DM7080HD - triple hybrid tuner - unicable + positioner

  • Hi to everyone!

    My previous config
    Tuner A1 – USALS – cable connected to motor from motor to first output of a twin LNB
    Tuner A2 – second cable of motorized LNB – cable connected directly to second output of a twin LNB

    My goal was to upgrade my box with the newest hybrid tuner and use unicable on the second cable split in to 3 cables to feed it.
    We are watching mainly channels on 23.5E and 19.2, we rarely move the dish elsewhere, but I have decided to keep the first cable and motor to be able to move the dish to other satellites.

    I have bought the following:
    - Dreambox Triple 2x DVB-S2X / 1x DVB-C/T2 Tuner
    - Inverto Unicable LNB IDLU-QUDL42-UNR2L-1PP
    - 3way splitter

    First I tried to connect it and configure it based only on intuition, but I failed, got GSD many times while in Satfinder trying if the tuners are able to tune.
    I even had to restore once, because Enigma refused to start.

    So, I went back to internet to gather some knowledge and finally have tried to achieve following config:
    Tuner A1 – USALS – cable connected to motor from motor to first LNB output of the new Unicable LNB
    Tuner A2 – Unicable 23.5E LNB1 SCR2 - one of the 3 split cables connected
    Tuner B1 – Unicable 23.5E LNB1 SCR3 - one of the 3 split cables connected
    Tuner B2 – Unicable 23.5E LNB1 SCR4 - one of the 3 split cables connected

    But it seems not to be possible, the only SCR which could be stored is the SCR1 and 2. When I try to save SCR3 or 4 on it is reset back to SCR1.

    So, I moved back to beginning and now I have just two of the unicable cables connected.
    One is connected to the LNB1 input of the new hybrid tuner, which is configured the following way.
    Tuner B1 – Unicable 23.5E LNB1 SCR1
    Tuner B2 – Unicable 23.5E LNB1 SCR2 Connected to Tuner B1
    The second cable is connected to the built-in tuner to the input A2, the tuners are configured as follows:
    Tuner A1 – inactive (when enabled, I was able to move to 19.2, but it didn’t want to move back to 23.5)
    Tuner A2 – Unicable 23.5E LNB1 SCR1 - one of the 3 split cables connected

    But tuner A2 refuses to store SCR3 or 4 it always resets to SCR1 (see the Enigma log)

    Note: I am using the IDLB-QUDL42-UNI2L-1PP in the config, it looks like a predecessor of the one I bought. Hopefully this is the right option.

    I have also tried to understand the tuner config saved in the settings file, but it doesn’t make much sense to me, not in the current state. (see the attached file)

    It would be great if someone can help me to achieve at least to configure astra 23.5 on all 4 tuners, so I can move forward and after that try to achieve my original goal.
    Is my original goal USALS + Unicable possible at all?
    Does anybody use such or similar config and wouldn’t mind to share his knowhow?



    • settings.txt

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    • Enigma2.txt

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  • I have just made a progress.
    I have accidentally found the Unicable User defined option, and was able to configure it like this:
    Split. cable - Tuner A1 – Unicable 23.5E LNB1 SatCR 19 (1680MHz)
    w/o cable - Tuner A2 – Unicable 23.5E LNB1 SatCR 28 (2040MHz) Connected to Tuner A1
    Split. cable - Tuner B1 – Unicable 23.5E LNB1 SCR1
    w/o cable - Tuner B2 – Unicable 23.5E LNB1 SCR2 Connected to Tuner B1

    This way I can use all the 4 tuners via 2 cables split from one unicable LNB output
    So it seems there is something wrong in the Tuner config logic and/or the IDLB-QUDL42-UNI2L-1PP is not compatible with my IDLU-QUDL42-UNR2L-1PP LNB.

    have a nice weekend


  • Hi, just reporting that I moved further in my tests ;)

    Actual configuration:
    Rotor cable - Tuner A1 – Positioner
    Split. cable - Tuner A2 – Unicable 23.5E LNB1 SatCR 28 (2040MHz)
    Split. cable - Tuner B1 – Unicable 23.5E LNB1 SCR1
    w/o cable - Tuner B2 – Unicable 23.5E LNB1 SCR2 Connected to Tuner B1

    There were no other satellites configured on the for Unicable configured tuners.

