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    was born my second son and I don't have free time. No more develop. The proyect is stopped for the next months or more :)

    New Version 0.96 Beta
    - Run in background
    - Alarms: Send Mail
    - Alarms: Send SMS
    - daemon for only background
    - Key Menu:
    - Others: See config.cfg


    Dreamcamip can run in /var/camip, /var/tuxbox/camip or /hdd/camip.

    Dreamcamip only read or write to disk when:
    1) you start the application reading the configuration
    2) If the log is activate (in <apppath>/log)
    3) recording (next version with configurable path)
    4) In the next version when you activate email alarms write a temporary mail (configurable path)

    Happy Carnival

    In the next version, i want be able to send mails and SMS.
    In this way, i have compiled some libraries for dreambox (libssl, libesmtp and esmtp).


    I had to do make small changes in the library libesmtp. I am newbie with smtp, and I don't know another way to resolve various problems :-)

    now, we can send mails from the dreambox. It's based on libESMTP supporting the AUTH (including the CRAM-MD5 and NTLM SASL mechanisms) and the StartTLS SMTP extensions.

    For testing with gmail:
    1) Copy the files to the correct folder
    NOTE 1: If you have little space avaible you can make symbolic links with /bin and /lib folder and copy to hard drive.
    NOTE 2: /bin/esmtp must have execute permission
    /bin/sendmail mus have execute permision

    2) Visit and create an account

    3) Edit /home/root/.esmtprc and change:
    username = ""
    password = "mypassword"

    4) Optional. If you are a little paranoic you can create a personal private certificate.

    # openssl dsaparam 1024 -out dsa1024.pem
    # openssl req -x509 -nodes -days 3650 -newkey dsa:dsa1024.pem -out smtp-starttls.pem -keyout smtp-starttls.key.pem
    Copy the files to /home/root/.authenticate/private/

    5) There are 2 samples (/hdd/camip/mail1.eml and /hdd/camip/mail2.eml).
    telnet <ip dreambox>

    # cd /hdd/camip

    Edit file mail1.eml and change the line:
    same => To:
    other => To:

    # chmod 755
    # ./
    # sendmail -t < mail1.eml


    The algorithm will be the same. I thought in this setting:

    In config.cfg

    If motion detection total frames difs = 1 is the same.


    To run in absolute background and allow change channels, volume.., I have seen this:

    1. http://root:dreambox@localhost/cgi-bin/startPlugin?path=/var/tuxbox/plugins/&name=dreamcamip.cfg

    Perhaps I could run another program independently for motion detection and then return to enigma plugin. I will try.

    I'm not sure that i understand to you with Google translator.


    Originally posted by card0384
    - Wenn Motion-Detection mit Alarm (Blaue + Gelbe Taste) ausgeführt wird und das Plugin-Bild bei Alarm gezeigt wird, wäre es schön, wenn nach ca. 3 sek. ohne weitere Motion Detection das Bild wieder ausgeblendet wird. Die 3 Sekunden könnte man über die Config einstellbar machen.

    I think that the most important thing is that you see the alarm. Hide the camera could cause confusion. That could be done by hiding with another button differently. For example, yellow to run as now and stop to run that way.
    Medium difficulty.


    Originally posted by card0384
    - Ich habe camip im var/camip liegen. Bei der Aufnahmefunktion werden die Bilder ins var/camip/movie/... gelegt. Hier sollte - egal, wo das camip liegt, der Ordner auf hdd/camip/movie/... fest eingestellt oder per config einstellbar gemacht werden, sonst wird das var recht schnell voll.

    Easy. I can do. Plugin recorded only when there is motion detection.


    Originally posted by card0384
    - Die Tasten 1-5 haben bei mir keine Wirkung. Da sollten doch mehr Kameras kommen? Ich habe in der meine zwar als erste stehen, aber da gibt es doch ne Menge "Default-Web-Cams". Auch in Verbindung mit Grün + Taste 1-5 hat es keine Wirkung. Irgendwas klappt da nicht.

    Only works with screen cameras.


    Originally posted by card0384
    - Den Indicator unten rechts bei Blau + Gelb könnte man kleiner, abschaltbar oder als permantes Viereck machen. Derzeit "zittert" er heftig und bringt etwas Unruhe ins Bild.

    Easy. I can do.


    Originally posted by card0384
    - Während das Plugin aktiv ist, kann man problemlos die Lautstärke verändern. Falls es technisch möglich ist, wäre es prima, wenn man mittels der "Cursor"-Tasten (Rechts + Links) und der Taste 0 (Zurück zum letzten Programm) auch das Fernsehprogramm umschalten könnte. Wie gesagt, es wäre prima, wenn dies klappen könnte, falls nicht - bringt es uns nicht um...

    Dificult. At this moment, i can´t do


    Originally posted by card0384
    - Könnte man im Config-File Startoptionen übergeben? Ich würde gern direkt beim Plugin-Start das Plugin-Bild für 3 sek. sehen wollen (gleicher config-Wert wie bei erster Anmerkung) und dabei das Plugin direkt mit Motion-Detection + Alarm (wie nach Drücken der Blauen und Gelben Taste) starten wollen.

    I can't understand.



    Originally posted by mamba0815
    a) my ipcam shortens a few consecutive freeze frame images by 10% every 100th frame or so. This lead to a grey bar at the bottom of the picture. Consequently, the motion detection was alarming (config.cfg: 'motion detection total dif = default = 5'). Rightfully so, because this is a bug of my ipcam. In my dreammotion script, I was working around this by setting an alarm after a pre-defined number of consecutive moving images so that the "faulty grey bar" image was filtered out. Not sure whether other ipcams have the same issue (mine: Grantech Wifi Cam, S/W 1.7). I am going to play with the config option. We'll see.

