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  • MartiniB

    solved partly:
    1. video without audio - SOLVED
    2. audio without video - SOLVED
    3. interrupted recordings were caused Twin tuners independence problem,
    it's still there couple of years and looks like solution isn't planned at all :(
    i started separate…
  • MartiniB

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    I think i found the problem.

    Sometimes the servicereference for the HBO service is
    and sometimes it is

    The difference is the DVB service type (third parameter) ... 1 (digital television…
  • MartiniB

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    Ok, Spekulationen hin oder her, aber ich bin von dem Problem auch betroffen und möchte gerne wissen, bevor mein Rückgaberecht erlischt, wenns es Hardware sein sollte , muss ich die ganze Box einschicken und Wochenlang auf Reparatur warten? Werden nur…
  • MartiniB

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    (Quote from schnubbel)

    Ich weis ja nicht, was ihr alle noch zusätzlich installiert / am laufen haben, aber meine DM900 braucht mit einem komplett nacktem DMM Image 11sec. für einen kompletten Start aus dem DeepStandBy.
    Mittlerweile mit GP3 und einigen…
  • MartiniB

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    Bei mir sind es ein paar db mehr die teilweise zum Bildausfall führen.Nur mit der Uralt-Firmware geht es einigermaßen. Die Box war ja nicht zum Testen geordert worden, möchte sie ja behalten, nur funktionieren soll sie auch vernünftig.
    Apropos Geduld-…
  • MartiniB

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    solange Tuner A im Betrieb zb.Pro7 ist SNR bei 89% 14.25db. Starte ich z.b.eine Aufnahme(TunerA),schalte um,z.b. RTL(TunerB),fällt der Pegel vom TunerA nach unten.Dann habe ich auf TunerA(z.b Pro7) nur noch SNR 60% 9.75 db! Beende ich die…
  • MartiniB

    well, i have measured also ohms
    (Code, 6 lines)

    `3+sp` means cable_3 had two way splitter to able leave one free end for temporary guest boxes

    after remove splitter, situation improved, but still abnormal
    === Cable_3 Tuner_A1 ===
    === Cable_1 Tuner_A2…
  • MartiniB

    [User = '15731'] dhwz [/ user]
    1. that are so sad news, problem long time known and no solution :(

    2. till now, i thought signals under 10dB can be defined as weak.
    most of 19E are between 11 and 15dB, just few transponders are under 10
    and 36E have
  • MartiniB

    also no problems when connected two identical cables to same Si2169D
    (Code, 79 lines)

    === Cable_1 Tuner_B1 ===
    === Cable_2 Tuner_B2 ===
    OK main tuner B1 19E 10.744 H 1_0_1_7035_41B_1_C00000_0_0_0 PHOENIX
    OK PiP tuner B2 19E 10.876 V…
  • MartiniB

    that also isn't power supply problem, measured voltage on cable_3:

    Cable_3 A1 19E 10.744 H 1_0_1_7035_41B_1_C00000_0_0_0 PHOENIX
    signal 13.0dB while alone on main screen
    voltage on cable_3: 17.8v
    signal dropps to 5.75db immediatly after activated PiP
  • MartiniB

    zero problems when connected just single cable to each Si2169D,
    almost all combinations tested
    A1+B1 - OK
    A2+B2 - OK
    A2+B1 - OK
    A1+B2 - can't see reason to continue

    just one guess,
    maybe inside the tuner has been stuck some bridge from previously used…
  • MartiniB

    serie two:

    === Cable_3 Tuner_A1 ===
    === Cable_1 Tuner_A2 ===
    OK main tuner A1 19E 10.744 H 1_0_1_7035_41B_1_C00000_0_0_0 PHOENIX (signal drops from 13.75 to 9.5dB)
    OK PiP tuner A2 19E 10.876 V 1_0_1_7790_424_1_C00000_0_0_0 CALLE 13

    NOK main tuner A1…
  • MartiniB

    two cables with different LNBs and different Diseqc Switches cascade
    connected to tuner B1 and B2
    (Code, 81 lines)

    === Cable_1 Tuner_B1 ===
    === Cable_3 Tuner_B2 ===
    OK main tuner B1 19E 10.744 H 1_0_1_7035_41B_1_C00000_0_0_0 PHOENIX
    NOK PiP tuner B2 19E…
  • MartiniB

    all eight sunday's recordings done in perfect condition :)

    box were in idle all day long,
    when recorded files interrupted during recording, i'm guessing,
    there is some problem with tuner independence of TripleTuner Si2169D,
    do i have to…
  • MartiniB

    dhwz ; m0rphU
    You are funny boys :)
    accessing box without password isn't high security risk,
    but bypass Hijack for local network is huge tragedy?!
    just enable `config.plugins.Webinterface.localauth` and patch is deactivated
  • MartiniB

    bouquet width :19:
    lamedb widh :25:
    timer.xml widh random, some of events were added from Partnerbox
    (Code, 42 lines)

  • MartiniB

    sad, but i can't be original :(

    20190810 1016 - HTB HD - ГЛАВНАЯ ДОРОГА.ts
    44m; 2.12Gb All OK
    20190810 1100 - HTB HD - ЕДА ЖИВАЯ И МЁРТВАЯ.ts
    2h; ??Gb(have deleted) All OK
    20190810 1300 - HTB HD - НАШПОТРЕБНАДЗОР.ts
    1h; 2.74Gb Sound OK NO VIDEO
  • MartiniB

    remake of, now it's works also as wait for network
    1. configure `DestDir=...` in the /usr/script/ and /usr/script/
    2. start from /etc/rc.local
  • MartiniB

    patch doesn't ignore option `config.plugins.Webinterface.localauth`

    from your previous i already got, as you always know better how everything must work,
    DreamboxEDIT do not offer easy access to transponders list for particular position
  • MartiniB

    YES, YES, YES! `curl` helped for bash script

    (Code, 128 lines)

    but i will leave Web-IF patch too,
    that restored ability zap services from DreamSet2.exe.
    at least when `Token` activated