Service rename

  • Shortly (20131112) in enigma2 master the possibility has been added to change f.i. a service name:


    - added possibility to rename services/markers and bouquets via channelselection context menu

    When changing a service name unfortunately the name is only changed in the appr. bouquet. So if you have multiple bouquets (and who does not have that) and a service is available in more then 1 bouquets not all the services with the same name (SID, etc) are changed.

  • i can imagine only one case, when provider has been add provider title before service title,
    but also in that case i prefer see full title in general/bouquet list and short version of service title only in infobar and front OLED display

  • Do not misunderstand me and i took notice of what Reichi wrote about lamedb but I think someone will change a service name when (s)he is not "satisfied" with the name the provider gave to a service and thus (s)he would like to give that service a by him/her preferred name. So far, so good but I think it is more than logic that in other bouquets that service should also get the same (changed) name. No more no less. In which case I think it is not necessary to change lamedb, but check and change other bouquets also.