dreamboxEDIT [Support/Download]

  • dreamboxEDIT [Support/Download]


    Settings Editor / Kanallisten Editor / Senderlisten Editor / Bouquet Editor für Enigma2 basierte Set-Top-Boxen.

    Die Newbie Tutorial von skywatcher:



    1. Changelog:
    3. - added option to disable service type indicators in front of servicenames (options panel GUI)
    4. - added new cleanup function for local picon directory (removes all picons not found in any user bouquet)
    5. Note: the other option removes only picons not found in both lamedb AND user bouquets
    6. - added High-DPI support / scaling natively without losing sharpness
    7. - added scaling factors 100%, 125%, 150% and auto (depends on system setting)
    8. Note: this will override the font size selection which is now only used on 100% factor
    9. - added 64-bit build of dreamboxEDIT
    10. Note: use VLC 32-bit for standard and VLC 64-bit for x64 version of dreamboxEDIT
    11. - improved dreamboxEDIT installer: new accessibility options (high contrast mode, scaling mode)
    12. - improved automatic VLC path detection for use with 32-bit/64-bit dreamboxEDIT/VLC at the same time
    13. - improved manually set VLC path is now separately saved for 32-bit/64-bit VLC
    14. - fixed writing hidden/numbered markers (some invalid descriptions were written before)
    16. - added support for real hidden markers (#SERVICE 1:832:d:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:)
    17. - fixed autoexpand of provider bouquetlist when using create bouquet from context menu
    18. - fixed dreamboxEDIT installer, remove all files properly on uninstall
    20. - added support for editing of non-TS streaming services with full reference
    21. - added copying of existing service reference to an IPTV service (hold down CTRL while using drag&drop)
    22. - added rename of IPTV services to context menu
    23. - added automatic IPTV service name formating
    24. - added picon support for streaming services with full reference
    25. - added picon setting for using 4097_... service ref for filename (if needed)
    26. - added service type indicators (SD, HD, UHD, H.265, Radio, Data) in front of servicenames
    27. - added more filter options (SD, HD[H.265], UHD[H.265], DVB-T2)
    28. - added support for DVB-T2 (only cosmetic changes, older versions already work with DVB-T2)
    29. - added support for DVB-S2 modulations 16APSK and 32APSK
    30. - added support for multistream MIS/PLS (fully editable in satellites.xml editor, service details, transponder edit)
    31. - added playback of IPTV streams
    32. - added automatic replace of invalid polarization values (some satellites.xml use polarization L/R instead of 2/3)
    33. - added copyable service reference with colons to service details
    34. - added insert hidden marker to context menu (enable fastscan/hidden marker support first in options panel advanced)
    35. - added support for unknown services in userbouquets (includes former known subservices) (options panel advanced)
    36. - added experimental option to save lamedb5 format (OpenPLi)
    37. - added configurable buffer size for streaming player (options panel GUI)
    38. - updated streaming player
    39. Note: VLC 2.2.4 is recommended (32-bit only), any other version may or may not result in error messages
    40. - improved crypto icon (encrypted services) in front of servicenames
    41. - improved reading speed on userbouquet switch
    42. - improved picon resizing speed
    43. - improved marker visualization
    44. - improved Wine compatibility (Wine 1.8.3 recommended)
    45. - improved compatibility with "Parallels Desktop for Mac" coherence mode
    46. - dropped support for obsolete settings format 3
    47. - re-enabled the export of terrestrial services/bouquets in Excel readable format
    48. - fixed hiding of alternatives view after reading new lamedb
    49. - fixed removing alternatives if a service is removed from all bouquets
    50. - fixed user bouquet import with hidden markers
    51. - fixed rendering of disabled menu items
    52. - fixed memory exception when copying IPTV services from one dreamboxEDIT session to another one
    53. - many GUI improvements (including the new MetroUI standard skin)
    54. - language file updates, added missing ones to setup exe file
    55. - minor fixes
    56. - fixed dreamboxEDIT installer, now the registry is cleaned properly on uninstall again
    57. Note: before reporting any bugs, please try to uninstall first if you experience any issues
    58. if you experience any issues with the file open dialog, switch to the old style dialog (options panel general)
    60. - added service type 31 (HEVC digital television service) to TV defaults (options panel advanced)
    61. - added new filter option for H.265 services
    62. - fixed new AlterMetro 2016 skin
    64. - fixed update check
    66. - added support for non-TS streaming services with full reference
    67. - added new AlterMetro 2016 skin
    68. - added Latvian translation
    69. - forced old style path selection dialog for Wine
    70. - fixed multiple selections in bouquetlist
    71. - fixed paste of IPTV services from clipboard with full reference
    72. - OpenSSL security updates
    74. - improved hints placement
    75. - added Lithuanian translation
    76. - language file updates
    77. - OpenSSL security updates
