Nemesis SkinSuite 2.2 for DM7025! - UPDATED 2007.02.03 09:13 GMT

  • Updated enigma2-skins package for the official DM7025 firmware found at (Release 2.2 from 25.01.2007)

    * Nemesis Blueline [Original]
    * Nemesis Blueline [Extended]
    * Nemesis Blueline [Single infobar]
    * Nemesis Greenline [Original]
    * Nemesis Greenline [Extended]
    * Nemesis Greenline [Single infobar]
    * Nemesis Greyline [Original]
    * Nemesis Greyline [Extended]
    * Nemesis Greyline [Single infobar]
    * Nemesis Flatline [Original]
    * Nemesis Flatline [Blue]

    - Fix for empty LCD...
    - Fix for missing movieselection buttons.

    1. Copy enigma2-skins_2.2-20070202-r1_mipsel.ipk to /tmp with FTP.
    2. Enter the following commands in a Telnet session:

    cd /
    ipkg install /tmp/enigma2-skins_2.2-20070202-r1_mipsel.ipk

    3. Reboot.
    4. Enjoy.

    Best regards

  • Hi!.

    Waw, that was fast work, Nemesis!.

    Thank you :).

    Regards: Gaj1
    Dreambox 7025ST+/ 800 HD-PVR mit Motor und warte auf die DM8000 :)

  • [Moderator] Fremdimage, verstößt gegen die Boardregeln [/Moderator] crash ( blue screen error) when I'll added nemesis skin Nemesis Flatline [Original] and Nemesis Flatline [Blue] too . Is there anybody who work this skin ?

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  • Just don't use them with images, that can't be discussed here and it'll work :rolleyes: If you want to use it on another image, you'll most likely need to adjust it.

  • Hallo,
    ich wollte das Plugin installieren und bekomme die folgende Meldung:

    root@dm7025:~# cd /
    root@dm7025:/# ipkg install /tmp/enigma2-skins_2.2-20070202-r1_mipsel.ipk
    Installing enigma2-skins (2.2-20070202-r1) to root...
    Configuring enigma2-skins
    Configuring kernel-image-
    Can't find /boot in /etc/fstab
    postinst script returned status 1
    ERROR: kernel-image- returned 1

    Ich verwende das aktuelle Image mit Multiboot von CF Karte.



  • der postinst fehler ist normal beim multiboot, ist aber zu vernachlässigen, das ipk wird trotzdem installiert ( schon vorher).



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