DM7020HD nand flash chip broken

  • Hi,

    My Dreambox7020 HD v2 (5 years old) seems to have a hardware defect.

    When booting, I always get the error message:

    2nd failed (Bootloader error)

    I can't flash it any more - DreamUp gives error 005 (even with fix bad sectors checked).

    Please, give me advice.

    My memory chip is (1024Mb)

    K9F8G08U0M PIBO

    SAMSUNG 101

    What is compatible memory chips I can get today?

    Why such expensive tuner has such cheep memory chip?


  • That happens to the best.
    When it broke after five years, then this is annoying. No doubt. But again: it’s been five years and things do brake after years of daily use. This is no reason to complain about cheap flash chips.

  • Tthere is no urgend need for a replacement chip
    it's possible to run the dm7020hd bootet the kernel and rootfile system from usb

    the difficulty is to extract the image.nfi to a USB stick without a working box. The must be run on a dreambox with OE2.0 image with Linux kernel 3.2. But the setup could be difficult for inexperienced linux users.

    Gruß Fred

    Die Dreambox ist tot, es lebe die Dreambox

  • This is great. I would definitely try that as soon as I will manage to repair my box.

    Still looking for part numbers...

  • Thank you

    so I need to look for SAMSUNG K9F8G08U0M-PIB0 or it can be just K9F8G08U0M-PIB0.

    and all other letters and numbers on the chip not so important?

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  • Merry Christmas to all,

    the memory chip was replaced.

    1. Master says that box is V1 !

    2. Put secondstage-dm7020hd-84.nfi from first try and then image release-dm7020hd-4.0.0.nfi

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