    78. - updated IP stack
    80. - added support for AAC PID cache (PLi format)
    81. - added new Windows 10 skin
    82. - fixed service name alignment
    83. - fixed problems under Windows Vista introduced by the Windows security update KB3057839
    84. - OpenSSL security updates
    86. - fixed supported marker length with unicode characters
    87. - fixed configurable background color for transparent picons
    88. - improved hints timings
    89. - OpenSSL security updates
    90. - some GUI improvements
    91. - changed support email address
    93. - fixed update check
    94. - OpenSSL security updates
    95. - some GUI improvements
    96. - language file updates
    98. - fixed missing transponder parameters when comparing services
    99. - fixed missing package name UTF-8 conversion in hint details list
    100. - fixed integer error on namespace calculation
    102. - added renaming of bouquets with CTRL+R
    103. - fixed parsing of corrupted lamedb entries
    104. - fixed unicode issues when saving bouquetnames on some systems
    105. - improved Wine compatibility (Wine 1.6.2 recommended)
    106. - OpenSSL security updates
    107. - some GUI improvements
    108. - language file updates
    110. - fixed UTF-8 conversion errors on copy&paste of services/markers
    111. - some GUI improvements
    113. - fixed dreamboxEDIT 4.x.x.x profiles import on first clean startup
    114. - fixed minimizing bug on some systems
    116. - added full unicode support (cyrillic, greek, arabic, chinese, japanese and many more characters)
    117. - added IPv6 support (no telnet available, so some options are also disabled on IPv6)
    118. - added SSL/TLS support (HTTPS and FTPS [only explicit mode])
    119. - added support for data directory per profile with fallback to a global data directory
    120. - added support for streaming services with URL length up to 1000 characters
    121. - added support for new PID cache format (AAC, HE-AAC and AC3+) (DMM and PLi format)
    122. - added support for fastscan / hidden markers (#SERVICE 1:320:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:) (options panel advanced)
    123. - added new filter options for HD and SD (H.264) services
    124. - added parental control file (blacklist/whitelist) reload on service list reload (mode=4)
    125. - added configurable font size for main window lists
    126. - added support for manually added flags to lamedb with length of 1 byte
    127. - added support for display of 50x30 and 220x132 picon size
    128. - added highspeed picon resizing algorithm
    129. - added configurable skin brightness
    130. - added options for hiding toolbar and statusbar
    131. - added completly new video tutorials
    132. - added fullscreen video streaming
    133. Note: VLC 2.1.3 is recommended, any other version may or may not result in error messages
    134. - added EPG for currently streamed service
    135. - fixed missing mode=3 (satellites.xml) on auto reload
    136. - fixed error after editing cable transponder data
    137. - improved Wine compatibility (runs on Linux and Mac)
    138. - improved FTP up-/download speed
    139. - general GUI speed improvements
    140. - language file updates
    141. - minor fixes
    142. - code cleanup
    144. - fixed UTF-8 conversion problem on FTP download
    146. - fixed compatibility issues with invalid bouquet files created by Dreamset
    148. - fixed compatibility issues with latest DMM changes
    150. - fixed non-working saturation and hue trackbar in color scheme options
    152. - fixed some window scaling issues
    153. - fixed some wine issues
    155. - fixed window maximizing bug on startup
    157. - added assign and remove of picons in main service list
    158. - fixed color issues in compare dialog
    159. - fixed zapping on Enigma1 boxes
    160. - added new skin: Office 2013 Blue
    162. - added transponder (satellites.xml) reload on service list reload
    163. - fixed bouquetnames are now also written in UTF-8 on export
    164. - fixed usage of profile picon path in service details
    165. - added new skins: AlterMetro, GPlus
    166. - some minor fixes
    168. - added support for extended session-based security (WebInterface 1.7.4 and higher)
    169. - added support for simple anti-hijack measures (WebInterface 1.7.3 and higher)
    170. - added new error message when using picon cleanup function and an invalid filename was detected
    171. - added paste from clipboard (E2 settings format), just copy&paste streaming services to your userbouquets
    172. - fixed service type display issue
    173. - fixed some localisation issues with cyrillic letters
    174. - some language file updates
    176. - fixed duplicate service detection for streaming services
    177. - fixed support for streaming services with full reference and missing #DESCRIPTION
    178. - fixed function clear "N" and "X" flags for selected services(s) in context menu
    179. - fixed function toggle parental lock in context menu
    180. - fixed function set keep flag in context menu
    181. - fixed filter for "only new" services, some services were missing if other flags were set
    182. - compare window state is now saved
    183. - some minor fixes
    185. - added parental lock for streaming services (hope I didn't break anything with that change)
    186. - added support for streaming services with missing #DESCRIPTION line in userbouquet files
