How to backup channel list and bouquets?

  • I am looking for a way to make a backup of the channel list and bouquets before I flash my Dreambox. I found some program called Dreambox Edit. I think I have used this at some point in the past. I am not sure if this is still being developed or if it works in Windows 10. It also seems a bit complicated and laborious just to make a backup copy of the channel list. So is there a more simple alternative? Where are the channel lists in a Dreambox? How are they stored? Are they just text files that I can copy and restore?

  • Have a look at /etc/enigma2
    This folder includes all relevant files:
    - settings A text file storing all kind of configuration settings for enigma2 and plugins
    - lamedb and userbouquet files store the channel lists (all plain text)
    - timers.xml and others...

    There is also an integrated backup mechanism in the software manager menu, that will basically backup all that and allow recovery during initialization of the new image.

    For a fresh start, I would highly recommend to not replay the full backup but only the channel list.
    For this DreamboxEdit is my tool of choice. Alternatively you might be able to install the plugin WebBouquetEditor and create a backup using the Webinterface. However, this might not be available on enigma2 <4.0

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  • I have most interest in lamedb, userbouquet, and maybe settings file. Is it just a matter of restoring these files to /etc/enigma2 and rebooting the Dreambox?

    I have made a copy of all the files in enigma2. Are there any other locations I should be aware of?

    Are the formats/syntax used in these files the same for OE 2.0 (Engima2 4.x) as with OE 1.6 (Enigma2 2.x)? I agree thought that it's best to restore as little as possible for a fresh start.

  • Dreambox Edit is the best In my opinion.

    Yeah, I should have used one of the Windows tools. Now I have no channels, no bouquets, no transponders, etc.

    I made a copy of following folders and their contents.


    How would I for example restore my bouquets using these files?

    For example, I tried to restore and to /etc/enigma2/ and rebooted. When I open the bouquets menu I only see the default Favorites bouquet with a number of references and labels or tags for German TV channels. Example below...

    #DESCRIPTION Doku/Wissen/Themen
    #SERVICE 1:0:1:6F47:445:1:C00000:0:0:0:
    #SERVICE 1:0:1:6D6B:437:1:C00000:0:0:0:
    #SERVICE 1:0:1:2775:444:1:C00000:0:0:0:
    #SERVICE 1:0:1:293:5:85:C00000:0:0:0:

    I understand that I don't have any working transponders or channels or anything (I won't be able to zap between TV channels). But should it not be able to view the bouquets at least as text labels in the menu?

    By the way, is there any intelligence between a string like 1:0:1:6D6B:437:1:C00000:0:0:0: ? Is this structured or unstructured data?

    Oh yeah! And I have flashed this sucker a second time because I made too many, too aggressive changes to the system in my attempts to restore it to a working state and I ended up getting stuck with a beautiful GSOD (green screen of death) and could not get past it.

    Second time around I decided to not mess around with it too much and I followed through with the wizard. Then at one point it asks me if I want to enable "multi bouquets" (or similar). What is this? As I understand it this thing needs to be enabled for me to be able to create my own bouquets, is that right? Otherwise I only get one long Favorites (default) bouquet (pre-populated with German channels and labels) which I can add my own channels and labels to?

    More importantly! Where is tuner configuration stored? I cannot for the Love of God get this working. I was stupid enough not to take a snapshot of the tuner configuration in the GUI and I don't recall how it was setup. I have a multi-feed LNB with 4 port DiSEqC and I have to know which port goes where to what LNB for what satellite.

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  • Maybe so... it's too late to tell now. I took the long road and reconfigured everything from scratch.

    This file that you speak of, is this not the same file that we find in /usr/share/?

    I have the following files.


    I also have another set of these files that are binary identical in the following locations.


    I don't see what's the point of having file duplicates in different locations...

    Is the proposed /etc/tuxbox/satellites.xml identical to /etc/share/tuxbox/satellites.xml?

  • But try! You got nothing to lose. Install the dreamboxEdit, then set the settings (IP address, Username and Password, then look that File paths on your dreamboxEdit fit to the Dreambox (look at my screenshot). Set the folder on your computer, where those files are placed on your computer and you are ready to use it. First test, pull the current state - recieve the files from your dreambox. Then you can edit them and send back. When you get this working, then try with your existing files.

  • Right! Just do it! ^^

    I didn't expect this to be this complicated. :huh:

    But I have managed to restore all bouquets. All with ftp and vi! 8o

    FileZilla kept closing down my connection whenever I attempts to send or get a file. So I had to divert to ftp on the command line.

    All is well except for maybe 7 services that indicate "<n/a>" in the GUI. I think they are all on Hotbird 13E and I tried to do a full scan but found no services to fill the gaps with.

  • I just recommended your application to one of the users here. I know I tried and almost failed at copying and restoring my bouquets manually, and I failed at restoring the satellite and tuner configuration. So I would not do it again without trying Dreambox Edit first.

    Good job with this application! I can see that it has evolved nicely over the years. I recall using Dreambox Edit some years ago as well as DCC (Dreambox Control Center). I have Dreambox Edit 7.2 installed now and this is the best Dreambox utility I have seen so far.