DM525 combo dvb-s2 Astra 23.5

  • Better alling the dish.... again ...:P

    If despite the error receiption works after a few more seconds you might consider the Tuner Error Plugin to disable the message.

  • It means S ervice ID not found in P rogram A llocation T able. It means it has read a transponder with an ID that is either not transmitting at that time or has no or bad signal.

    In the first case: wait for the channel to effectively transmits (BBC 3/4 after 20:00) or in the second case: re-re-reallign the dish :)

    BTW which channel produces this error?

  • Thanks for the extra information.

    The important conclusion was the alignment of the dish. But I noticed a weakness in the satfinfer option.

    With the following setup is:

    1 ) Dish Triax TD64 (60cm):

    1.1) LNB Inverto ultra-black idlb- sinl40 -ultra -opp.

    and in a tree environment, I was not able find the max SNR value by turning the dish. Sometimes I had a SNR value of 87, then I turned the dish 180° (out of sight of satellite) and the SNR stays blocked on 87 for minutes. Satfinder sometimes blocks and you are not able to find the max SNR.

  • Well, Satfinder is only a tool for a rough alignment of this dish. A professional signal meter is needed in your case.


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