autoflashd ?

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    1. autoflashd: a daemon to flash images automatically from any partition called DREAMFLASH

    Dose it mean i can flash a corresponding tarball image through a usb stick or sd card, labeled "DREAMFLASH" in normal boot or rescue boot process with my dm920?

  • I reply to myself:
    yes it is possible but only in rescue mode which autoflashd daemon is running and the image name should be in this format, "dreambox-image-dm920.tar.xz" for dm920 box.

  • Yes, although I think only USB is actually supported. There is a beautiful plugin DreamFlash from Gutemine (OoZoON board). In the last update it also supports the DM520/525. Due to a little bug older versions did not work because it was looking for the DM525 files on which simply don't exist! All files for the DM525 are actually named DM520.... The plugin even does the formating/preparation of a USB Stick...

  • Thanks for your reply,
    Yes, it is nice to have a plugin for this but it is also quite easy to manage as mentioned above.
    It is also strange that this feature was there for several month but no one mentioned it, even no developer would like to comment on it as well!

  • I can always speak for me, but for me USB flashing is just more complicated than Webinterface flashin.g When the feature was introduced 1,5 years ago (see…362e58c4d21e5eef0e1f2db85), I always wanted to test it. But when I needed to flash (because I screwed something up :D) I didn't want to search my drawer for an empty USB pen drive. Because I needed a running box, I reverted to the "old way" which meant not to change a thing because the box is and always has been accessible via LAN and a fixed IP from my desk :)

    And regarding info from the developers: I think they'd just tell you to look at the code. No need for a manual :D

  • USB flashing is extremely useful for people who own a dreambox but don't have a PC handy. A backup from a USB stick can be done directly on the box.. Perhaps even handy for people with little PC experience (or don't want to be bothered)..

  • Just a thumbs-up regarding DreamFlash. Just today I tested the latest build 'dreamflash 4.5rc3' which also runs on a DM520/525 box with it's limited memory. Backup obviously takes some time on this slower Dreambox but it gets the job done.. Also note that the file is substantially larger than the files created by dBackup. Last version also stores an .nfo file for reference including MDA and SHA256 checksum. Advantage to dBackup is the fact that the backup can be restored directly from the USB stick during EMS or Recovery Mode...