    187. - added streaming services to the userbouquet import function
    188. - added automatic streaming URL conversion for "StreamingStar's URL Helper" format
    189. - added ZAP to service before streaming to the streaming options panel (useful for single tuner receivers)
    190. - changed VLC streaming behaviour, VLC is disabled by default now, activate it in the streaming options panel
    191. Note: VLC 2.0.4 is recommended, any other version may or may not result in error messages
    192. the VLC installation directory set in the options panel is now used first and
    193. the automatically detected installation directory of VLC from the registry is used afterwards
    194. - fixed error message when clearing all "N" and "X" flags while using filter "only new"
    195. - fixed error message when clearing all parental locks while using filter "only locked"
    196. - some minor fixes
    198. - fixed error message in empty bouquet area when opening the context menu
    199. - some language file updates
    201. - fixed picon upload
    203. - added support for streaming services (non TS based IPTV/Radio services) in userbouquets
    204. - added menu for adding/editing of streaming services
    205. - added video streaming support for all box types
    206. - added new filter options for only new and only locked services
    207. - added option to re-enable the old style path selection dialog
    208. - added configurable local picons path per profile, if no path is defined the global local picon path is used
    209. - added deletion of temporary picon.zip after picon upload
    210. - added new skins: Deep, iOS dark, MacOS2, Mint, NextAlpha, Subway, Toxic, Windows 8, WMP 2008, Zest
    211. - added fix for the missing context menu in edit boxes
    212. - added new hints (no more flickering)
    213. - re-enabled the export of cable services/bouquets in Excel readable format
    214. Note: re-import of cable services/bouquets is not possible, all cable services will be skipped on re-import
    215. - fixed path selection dialog translation
    216. - fixed timeout issue with enabled active service/volume control/signal strength display
    217. - fixed error message while creating bouquet for one satellite
    218. - fixed error when sorting cable and terrestrial services in the compare window
    219. - some minor fixes
    221. - added configurable background color for transparent picons
    222. - added transliteration support for cyrillic letters (only russian)
    223. - added transliteration support for greek letters
    224. - added option to enable/disable transliteration
    225. - fixed some problems with very long servicenames
    227. - added new hints in main list, now with bouquet references
    228. - fixed application closing after canceling
    229. - fixed error message after dropping service on current bouquet
    230. - fixed main service list refresh after selection of another bouquet
    232. - changed QuickFTP buttons to avoid further confusions
    233. - fixed hiding QuickFTP buttons if disabled in options
    234. - some minor fixes
    236. - fixed streaming for WebInterface 1.7.0 and higher
    238. - fixed compatibility problems when running dreamboxEDIT under wine
    239. Note: skinning support is automatically disabled, Wine 1.3.34 or higher is mandatory
    240. - some language file updates
    242. - added completly new GUI with skinning support
    243. - added transparency to crypto icon in main service list
    244. - added transparency to dummy picon in bouquet panel
    245. - added configurable color marker for selected services
    246. - added proper handling of renamed alternatives
    247. - added warning message if multibouquet is disabled on your dreambox
    248. - added signal strength indicator
    249. - fixed renumbering channel numbers after using "sort alphabetically" from context menu
    250. - fixed when sorting by frequency now also sorting by polarisation is applied
    251. - fixed problem with missing objects (service counter, profile selection)
    252. - fixed cut&paste services with alternatives
    253. - fixed saving of current profile when options panel is closed
    254. - integrated language tool (Help -> Language Tool)
    255. - removed LanguageTool.exe from installation package
    256. - removed outdated help files
    257. - language files updated
    258. - some minor fixes
    259. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    260. The the following features are only supported on genuine Dreamboxes with Enigma2-Images based on Release 3.2 or higher
    261. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    262. - full support for filtering of encrpyted services is now enabled
    263. - full support for streaming services in userbouquets
    264. - added video streaming support
    265. Note: VLC 1.1.11 or higher is required, the installation directory is detected automatically, if you are using
    266. a portable version set the VLC installation directory in the options panel.
    267. - added support for taking snapshots of currently played stream
    269. - fixed problem with profile selection in options panel
    270. - fixed missing parameters for cable settings after Enigma1->Enimga2 conversion
    272. - added crypto icon in main service list if service is encrypted (Note: this is only working properly on future Enigma2 Images)
