Ip Cameras in dreambox

  • Hello,
    I created a plugin to control ip cameras. In my dm600 functioning properly. In dm500 does not work because only support 8 bits of colormode. The rest I have not tried.

    VISIT www.dreamcamip.com

    I wish you Merry Christmas

    sorry for my english

  • Hi,

    as I have written my dream-motion script to do exactly that, I am going to check out your plugin right away! :-)

    Regards, Mamba

    PS: Your English is fine. Don't worry.

    Dreambox 800/7020, 250 GB HDD, 100 Mbit Lan

  • Hi,

    the plugin won't work on my 7020 with an image approx. 18 months old. An error message appears. Will take note and post it later. The libcurl is in the right place. Looks like either it won't work on the 7020 (can't believe that) or my image is too old (?). Did you try to compile it for 7020, too. Other thought: can you compile it with "--enable-static" enabled? I'd like to see whether that works.

    Regards, Mamba

    PS: my ipcam: grandtec wifi ip cam. Provides .../still.jpg freeze frame image.

    Dreambox 800/7020, 250 GB HDD, 100 Mbit Lan

  • The image I have is of 05/30/2007 [Moderator] Image is in violation of the Boardrules [/Moderator] The plugin needs three libraries : libjpeg, libpthread and libcurl. In [Moderator] Image is in violation of the Boardrules [/Moderator]is included by default libjpeg and libpthread. I uploaded new files for everything.
    Can you show the errror?

    The 7025 is too expensive for me. The enigma2 must wait.

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  • Hi,

    I have the right libs in the right place. That doesn't seem to be the issue.

    Here's a screenshot of the error. Maybe that helps to explain. I shall try your plugin with the image you mentioned, too.

    Regards, Mamba

  • Thanks mamba.

    I think your version is too old. The use is as follows (such an example in current CVS) :

    / / Restore the original screen size
    EStreamWatchdog: getInstance () -> reloadSettings ();

    I created a version without this call and I uploaded to the web.

    I'm sorry for violation of the boardrules

  • Thanks!

    Well, that should tell me that is it time to update my box, I guess. So far I was in "never change a running system" mode cuz the June 2006 image had no issues on my box. Thanks for the trigger ... but hey .. there is a version that's supposed to work, ha!

    Will test right away and give feedback.

    BTW: with this plugin, the Dreambox community is getting serious with replacing "expensive-out-of-the-box" surveillance home applications. Once a motion detection feature is built-in, this will rock!

    Regards, Mamba

    Dreambox 800/7020, 250 GB HDD, 100 Mbit Lan

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  • OK, confirmation. This version works with my elderly image from June of 2006. You have PN.

    Regards, Mamba

    Dreambox 800/7020, 250 GB HDD, 100 Mbit Lan

  • may be under pictures some background ? When is picture little, than picture before, it is not so nice...

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  • Hi,

    does Dreamcamip support die following syntax in cameras.cam?

    (...) user@password@192.168.x.x/image.jpg

    My IPCAM only allows for password protected access (sh**ty firmware). With wget, I can access the cam with the above-mentioned url. Dreamcamip doesn't seem to take this. Getting a blackscreen.

    Can you take a look at this cuz this syntax is quite often used.


    Regards, Mamba

    Dreambox 800/7020, 250 GB HDD, 100 Mbit Lan

  • I stand corrected. :-)

    Found a tiny typo in the url I added to cameras.cam. Works fine.

    Regards, Mamba

    Dreambox 800/7020, 250 GB HDD, 100 Mbit Lan

  • This Plugin is the best for my IP-Cam...

    Is very fine...

    Works correctly

    DM7000 - 80GB-HDD - 1GB-USB-Stick - 100Mbit-LAN
    DM600 - 20GB-HDD - 100Mbit-LAN

  • New version 0.92 beta.

    - Improvements to display information on new releases
    - decorative background 720x576 here samples Please, send me a good design. In the folder deco images can be different background depending on the number of cameras that are shown. bg1.jpg, bg2.jpg, bg3.jpg, bg4.jpg, bg5.jpg and bg6.jpg. If there is no corresponding image is looking default.jpg. Is optional
    - Location in different places. Now the application can be placed in /var/camip, /var/tuxbox/camip or /hdd/camip.


  • New Version 0.93 beta

    - Support for dm500+ plus
    - Experimental conversion to grayscale. Press key 7 to activate or deactivate. Testing the dreambox power :)
    - Correction of various bugs

  • New version 0.94 beta
    - Support motion detection

    I want to make dreamcamip be able to record to disk. But that record only when there is movement in the image. To do this I have implemented a system for motion detection. I am not an expert, but it seems to work. We leave here for testing and if someone wants report to me of how in his particular camera.
    Pressing the button 9 is activated or deactivated. When you see a white rectangle means that there is movement, and then a black rectangle means no movement. The points where there are differences highlighted in red.
    In the config.cfg file you can change the lines:

    ; maximun difference for the group of points to consider different
    Motion detection diff = 20

    ; total number of diferences to consider that the picture is different
    Motion detection total diff = 5