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    Thanks for the extra information.

    The important conclusion was the alignment of the dish. But I noticed a weakness in the satfinfer option.

    With the following setup is:

    1 ) Dish Triax TD64 (60cm):

    1.1) LNB Inverto ultra-black idlb- sinl40 -ultra -opp.

    and in a tree environment, I was not able find the max SNR value by turning the dish. Sometimes I had a SNR value of 87, then I turned the dish 180° (out of sight of satellite) and the SNR stays blocked on 87 for minutes. Satfinder sometimes blocks and you are not able to find the max SNR.

    Thank you guys. It was indeed the alignment of the dishes (60 cm and 90 cm). TV-Vlaanderen (Astra 23.5) works fine with the DM525 combo.

    Last question. Can you explain to me the following expression "SID not found in PAT", and how to resolve It?

    Dear Gutemine,

    Thank you again.

    1) Is the expression of the LNB tilt, equal with the LNB skew, and the accuracy is 1mm.

    2) What is the accuracy for the setup of the elevation and azimuth of the dish itself. Also 1mm.

    Thank you,

    1 ) Do I have to adjust the azimuth and the elevation within a 0,1 mm accuracy ?

    2) DM 525 satfinder option: In some occasions, the SNR bar blocks at for instance 66%, and by turning the dish (azimuth), the SNR shows and blocks at 66% and does not change.

    Good evening, did the following tests:

    I did the setup from the dishes in an open space, without obstructions, no buildings or trees.

    1 ) Dish Triax TD64 (60cm):

    1.1) LNB Inverto ultra-black idlb- sinl40 -ultra -opp.

    Result: No reception from Astra


    2 ) Dish Triax TD88 (90cm):

    1.1) LNB Inverto idlb- sinl40 .......

    Result: No reception from Astra 23.5

    1.2) LNB Konig Duo LNB Single KN- LNB-SM43.

    Result: OK, Good reception from Astra 23.5.


    1) In normal conditions, you need in Belgium a 60cm dish to receive Astra 23.5. What is here going wrong ?

    2 ) I prefere a 60cm dish, do I need better LNB's.



    Os: 4.3.2r7-17-g3218eb-2019-08-03


    Configuration Tuner:

    Configuration mode: Simple

    Mode: Single

    Satellite: 23.5 E Astra 3B

    Send DisEqC: No

    SNR : 93% BER: 0


    Problem 1:

    Only one lock on transponder 12032 . No lock on other transponders.

    Problem 2:

    With transponder 12032, I receive 18 services, but these are services who belong to Satellite Astra 19.2 and not to Astra 23.5

    Problem 3:

    With dvb-C , cable services FTA, on many services, I get " SID not found in PAT".

    Question: I spent a long time to solve the problems, without result. Who would be so kind to solve the 3 problems for me. Best regards and thanks, Ivo