    273. - added filter for encrypted and unencrypted services (Note: this is only working properly on future Enigma2 Images)
    274. - added copy service reference to clipboard option to context menu of main service list and bouquet panel
    275. - added a info window with some informations about the new filtering behaviour
    276. - fixed error message when using picon cleanup function and filename wasn't using proper picon reference format
    277. - fixed error message when using add new service option in context menu
    278. - fixed application hanging when parsing lamedb with corrupted transponder entry
    279. - fixed problems after adding new services, the services weren't covered by the filters
    280. - some minor fixes
    281. - language files updated
    283. - fixed userbouquets with renamed services are now written in proper settings-type 4 format
    284. - fixed problem when saving cable or terrestrial settings (some parameters were lost)
    285. - language files updated
    287. - fixed alternatives filename generation
    288. - fixed error message after opening Enigma1 settings
    289. - fixed total service counter was overlapped by displayed service counter after startup without settings
    290. - language files updated
    292. - fixed sorting services in bouquet panel was broken after adding channel numbers to the bouquet panel
    293. - fixed error when sorting bouquets with cable and terrestrial services
    294. - fixed some other functions were also broken after adding channel numbers to the bouquet panel
    295. - fixed hour glass didn't get away after loading new settings
    296. - fixed error message when using picon cleanup function and filename wasn't using proper picon reference format
    297. - fixed alternatives are no longer considered as duplicates of fixed services in the same user bouquet
    298. - fixed alternatives handling, now you can use the same service with and without alternatives in one user bouquet
    299. - fixed blacklist entry for radio user bouquets
    300. - fixed all files are now written in proper settings-type 4 format
    301. - fixed auto insert markers for cable and terrestrial services
    302. - added Enigma2 restart button to ftp window, use this button to activate any changes related to lamedb and/or black-/whitelist
    303. use the autoreload or "reload settings on dreambox" button if you only change your userbouquets
    304. - added sorting of profiles in options panel
    305. - changed satellites in filter combobox are now sorted by position from west to east
    306. - changed profile default paths to enigma2 defaults
    307. - window state is now saved on application close, and restored when application is started
    308. - some minor fixes
    309. - language files updated
    311. - code migration to Delphi 2007, for later unicode support
    312. - removed XP visual styles (there were some problems after migration to Delphi 2007)
    313. - added theming for some components
    314. - added channel numbers in bouquet panel
    315. - added new hints in main list and bouquet details, now with picon and service reference
    316. - added option to assign and remove picons
    317. - added cleanup function for local picon directory (which removes all unused picons) to tools menu
    318. - added option for automatic picon upload to FTP window (Note: unzip command on your dreambox is required)
    319. - added configurable per profile picon path to options panel
    320. - added quick profile selection in statusbar
    321. - added enhanced filter expressions (SQL style):
    322. use % as substitute for zero or more characters (e.g. %sky% shows all channels with "sky" in name),
    323. use _ as substitute for exactly one character (e.g. _sky_ in package filter shows channels of provider "BSkyB")
    324. use as escape character (e.g. %%% shows all channels with "%" in name)
    325. if you don't use above filter characters the filters will only show exact matches
    326. - changed TV service types defaults (now including HDTV service types)
    327. - fixed error message when saving alternatives bouquet with parental lock
    328. - fixed error message after reading radio service alternatives
    329. - fixed bouquet change is now disabled while picons are loading to prevent errors
    330. - fixed alternative service names are now written in UTF-8 instead of ANSI
    331. - fixed alternatives are now deleted if service is removed from main service list
    332. - fixed alternatives are now handled for each user bouquet seperately
    333. - fixed translation problem in alternatives panel
    334. - fixed problem with incorrect filename if you tried to add alternatives for a data service, adding alternatives
    335. for data channels is not allowed, please set proper service types in advanced options first
    336. - fixed keep filters when adding alternatives for a service
    337. - fixed missing picons when using cut&paste or drag&drop
    338. - fixed display of proper bouquet name when bouquet has been renamed
    339. - fixed display of picons when adding services to an empty bouquet
    340. - removed "input selection" in main service list as it didn't work as expected
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    Dieser Beitrag wurde bereits 57 mal editiert, zuletzt von dhwz ()