    Easy. I can do and good idea.


    Originally posted by mamba0815
    b) yellow button mode: the little grey/blue rectangular on the lower right side is blinking because the infrared LED light plus the high gain of the camera causes quite a bit of blurring (normal for budget ipcams) during the night. In 16:9 screen, the blinking is not so bad because the TV cuts the 50% of the box off. In 4:3 mode the full box is visibile disturbing the eye focus meaning it is somewhat annoying. Not really bad, but maybe you could implement a software filter that limits the number of "blinks" to a very low frequency. I think this box is intended to only show that the plugin is active and alive, right?

    Yes, the box is to see that the plug-in is active.
    Easy. I can do. An option in config.cfg to hide the box and a limit and blink dark color

    New version 0.95 beta
    - New Interface
    - Alarms
    - Recordings
    - Stability
    - New Keys:
    + Set the number of cameras
    8 )
    + Enable or disable viewing of motion detection
    + If there is only one camera enables or disables the recording of the camera
    + Red. Cancel selecction of the recording.
    + 1..5. Enable or disable recording of a camera
    + 7. Activate recordings of all cameras
    + 9. Disables recordings of all cameras
    + Green. Cancel selecction of the view.
    + 1..5. Select a camera visible on screen.
    + If there is only one camera enable or disables the alarm of the camera
    + Blue. Cancel selection of the alarm.
    + 1..5. Enable or disable alarm of a camara
    + 7. Active alarms of all cameras
    + 9. Deactivate alarms of all cameras
    + Hide or show the plugin. Only when the plugin is hidden alarms are executed active.

    Recording images
    o In the folder. / movie / <name of the camera> / <year> / <month> / <day> / are stored images. To make a movie you must use the power of a PC. Connect to Dreambox (Activating the NFS server, Samba Server, Ftp Server). ffmpeg is capable of creating animations from jpeg files

    o To use an alarm, we must take the following steps:
    1) Set the alarm (blue button) and select number of camera
    2) Hide the plug pressing key yellow. In the lower right corner appears indicator movement
    3) When the cameras have got motion detectection the plugin is show
    All finished. No more features


    Originally posted by champ100
    I've tested this plugin on my Ipbox 250s emulating DM 7000 in multiboot with DBB2 image but it don't works. I don't receive errors but I don't look any image from cameras. Thanks

    1) Open the file ./config.cfg and set log to files = 1
    2) Run the plugin, wait 10 seconds, and press exit
    3) send me a mail with all files in the folder ./log


    Originally posted by mamba0815
    Hi, is inaccessible. No data.

    Regards, Mamba

    i'm not sure. ?( The server works but from some europe networks can not be accessed. I made a traceroute to try and cut in London. For now, must be used to access a proxy. For example in port 8080


    Originally posted by schnitzelsemmel
    Would be nice if s.o. could migrate this great Plugin to Enigma2.
    Thanks a lot in advance!

    Sorry but it is not currently possible. I do not have a 7025 for testing, is too expensive for me and I don't have more free time. In the distant future could be. This is only one entertainment.


    I created a new version 0.94.4 beta, giving it more time to enigma. I have running for half an hour with 5 cameras and motion detection. At the same time i have established a connection with my dm600 and compressed a huge file. Works correcty in my dm600;)

    If someone wants to try it:

    View process:
    telnet <ip of the dreambox>
    top -d 1

    Run dreamcamip and set 5 cameras and motion detection. You can view the five process with 10-21% CPU usage. The pid number are consecutive. Enigma 21-40%.

    other telnet
    telnet <ip of the dreambox>
    tar -zcvf result.tar.gz huge_file

    I only can test in my dm600 and works perfectly with version 0.94.3 Beta. We must be near the limits of these machines. When the system is working too fails, in future versions attempts to steal less time of the enigma.

    Thanks for the information. I fixed the bug. Too many changes. :)
    Anyway, perphas the best way to do this maybe pressing one button (such text) and then the number of camera.



    Originally posted by mamba0815
    Tested. Works great. Marvelous plugin. Hope you'll continue to develop. Shall continue to test motion detection and provide feedback 2 u. One though I might add: in order to use the plugin as a supervision tool, one should be able to start it with no graphical output but a small rectangular in the upper right corner showing the diff vale (0...alarmthreshold). Once the threshold is reached, bring up the webcam image (update continously) until user confirms w/ OK. Maybe this can be implemented and opted thru the configfile.

    Regards, Mamba

    Mamba, it is good idea. I think it is not necessary configuration, for example, pressing ok you can enable or disable the display mode that you say. I will try.

    PD: I tried to send an email to you but your mail server does not work.
    It's great. Thanks for the help.

    New version 0.94 beta
    - Support motion detection

    I want to make dreamcamip be able to record to disk. But that record only when there is movement in the image. To do this I have implemented a system for motion detection. I am not an expert, but it seems to work. We leave here for testing and if someone wants report to me of how in his particular camera.
    Pressing the button 9 is activated or deactivated. When you see a white rectangle means that there is movement, and then a black rectangle means no movement. The points where there are differences highlighted in red.
    In the config.cfg file you can change the lines:

    ; maximun difference for the group of points to consider different
    Motion detection diff = 20

    ; total number of diferences to consider that the picture is different
    Motion detection total diff = 5

    New Version 0.93 beta

    - Support for dm500+ plus
    - Experimental conversion to grayscale. Press key 7 to activate or deactivate. Testing the dreambox power :)
    - Correction of various bugs