stream different channels on pc and dreambox

  • Hello,

    I am a complete noob to the dreambox, i just have one for a week now and i am trying to figure out how to watch channels on my dreambox and pc. I have dreamstream installed and it works perfect, but i can only watch one channel on pc and tv. I want to watch different channels in my work room and my wife in the living room but now when i switch channel, the tv switches also.
    I have a dm 7020 hd box with these 2 tuners:

    Tuner A1: Si2169C (DVB-C)
    Tuner A2: Si2169C (DVB-C)

    Can someone please explain to me how to do this? All the things in this forum are in german and my german is not so good lol.

    Thanks in advance

  • i don't understand your problem:

    - if you have 2 tuner: all is fine
    - if you have 1 tuner: dreamstream checks if it's possible to stream and shows a warning if not

    Do you have you 2 tuners or not?

    With 2 tuners installed and configured check if you can see a channel on tv and another for example via picture in picture or vlc streaming.

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  • If the pip channel is on a different frequency then you need to connect a second cable to the other tuner.


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  • I'm rather sure that your receiver didn't come with the cables pre-installed ;) Thats your task to connect.

    I would try a cheap splitter in form of a T, e.g.:…-verteiler-0-1000-mhz.jpg
    Usually they don't have the best quality but if your cable signal is strong, then it should be ok. Of course you wil also need one cable to connect the second output of that piece to the second tuner. The first tuner might be just connected with one end of the T-bar. Your current cable goes into the middle input of that splitter.

    Just to be clear, what the current problem is: You have two tuners set up and configured to receive a signal. For the first channel that you are trying to watch, the lower tuner works just fine and receives a signal through that one cable. But as soon as you try to watch more than one channel at a time, the second tuner needs to be activated. The second tuner should receive a signal through the upper connection at the back of you box, which is currently not connected. So every attempt to receive a second channel (via recording, PiP or Streaming....) will fail.

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  • Thank you,

    The second tuner doesnt work, i have connected the first cable in to the second tuner and then my image freezes, when i restart the dreambox all the channel programm info is also gone and i the signal meter after the channels are all empty?
    I also tried using 2 cables, 1 in the first tuner and the second in the second tuner but still nothing :(

  • Of course your picture goes away if you remove the cable... The box can not detect which input is connected to your cable socket. By default with two tuners configured, it will expect both tuners to be connected and use them one after another.
    The box will then use the first tuner (lower input) for tuning TV channels and the second tuner (upper input) for streaming.

    If you say 2 cables: How are they connected to your wall socket?

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