  • Also laut mmtux ist das in 5.0 drin: dreambox-blog.com/index.php/59…hen-und-streaming-support
    Verwaltung von IPTV-Sendern
    Eine weitere Funktion, welche ebenfalls die neusten Release 3.2.x-Images voraussetzt, ist die Unterstützung von IPTV-Sender in den Bouquets. Man kann beispielsweise mit dem neuen Partnerbox-PlugIn Sender einer anderen Dreambox oder aber Internetstreams direkt in das Bouquet einfügen. Solche Sender werden von dreamboxEDIT nun angezeigt und können bearbeitet werden.
    so long
  • Lauter Fehlermeldungen nach Update


    ich erhalte lauter Fehlermeldungen nach dem Update und kann das Tool nicht mehr nutzen. Auch zurück auf die ältere Version geht nicht.

    1. Meldung:

    Fehler beim Setzten der Daten für Language

    2. Meldung:

    Fehler beim Setzen der Daten für MainRowColor

    3. Meldung beim schliessen:

    Fehler beim Setzen der Daten für FormMain.Top

    Habe schon diverses versucht:

    Registry Einträge gelöscht.

    PRG Ordner gelöscht.

    Temp Ordner geleert.

    Ich vermute die Meldungen kommen, weil ich in der Vorgängerversion die Sprache und der Skin geändert habe.

    Hat jemand eine Idee???

    Leider ist keine INI vorhanden, welche ich mit den angaben anpassen könnte.
  • dhwz schrieb:

    Keine Ahnung warum die Fehler kommen aber einfach den Registryschlüssel HKCU/Software/dreamboxEDIT löschen dann ist das auch wieder weg.
    Welche Version hast denn vorher verwendet, das kann nix mit dem Update zu tun haben. ;)


    den habe ich schon gelöscht. Momentaner Stand: Alle Registry einträge gelöscht.

    Program Ordner gelöscht.

    Bei einer neuinstallaton mit der Setup Version, funktioniert es auch nicht. Bei der Installation kann er nicht in den Program Files\Dreambox Ordner schreiben.

    Beim Manuellen kopiern und Einfügen der Dateien aus dem without Setup Download kommen wieder diese Meldungen.

    Die Version funktionierte. Aber auch nur nach der manuellen Installation (copy & paste) der Dateien. Vorher hatte ich 4.0.1 oder 4.1. Hatte noch nie Probleme damit.

    Berechtigungen sind kontrolliert und nochmals nach unten vererbt. Auch in der vorheringen Registry mit dem DreamboxEditor einträgen.

    Hab es auch mit einem anderen Admin User versucht.

    Win7 Pro 32Bit ohne Domäne bzw. GPOs, .Net Frameworks alle auf dem aktuellsten Stand

    Ziel: funktionierendes dreamboxEdit

    Ausser im vorherigen erwähnten Registrypfad und dem Programm Verzeichniss, habe ich keine Ablagerungen gefunden.
  • Du hast doch oben selbst geschrieben das nicht in den Programme Ordner geschrieben werden konnte und die Registry Fehler oben sagen ja auch dass das Programm nicht in die Registry schreiben darf.
    Schalt mal Virenscanner oder sonstwas aus was das Problem verursachen könnte, das liegt definitiv nicht an dreamboxEDIT sonst hätte ja außer dir noch jemand das Problem. :P