• Hello, I wanted to ask if dreambox one should support DVB-S2X?

    On Eutelsat Hot Bird 13C (13°E) DVB-S2X test transponder was launched.

    Eutelsat Hot Bird 13C (13°E)

    tp. 134 (11,200 GHz, pol. V, SR: 34290, FEC: 32/45; DVB-S2X / 16APSK)
    ID: Eutelsat Promo TV
    PID V: 512 (MPEG-4 / SD)
    PID A: 4112
    PID PCR: 512
    SID: 1
    PID PMT: 256
    Kodowanie: brak ( FTA )

    Unfortunately, I cannot set the parameter DVB-S2X / 16APSK and FEC 32/45

    it also does not search for this transponder in blindscan.

    Is it the fault of the head that does not support these parameters? Is it just a software issue?

    I will add that at the time of writing this post, the transponder is definitely active, because it searches for it on the APEBOX C2 COMBO tuner

  • a) transponder signal is too weak


    b) transponder bandwidth is too high


    c) transponder is using some unsupported features

    Regular DVB-S2X transponders do work without any issues, they're also found on blindscan.

    You don't need to enter FEC or modulation as it's autodetected.

  • Gibertini OP100L /85E-53W/

    ROVER AtomLight STC+ , Televes H30 FLEX

    WaveFrontier T90 /39E-36E-31E-28E-26E-23E-19E-16E-13E-9E-7E-5E-1W-4W/
    Dreambox DMone/900UHD/7020HD/500HD , TBS-5925 , TBS-5520SE , TBS-5220 , EDISION OSmio+ 4K , VU Solo 4K , Octagon SF8008

  • the first possibility can rather be ruled out.

    Other transponders on this satellite receive me with a strength of 13 - 15db.

    A friend who lives near me and has the same antenna and tuner APEBOX C2 COMBO says that he has a strong signal on this tp DVB-S2X.

    As for point B and C, I wonder if it's a tuner head or software limitation.