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  • I need more free memory space in my dm7025 to get the EPG to work better.
    Are there any maps with useless code that I can erase? I think that not all maps have executable code.
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  • Map is another word for katalog (used by Bill Gates :-) )
    When I look in the EPG-info I can only see EPG for the current program and the next program. I need an EPG with at least a couple of days program.
    So yesterday I started to clean a lot of files that I thaugt my dm7025 do not needed. And after that I could see EPG for tree days.
    So I think that more memory space will help me to get an bigger EPG-info.
    Therefor I need to clean all files my dreambox not need. If this residence in the Flash memory or other memory, I don't know. But before I cleaned the files I had only 2,4 Mb free space (of 42 Mb) and afterwords 10 Mb free.

    // RH

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  • You get as many epg-datas as the service is transmitting. The most tv-stations only transmit epg data 2 days in future. This has nothing to do with your memory, if you switch to a tv channel, E2 will collect as many datas as will be send. So you nor dmm can change anything about that.

  • Yes you are right about transmitted info but not the EPG in dm7025. We are many people in sweden with this problem.
    And how can you explain that I got more EPG-info when I cleaned some files?
    I have had my dm7025 in 8 weeks now and most of that time I never have had more than current and next program in my EPG, until yesterday!
    Today I will give this tip to my friend who had the same problem. And then we shall see what happens.

    // RH

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  • Maybe this helps: press info, then switch to "single epg" - yellow button on your remote I think. The default for the info-screen shows only "now" and "next".

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    Originally posted by RH_Dreambox
    Yes I have done this without success. I have also tryed the Multi EPG (blue button).

    It depends on the provider.
    Viasat transmits up to 7 days if go to the correct transponder, for Canal Digital you only get current + next

  • Very strange!
    I have Canal Digital (Swedish) and yesterday i got EPG to 3/3 ( 27/2, 28/2, 1/3, 2/3 and one program 3/3 (night).
    Before yesterday I got only two programs. I must check if they have increased the EPG-info.

    // RH

  • Sorry, my bad.
    It is the other way around.

    CD transmits 7 days of EPG by going to the correct transponder, Viasat only current + next :rolleyes:

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    Original von MMMMMM
    CD transmits 7 days of EPG by going to the correct transponder

    And just the be clear about this, the format CD is using does *not* need any MHW extensions. It is standard enough to be picked up by the dreambox. Only silly thing is that you need to switch to a rather illogical transponder (the one with Adventure 1 on it) and then wait a few seconds. I personally have none of the channels on that transponder, but just switch to it to refresh the EPG data ;)

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    Originally posted by MMMMMM
    CD transmits 7 days of EPG by going to the correct transponder, Viasat only current + next :rolleyes:

    They both transmits 7 days EPG-data.

    Viasat transmit it on that transponder where is TV3 Sverige and CD where is sky news.

    You can get this info for other providers on satcodx-listings. There shows datachannels EPG-something.

  • well, at least the "amount of EPG Information" you get has really nothing to do with free space on flash.
    Deleting files will be a very bad idea cos you can crash the whole System ,requiring a "reflash" of the firmware (and maybe a loss of all your settings).

    There are 2 places where EPG Information can be "found".
    1. The RAM... but you can not really "find" it there (enigma can).
    2. The HDD, there's a file called "epg.dat" on the hardisk.

    mfg ,

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  • That's OK, but you can not pick up 7days from Viasat because of the format, but on CD you can ;)
    Right ?