DM525 combo dvb-s2 Astra 23.5

  • Dear,


    Os: 4.3.2r7-17-g3218eb-2019-08-03


    Configuration Tuner:

    Configuration mode: Simple

    Mode: Single

    Satellite: 23.5 E Astra 3B

    Send DisEqC: No

    SNR : 93% BER: 0


    Problem 1:

    Only one lock on transponder 12032 . No lock on other transponders.

    Problem 2:

    With transponder 12032, I receive 18 services, but these are services who belong to Satellite Astra 19.2 and not to Astra 23.5

    Problem 3:

    With dvb-C , cable services FTA, on many services, I get " SID not found in PAT".

    Question: I spent a long time to solve the problems, without result. Who would be so kind to solve the 3 problems for me. Best regards and thanks, Ivo

  • Dear Gutemine,

    Thank you for your answer. But what do you mean with "Scan again with delete"?

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  • When you only receive Astra 23.5 but after executing a scan you have channels auf Astra 19.2, couldn't it be that your dish points to the wrong satellite?


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  • Thank you, but is the dm525 combo, not able to select between satellite 23.5 and 19.2 ? The dish pointing between 23.5 and 19.2 is not much, only 4.3 °.

  • If your LNB is pointed fixed to 19.2°E, it will never be able to receive signals from 23.5°E. The distance of >4° is way too much! This is the physics of the LNB and dish.

    The Dreambox has nothing to do with that. It is an issue in the setup of your satellite dish.

    Just in case: If we were talking about a motorized dish or multiple LNBS, you could of course change the reception with DiSEqC and alike. But this, again, is something that needs to be setup with the dish.

    so long

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