Unicable / Unicable2(JESS) Support im OE2.5 Experimental Image ab 20161223

  • with this lnb lnb inverto hd black ultra 0 2db doesnt works not?

    sure! :thumbup:

    if you had make the update for the experimental-image and a reboot, you must set your tunerconfiguration new!!!

  • i found in options unicable1.

    i can connect cable to tuner internal A1 then choose unicable1 stcr 1 and put the frecuency. then tuner A2 internally loop through and the third tuner A4 that i only want to use for sat 27,5W with unicable1 stcr2?

    thats right?

  • Ghost wrote:
    Um mehrere Satelliten zu konfigurieren muss man bei LNB1 anfangen. Dieses entspricht dann DiSEqc AA oder halt einfach nur A.

    Für weitere Satelliten muss man dann einfach oben den jeweiligen Satelliten wählen. Und das LNB dann für AB oder B auf LNB2 stellen und exakt die selbe Konfiguration einstellen wie beim LNB1.

    For more than one satellite you have to start with LMB1 witch then corresponds with DiSEqc AA or A.

    For the 2nd satellite choose the appropriate satellite and LNB2 for AB or B. The configuration should be exactly the same as for LNB1.

    DM8000SSSS, DM820SS, DM900SXFBC

  • I dont know if i can do What i want with a motorished dish unicable lnb inverto conected cable to tuner A1 i want to use all sats less 27,5W with that tuner and use tuner C the bcm4505 for sat 27,5W its possible? And how? I need a Switch?

  • Unicable with a rotor dish is not the right use case.

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  • @antrabe
    I am wondering if you have been able to achieve what you wanted and how.

    I would like to achieve a similar thing.
    I have one cable connected through a positioner to an Inverto LNB (normal output) and another cable leading to an unicable output of the very same LNB.
    The positioner cable is connected to A1 tuner, the unicable cable is split into 2 cables and connected to A2 and B1 tuner.
    B2 tuner is configured as "Connected to tuner B1"

    Currently everything works as expected except one scenario. I am mainly watching channels on the 23.5E.
    When I switch to a channel on 19.2E the dish moves there, but it resists to move back when changing to a channel on 23.5E satellite.



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