    All the tuners are working fine, but I still was not able to convince the box to move back to 23.5 :(
    When I switch to some channel on 19.2 the dish moves OK.
    But it resists to move to 23.5 when I switch to some 23.5 channel, it just says "Tune failed"
    I have to make inactive all except the first tuner, to be able to move the dish back.

    I did try to understand the behavior by comparing the settings file from various configurations. (see the excel file in the zip archive)
    But there seems something to be still hidden to me.

    I was assuming following:
    nims.0 is equal to Tuner A1
    nims.1 is equal to Tuner A2
    nims.2 is equal to Tuner B1
    nims.3 is equal to Tuner B2

    Strangely all the .advanced.sat. lines were assigned to Nims.3 so I have replaced all the "config.Nims.3.advanced.sat." with "config.Nims.0.advanced.sat." thinking this is the thing which makes the box think that it doesn't need to move the dish.
    But it didn't help either :(

    I have also thought about configuring all the unicable LNBs as second cable of motorized LNB by adding
    but I am not sure if this would be enough.

    Or are my thoughts totally wrong and I am in a dead end street, because it isn't possible to combine USALS with Unicable even on two different cables and the actual state of logic in the Enigma2 code doesn't allow this?

    I am also wondering why there is still some unused garbage even after reboot.
    For example following lines:

    I think at least some of them are not used, I understand they might have been left there to be able to reuse them.
    It would be great if they could have some prefix to be able to differentiate them from those which are really used.

    Can somebody please help me to clean my last settings file? (settings.motor+3unicableOK_nims0.sat.txt)
    I still think there could be some lines which block the dish movement.
    I am afraid to delete it in a batch and it would take years to me to try remove one line after another.



  • Today I chose a different approach.
    I thought about teaching the unicable tuners that it should use rotor to move the dish by changing DiseqC mode to 1.2 on A2,B1 and B3 tuner.
    But it didn't help either.

    I am assuming telling the unicable tuner to use the diseqc 1.2 means that the diseqc command is sent through the unicable cable, which is not my case. :(

    Anybody any idea?



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  • So I tried to add the following to the settings file


    it immediately fixed the issue with moving back to 23.5 while on 19.2, but I have lost the 3 unicable tuners :(
    so it doesn't seem to be the right path, at least not without changes in the code, right?

    I came also across following parameters


    Can anybody please explain their purpose?



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  • Hi dhwz,
    no reactions since 4 weeks so thanks for stopping by ;)
    I am doing desperate things to make my wife able to watch her favorite music channels :)

    I guess the setting you have mentioned is there in the file, because I wasn't really brave enough to try to compile the file from scratch and just tried to modify it slightly.
    If I am not wrong then it is this one:

    Maybe you have been lost in the long posts, so here is the short version:

    The dish moves quite fine, but only from 23.5 to 19.2 and resist to move back.
    I guess because it thinks the 23.5 channels are still available on the other "unicable" tuners.
    It isn't able to distinguish that there is just one LNB and that it moved together with the dish to 19.2.
    So I am trying to find out how to teach it that the "unicable" tuners are connected to the same physical LNB as the first "positioner" tuner, just different output.

    hope one of the devs will show up soon, I am ready to test their changes to the code


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  • As said don't modify the settings file manually, please use the GUI. Else you get unforseen errors. And no I'm not talking about this turningSpeed setting, I meant the new rotor speed setting for the SiLabs tuners you have to set the correct rotor speed setting in degrees per second else you'll get tune failed.

  • Hi dhwz,
    I would have used the GUI, but I am afraid the GUI is not ready for the kind of setup I am seeking for, that's why I did try to tweak the setting file manually.
    As I explained this was just a desperate test, because nobody stopped by.
    I do have a backup of vanilla setting file which I am using as a starting point and I have also a backup of via GUI completed tuner config.

