB, Stick 64GB, USB-HDD, Wireless Touch Keyboard K400r, Wlan-Stick 11n

    (Flash) DP-OE2.6 (BAXII) eigenes OE2.6, debian-buster, Diverse

    (Flash) DP-OE2.5 (BAXII) eigenes OE2.5-e2+kodi+X, debian-stretch, Diverse

    AudioDSP: miniDSP 2x4HD

    TV: LG 65" SUHD


    Hyperion und Plugin HyperionControl auf der Dreambox One

    nodeMCU ESP8266 mit WLED Wlan 268 LED's SK6812-NW 60 LED/m

    Ambilight for ever

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  • Wahrscheinlich hat obibraun die Sicherheitsfeature aktiviert uns pclin nicht? Dann gibt es nämlich einen 412.

    Doof, wenn heute wirklich noch Apps gebaut werden, die angeblich alles unterstützen, aber dann fehlt das


    Boxen (im Einsatz): DM920, DM900, DMOne
    Developer Project Merlin - we are OpenSource

  • Author speaking here.

    I apologize for writing in English.

    I'm interested to help, 412 indeed indicates that your DM doesnt like request.

    Can you provide more info, like

    - are you connecting from local LAN?

    - did you enter IP address or hostname in address field?

    - what port?

    - did you choose Use SSL?

    - do you have password or is it empty?

    - have you tried to connect from browser using same info like in application?

    EDIT: ok, I see whats going on. Missed other posts. Security features are now on by default. Try to turn off and see if it works. I will definitely take a look at this. Anybody willing to allow temporary access to the Dreambox to check this out in order to fix it. Someday, during daytime?

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  • You don't need access to a device. It's simple.

    GET request to http://ip:port/web/session

    This will return you a session token. In the returned xml it's root.text. But you can find the xml on github in the WebInterface plugin.

    The sessionid has to be provided as part of postdata which each POST request.


    Boxen (im Einsatz): DM920, DM900, DMOne
    Developer Project Merlin - we are OpenSource

  • hawking Thanks, but app uses only Web interface API to perform commands.

    Command prompt would be impossible to implement in a user frendly way.

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  • There ist No need for a command prompt, If you are Not able to extract the returned Data of First call and use this for next calls...you really have a problem

  • MartiniB thats the same thing I was thinking, API calls for entire remote is already implemented only problem is GUI. I agree that this should go on signal page, but where? Keep in mind this has to be buttons with translatable text. End result would probably be ugly. And signal page has too many things AS IS All that to save one extra click on "Services" tab.

    @gutemine I was refering to suggestion to use dreamboxctl command to get screenshot.

  • If the DreamOS webinterface can do Screenshots, what die you think you need?

  • @gutemine I was simply trying to find out why screenshot is not working for pclin . He said that everything was working except screenshot. Obviously this is not session related problem, otherwise he would be getting 412 error. Only screenshot command is failing.

  • wenn er nur das Webinterface aufruft ist es auch egal wie es sich den Screenshot holt. Das Problem ist einfach wenn Leute keine aktuelle Dreambox mit DreamOS haben und glauben daß sich seit den uralten webinterface befehlen aus Reichi's Wiki nix getan hat...dann kommen solche Apps und Threads zustande.

    Es ist ja auch nett wenn jemand so erwas macht aber ein bisschen Flexibilität kann nie schaden

  • @gutemine Screenshot command doesn't exist in Reichholf's API. Check the Wiki yourself. It's only available as a command from Web application.

    dre That was actually helpfull. Thanks.

    Problem is here


    In the PR you linked screenshot command was changed from /grab to /screenshot, and default parameters changed. This was changed 3 months ago.

    This is breaking change, probably occuring in really new versions of webif and will need some kind of workaround.