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    same status , channels from SLOT1 (Mux Cra) ok , channels from SLOT2 (Mux Towercom) Tune failed

    still select only SLOT1 for all channels from channel list

    DM920 with tuners in both slots

    MUX Towercom - vertical 26 channel / SLOT1

    MUX Cra - horizontal 26 channel / SLOT2

    scan both SLOTs, but after select channels from list still select only SLOT1 (channels from SLOT2 show Tune failed)

    known fix ?


    is it planned to add support for other tuner systems (C/T/T2) to satfinder? A partial solution is to use the RQS plugin.

    Hi, working 5 INTERNATIONAL from 31.5 East / 12070 H ? If use stream to VLC screen ok, but on TV black screen.

    NAS DS3617xs and debug write:

    any ide for correct read (show NAS folder, but not show NAS files)


    maybe manual update lamedb for watching this radio ?

    PAT,PMT,SDT not transmit. Only audio AAC PIDs.

    testing this

    Q radio 101
    Q radio 201

    but without sound

    any next idea ?

    try if box with 2 input , set on both one position , scan from input 1 , channels work , reconnect cable to input 2 a switch on channel stored in box , box show no signal and show this channel still on input 1


    planned for lamedb added option LNB1/LNB2 if use same position on both input?

    etc. Astra1 on fix dish in LNB1 and Astra1 on rotor dish in LNB2

    after problem with Express-AM6 (53E), now strong T2-MI signals on Yamal-402 (55E),

    some progres with T2-MI on regular OE2.5 or 2.6 or Astra-SM ?

    wget (ssl problem ?)


    opendreambox 2.6.0 dreamone
    dreamone login: root
    root@dreamone:~# mkdir -p /tmp/x
    root@dreamone:~# wget -O /tmp/x/ --no-check-certificate
    Connecting to (
    wget: error getting response