Hybrid DVB-C / T Tuner CXD 1981 Plug & Play LG chip fitted

  • I get in a few days this tuner card:
    Hybrid DVB-C / T Tuner CXD 1981 Plug & Play LG chip fitted for the Dreambox DM8000 HD PVR, HD DM800, DM800 and DM7025 HD (+).
    I bought this, because the idea that DVB-C(HDTV compatible) and DVB-T is in one card, is just awesome. :thumbsup:

    [Blocked Image: http://www.parabola.cz/img_magazin/2011/novinky-dm-hybridni-tuner.jpg]

    Does that tuner runs out of the box, on any enigma2 image?
    Because the specs say that switching between DVB-C and DVB-T is done by software. ?(
    Or is a specific *.ipk installer file nessesary?

  • i received the card today.
    it's a original one of dream multimedia.

    But it doesn't fit in my DM8000. :cursing:
    The card cannot fit straight in the tunerslot. ;(

    The back of the card (round part of metal plate) cannot get deep enough to fit correctly. So it's like on the images below. The top of the metal plates arwe equal in the tuner. But as you see, the one on the card isshorter, and the print doesn't go deep enough in the slot at the back of the dm8000.

    It their a difference between tuner cards size for DM8000 and other tuner cards for other dreamboxes?

    I attach two images of tunercard and default metal slot of my dm8000.
    As you see, the original tuner slot cover/metal plate is longer then the one on the card. The card cannot fit deep enough in the tunerslot(at rear side of slot).

    So not all dream multimedia tunercards (like this LG hybrid dvb-c/t) fit in a dm8000?

  • I send tuner card back to seller, and asked him friendly if it's possible to look for other tuner card of same type, that has less distance between tuner pins and tuner backplate.

    Because :
    -or the tuner is in wrong size(just a few millimeters)
    -or the motherboard of my Dm8000(original) is mounted a few millimeters too much to the back of the device.

    See picture, distance between the two red dots is a few millimeters too much. result is, the pins don't fit correct in tunerslot.

    Can Dream Multimedia give feedback. is this something that can happen, that a tuner card is out of size. Just a few millimeters, but enough to give trouble.

  • It's working out of the box. :thumbup:

    Only advise i'd like to give is: Buy a hybrid tuner with no screw that connects print with metal backplate (my photo's is type with screw as you see).
    Because if it has screw, then you have the chance that the pins doesn't fit good because of wrong distance between print pins and metal backplate. result is a tuner loop boot.
    So get one like in the first posting, no screw at backplate, then backplate is more flexible in position, and then the tuner will fit correctly in tuner slot.
    This type of tuner works in: DM8000 HD PVR, DM800 HD, DM800 and DM7025 HD.

  • Does anyone know if the 'Hybrid DVB-C / T Tuner CXD 1981 Plug & Play LG chip fitted'
    is... DVB-T2 compatible ? (it does support HDTV over DVB-C)

    Dreambox DM8000 HD PVR (HDD / DVD-rw | IPTV.

  • I'm afraid it does not support DVB-T2. At least I've never read anything like it and I am sure that DMM would advertise such a feature.
    Also, if i look at the settings options of this tuner (I'm using it in a DM7080 HD for DVB-C) I can only switch between DVB-C and -T.

    Regarding your last sentence: HDTV has nothing to do with the DVB standard / modulation. Therefore I don't understand your comment.

    so long

  • Wikipedia is a bit vague.
    Check here about DVB-T2: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVB-T2 (German: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVB-T2 )

    Seems like it respects DVB-T, and that DVB-T2 technical standard was finished already in 2009.
    Some OpenPli forum members say that their DVB-T tuner supports DVB-T2. So how about the CXD1981 from LG?

    I think that their is no need for CXD1981 to switch between -T / -T2. The same like their is no need on the same hybrid tuner to switch between DVB-C SD and HD.

    Hopefully, someone know the technical details differences between DVB-T and DVB-T2, and so if a DVB-T tuner is compatible with T2..
    This because lots of Enigma2 users will switch in Netherlands from DVB-S2 to DVB-T (and DVB-T2 in short future). The DVB-S2 provider M7 / CanalDigitaal will ue by end of this year Viaccess Orca ( CI+ ) with boxkey (certified receiver). And a enigma2 device is not compatible with this unfortunately.
    I think that Sky-UK and Sky-Germany will do the same...It sucks.

    Dreambox DM8000 HD PVR (HDD / DVD-rw | IPTV.

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