(SOLVED)Dreambox One and Two Codec issue resolution 704x576 mpeg-4

  • Hade this been a problem on 19.2e and 13e this forum would exploded with angry users ;)

    We have been waiting over 2 years just to get some information that this is looking at

    Please do not exaggerate the box has not even been around for 2 years and you have only recently reported the issue at all.

  • Well i got my box from DP before the public release and yes maybe 2 years is maybe 1.5 years does not really matter it has been broken from the start and yes

    I did report it. But others reported the same issue before me. And we don't have this VIP status as you and your Team have so we just have to live with this until

    the request comes from above and not below!

    Sorry for my post and Olove you can delete it i just hade to blow of some steam since there always are 200 nonsens reply in every thread instead one with substance.

    And gutemine here is the :thumbdown: for this post since you lost your favourite button every time i post something.

    I am just tired of the lack of communication from DP, A simple we are looking at it or something would be nice. Is that to much to ask for??

    Yes you wrote that you sent a video to ghost and for that i am very glad. But then all is dead and when i bump up the question again i get nonsens.

    If you are the spokes person for ghost then it's OK and i will apologize for my behaviour.

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  • You and others reported it? Where? I've never read about it before you posted that issue on January 17th 2021.

    As said I've sent a sample to Ghost and that he is aware of it, but he is busy, so you've to wait.

  • Well with the risk of getting in to trouble again. I am bumping up this issue. And really don't get why none of the DP developers like Reichi or Ghost have not made one single comment about this?

    As I wrote earlier, If this problem hade been with some German TV Channel all hell would have broke loose. But since it seems to only concern Scandinavian users and special Swedish users

    this seems to be neglected.

    We are not talking about some random crapp channels, We are Talking about channels from the major media provider in Scandinavia "Telenor/CanalDigital".
    And yes it has not gone full 3 months since i open this thread, but it's damn close to 3 months and the issue have been there from the first release of OE 2.6 ;)

    So maybe some info from the guys who really knows what they are doing would be very much appreciated :)

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  • seagen

    Changed the title of the thread from “Dreambox One and Two Codec issue resolution 704x576 mpeg-4” to “(SOLVED)Dreambox One and Two Codec issue resolution 704x576 mpeg-4”.
  • I changed the thread to solved and again thanks to all involved in this update this mens the world to us Scandinavian users :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

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