Web Interface suggestion

  • Ich mußte mich jetzt wirklich zwingen NICHTS zu schreiben <X

  • Ja, es war schwer genug;)

    Aber keine Sorge, ich habe OpenSource als meine temporäre Lösung gewählt und stattdessen einige gute Vorschläge gemacht, vorzugsweise auf Englisch :)

    Google Translate

  • Das json API Plugin würde ich eher nicht nehmen. Lieber was neues, schlankes und sehr "straightes".

    So einfach wie nur möglich zu nutzen ;).

    Idealerweise halt noch mit optionalem Websocket, das kann man aber ggf auch nachrüsten.

    Aus der vorhandenen WebAPI kann man doch genau so eine JSON Ausgabe machen. ?

    Oder willst du da ganz was neues machen?

  • I know it's like swearing in church when you mention OpenSource here. But we can't ignore the fact that our Web Interface is old and outdated.

    If I start my old Dreambox 800SE with images it came with it looks the same and works the same way. Nothing has progressed.

    I seriously mean that with all good developers here (and yes @gutemine you are one the best no matter what you self claims)

    it should be nice to update this and with good skinners such as zombie and others.

    a good GUI/Webiste would be easy to fix. and Dreambox should again take its place as number 1

    But then to the boring. The environment here can be quite patronizing at times and it scares many from participating.

    So I hope we can look forward and collaborate instead of constantly making condescending comments every time the word OpenSource is mentioned

    And finally, I understand that writing in German is very easy for you. But if you want to expand and include, the developer language should be in English, especially since the code language is in English.

    Here are some screenshots of whats allredy done. We can do better :) :)

  • No that version does not work.

    My version i have personal re written some code to make it work with OE 2.5/2.6

    But thats not the point with my post. My point is that i hope that we can rebuild the Dreambox web interface to something even better then the OW :)

  • We like open source here. We don't like if people don't respect licenses but that's a different topic. Dream's WebInterface is open source.


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  • jquery UI is pretty much just as dated as our webinterface.

    I would personally start "from scratch" with a new JSON API (there is actually already a basic websocket api I've started a year ago, or so).

    The old xml api is incosistant and kinda complicated.

    I've already created websocket based protocoll for the streaming interface (inspired by the HomeAssistant Websocket API https://developers.home-assist…external_api_websocket/):





    This could be used as a starting point.

    Putting a vue.js based frontend on top, and adding functionality one at time.

    Before starting a new UI one should probably prototype the UX so menus/navigation don't get in the way afterwards.

    A "rough" features-set can be put down based on what exists, but with modern UX conecepts in mind.

    mfg ,