    Regarding the rotor config.
    I maybe wasn't crystal clear in my previous descriptions, but I have bought just one new tuner, so my actual config is like this:
    Tuner A1: BCM4506 (DVB-S2) - Positioner:USALS
    Tuner A2: BCM4506 (DVB-S2) - advanced
    Tuner B1: Si2169C (DVB-S2 / DVB-C / DVB-T2) - DVBS-2:advanced - DVB-T2:inactive - DVB-C:inactive
    Tuner B2: Si2169C (DVB-S2 / DVB-C / DVB-T2) - DVBS-2:advanced - DVB-T2:inactive - DVB-C:inactive
    Tuner C: (empty)

    IMHO the new rotor speed setting don't apply when using the original tuner, or am I wrong?
    There is even no GUI option for that on the old tuner.



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  • Ah ok no it's only for the new SiLabs tuners. :)

    I think it's currently not possible to use 3 cables with Unicable connected to a rotor. I think Ghost said he has to rework some things to make this work. So you have to be patient. ;)

  • I can recall him mentioning it in some reply, but I guess his setup was just one cable.
    It might be that in the end it doesn't really matter if one or two cables.

    The relations between the components must be possible to be entered and stored in the config and enigma needs to know how to work with it.

    In my case I need to tell Enigma that on the cable 1 there is a rotor which needs to be used to move the dish to any satellite before all the tuners can tune to a channel on it.
    It might even be that the config.Nims.x.sat.configMode=satposdepends option I tried would be the path to go.

    I am aware of the vacation time, but I am checking this thread almost every day and am patiently waiting for Ghost stopping by and leave at least some comment.

    enjoy the summer ;)

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  • The needed change is included in the current unstable image.

    You have to configure the slave tuners exactly like the Tuner with the Rotor connection...

    On all "slave" tuners you have to enable the "Positioner depends" option in the advanced configuration.


  • Great!
    Hope I will be able to update tomorrow morning and will report back.

    I am just confused a little bit about your statement "You have to configure the slave tuners exactly like the Tuner with the Rotor connection".
    I am wondering what options could be configured on the Unicable tuners exactly like the Rotor one to still have the unicable functioning.



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  • Hi Ghost,
    I will probably need your help.
    I think I have tried all possible combination in the tuner configuration, but haven't been able to find the "Positioner depends" option anywhere.

    For my use-case I would expect a new option in Configuration Mode, something like "additional Uni-Cable of motorized LNB", which will then allow to change all the necessary Unicable attributes of the tuner. But I understand that all the intended changes of the tuner config interface might not be all finished yet.

    After todays update the version of my enigma is 4.3.1r16-r0.1, hope this is the one you have meant.

    thanks for any help


    PS: I have attached screenshots of my current tuner configuration
    PS2: it would be great if you could add an information to the "Reception Settings" screen about the tuner currently configured.

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  • So I am back to report ;)
    thanks for the hint, I wouldn't have find it without it.
    It is hidden quite well, but I understand why it is so complex.
    I hope though that you come up with something similar to what I wrote above.

    Now to the feedback.
    Generally it works, but there are some issues, not sure if this is wrong config or a bug or both.

    First I tried to configure all tuners with the Configuration Mode option set to Advanced and the Satellite option set to All Satellites 1 (see the pictures)

    But it didn't want tu tune at all. :(
    So I have made inactive all but the A1 tuner, but it still didn't work.
    Then I have changed the A1 tuner back to simple and positioner, the way I used to have it all the time, which helped.
    Then I made all the other tuners subsequently active again and tested it after making each active.
    And with this config it seemed to be fine.
    It does return from the 19.2 back to 23.5 as expected.

    But there is some issue with reserving the Tuners while setting recordings on 4 diff
    I had two distinct cases, however now I am experiencing just the latter one.
    1. after successfully starting 3 recordings of channels on different transponder I couldn't start the 4th recording, getting an error about conflicting recording, but I could switch to a channel on 4th transponder (none of the channels were greyed out in the channel list).
    2. after successfully starting 3 recordings of channels on different transponder I couldn't start the 4th recording and getting an error no free tuner when switching to a channel on 4th transponder (all the channels on other transponders were greyed out).
    See the attached log from the second case.

    thanks for looking into it


  • It seems I have found the reason of the issue with reserving the tuners.
    I have went through the log myself and found out some suspicious lines which made me to went through the config again.
    And guess what I forgot on all the unicable tuners to remove the previous configuration = set the LNB to "not available"

    Did you think about showing a summary of the configuration on the tuner configuration screen, so we can see all or at least some of the details?



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