Dreambox 800HD SE

  • Hallo

    Dreambox 800HD SE
    Startet nicht - Fehler "R01: No Ca Found" :(

    frage ist sie nun defekt ?? wie kann ich das lösen ? ?(


  • hallo
    danke für die Infos
    Aber ich kann leider mit Briefbeschwerer bzw SIM- Karte nichts anfangen

    Briefbeschwerer ?????

  • Wird vermutlich eine clone Box sein, keine echte. Deswegen wird dir hier nicht wirklich geholfen. Schau mal nach, ob es sich um eine echte handelt, was ich ziehmlich bezweifle.
    Falls es keine echte Dreambox ist, kannst du sie noch als Briefbescherer nutzen...
    Wird soso langsam mal Zeit, eine neue zu kaufen.

    DM900cccssss / DM820HD / DM520 / DM800sev1 DVB-C, SAT>IP (SELFSAT>IP 36/Panasonic)

  • Aber ich kann leider mit Briefbeschwerer bzw SIM- Karte nichts anfangen

    Hättest du das bischen in meinem Link vorher angeschaut, wüsstest du was und wo die SIM ist, und auch schon ob du ein clone oder original hast.
    Ich werde dir das nicht vorlesen. ^^

    >> Wir Schweizer haben die Uhren, aber keine Zeit ! <<

  • Hi, I have a DM800 Dreambox but it fails to load the channel. It shows "Tune Failed" can anyone help me on this?

  • Hi, for use a new frimware for dm800 se i downloaded but it is still being booting and can not get ip adress .what can i do? pls. help me

  • Need more info....

    DM800se V1 or V2?

    Original or Clone?

    Which bootloader is in the box? #84 should be for V1 and #89 for V2.

    What do you mean by 'Still Booting'? What does the OLED display show?

  • Thanks , i was able to activate DM800 se. but i want to install frimware openpli .can you show me the installation steps?

  • OpenPli does not exist! Last is OpenPli 7.3 and DMM boxes are no longer supported since august 2013 due to Closed Source!! How would you fit a 74Mb file in a 64Mb box anyway?? Not only are you in the wrong forum here, but also you have no clue what you are doing...

  • Apparently you are very involved in this field . pls make a suggestion to install the frimware for DM800se that is complete.

    Of course i have to say i could install ver 10-1 But i have a problem that is the video recording key on the controller has been taken display the softcam function. h dont know what to do ? can you help me?


  • Unfortunally I have no clue what you mean.. Going by the version numbers you mention I suspect you are talking about Openvision and *not* OpenPli. That's totally different!! First you need to tell me (with 100% certainty) which DM800se you own. There are 2 versions: v1 and v2. The first has bootloader #84 and the latter #89. The first won't work with newer images due to lack of memory. The second can still be used. Next, you need to tell me what you mean with 'complete'. Openvision does not come in .nfi form and must be compiled by yourself!! And, even worse, has NO feed so you can't install anything. Everything has to be installed by hand: skins, plugins, softcams etc...