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    That's not identical at all.

    THANKS, as always Your posts are so helpful and solve all problems

    I assume a defective device and order a new one.

    problem were repeatable with four Triple Tuner MS modules connected to two different OCTO LNBs

    solution is install second tuner module into dm920

    and connect just one cable to each of tuner - A1; B1

    while A2; B2 inputs can be configured as internal loop trough to A1; B1

    another three minor problems which goes over a years -



    After cancel(exit) FF Jump GUI input box, video jumps backward for one second.




    On long press FF key it start to forwarding,

    then i have to repeat long press FF key and after jump X minutes forward, video still continues forwarding.

    by my subjective opinion, it must start play after jump not continue forwarding.


    after fast forward, faster than 2x,

    audio goes to never-ending jerking mode,

    pause doesn't help here, only ff back or forward solve playback

    last two i don't remember on dm8000; dm7020, but often met on dm920


    permanent time-shift is ON

    as internal storage is used Samsung SSD 860 EVO 2TB

    how can i add ip radio services?

    these way connecting 15 seconds long and interrupts several times in one minute

    #SERVICE 1:0:2:5368:0:0:0:0:0:0:http%3a// EHR Superhits 96.8 hls
    #SERVICE 1:0:8739:5368:0:0:0:0:0:0:http%3a// EHR Superhits 96.8 hls2

    these doesn't play at all

    #SERVICE 1:0:2:5368:0:0:0:0:0:0:http%3a// EHR Superhits 96.8 aac#SERVICE 1:0:2:5368:0:0:0:0:0:0:http%3a// EHR Superhits 96.8 ogg#SERVICE 1:0:2:5368:0:0:0:0:0:0:http%3a// EHR Superhits 96.8 mp3

    this, non working, link sends dm920 to greenscreen reboot

    #SERVICE 1:0:1:1988:0:0:0:0:0:0:http%3a// 2

    2017. year UHD Ambilight TV third time went to service for repair

    and i had to connect Dell 2007WFPb with native resolution 1680x1050

    in few resolutions picture is microscopic rectangle on the top left corner

    1366x768 - NOK

    1024x768 - OK

    800x600 - NOK

    640x480 - OK


    screenshot (all) in web-if gives full size picture

    this Si2166D tune failed problem sounds so similar

    to Si2169D Sat1/Sat2 tuners independence problem,

    which is hardware problem and solution isn't planned :(

    -> Triple Tuner Si2169D tuners independence problem

    both tuners of Si2169D works well for independent transponders when they come from

    a) sat + terrestrial

    b) terrestrial + terrestrial

    c) sat + sat looptrough mode, from the same cable, same sat position, same polarity and same band

    but fails for two independent sat cables

    in case you have only two sat cables, not four as me,

    i can suggest replace your Si2166D+Si2169C by two Si2169D tuner modules,

    then you can screw one sat cable and one terrestrial cable in each tuner module,

    as result both sat cable will be independent and four independent terrestrials as bonus

    save time shift option offers event title from previous used service

    info bar shows previous as current and current as next (web-if refreshes on the fly)

    root@dm920:~$ enigma2 -v
    Enigma2 v4.3.2 (revision: 4.3.2r12, date: 2020-05-12)

    Another question: Where did you put the TS directory? Local flash (/ data / ...?), Or NFS share?

    even with local SSD IPTVs do randomly freeze after service were paused for few seconds

    Device Name: DM920

    Dreambox OS version: 4.3.2r10-2020-03-31

    Image Version: Newnigma2-daily 2020-05-10

    (Samsung SSD 860 EVO 2TB)

    Capacity: 2 TB

    Free space: 740,283 GB

    current solution is start recording and play recorded file

    If that's really the case it's either problem with connection or a bug,

    I'll need explanation how to reproduce it.

    that maybe were reported about previous version,

    now title do change even app isn't touched and service switched by RC

    i can't agree :)

    when bouquet has been selected from app

    then all loaded services references(and their order) must be known

    on Googleplay still v1.0.2 b2282

    CHANNEL + / - (Left / Right mode)

    switches services in the previous Bouquet which were used by original RC

    instead all the action must happen in the Bouquet chose by Signal Meter app

    how about use service reference for CH switching, take them from loaded Bouquet services list,

    just example:

    curl -s -o /tmp/zap_to_every_transponder.CMD.1 -X POST http://localhost:80/web/zap?sRef=1:0:1:000b:0064:0064:00a00000:0:0:0&sessionid=20dfe6f1-a89d-4c4d-86aa-357ac6180640


    several months all were ok, except i can't use all four tuners of twos Si2169D,

    but yesterday all recordings of this service were saved without video and sound :(

    file size as normal - 40 minutes 2,28 GB

    journal attached


    when watched recordings(*.ts) are deleted in the ../movie/ are left some files: