Sky Deutschland on DM800 HD se

  • Hello ,

    I am a newbie in the "DreamBox" world and just got my hands on the new DM800 se. I have a legally acquired Sky Deutschland card which i used on my old Sat receiver.
    I would like to use this card on my DM800 se. Right now I see nothing if I select the Sky channels with the card inserted in my DM and I assume that i need to install some add-ons. It would be great if someone can point me to the right source on how I can receive the Sky channels since I am lost with the amount of information i can find on the net. In the meanwhile, I am continuing my search. Would really appreciate your help!!

    Thanks & Best Regards, neomax

  • Thanks MartiniB for your reply. Its hard to believe that there is no legal way to access a legally brought sky card on the dreambox. I am really lost now :-(
    Thanks anyway for your prompt response. Can anyone else provide some light into my query?

  • NOT here! DMM does not support it because SKY does not allow it to run cards in unofficial receivers. Sky only allows you to run those cards in SKY-Receivers.

    There is 3rd party software out for linux systems (softcams) that make it possible to get your card working, but illegal stuff like this will not get discussed here in these forums! DMM would get in trouble ...

    So please ... stop asking for it ...

    Theorie ist, wenn man alles weiß, aber nichts funktioniert.
    Praxis ist, wenn alles funktioniert aber niemand weiß warum.

  • I think a legal way to have Sky is to use an Alphacrypt or Alphacrypt light.
    I ordered my Sky Abo-Card in this way and Sky agreed, Alphacrypt modules are certyfied for Sky !
    You should not say that you like to use a Dreambox, please say you would like to use different receivers at different places ! Wherever you want to look sky -tv you will have an Alphacryt-module and a Sky-card to put it in the CI-slot of the next standing receiver :-)
    I am shure,this will work .
    Thats the way I got my card.

    Greetings ,Heissgetänk

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