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    Wikipedia is a bit vague.
    Check here about DVB-T2: (German: )

    Seems like it respects DVB-T, and that DVB-T2 technical standard was finished already in 2009.
    Some OpenPli forum members say that their DVB-T tuner supports DVB-T2. So how about the CXD1981 from LG?

    I think that their is no need for CXD1981 to switch between -T / -T2. The same like their is no need on the same hybrid tuner to switch between DVB-C SD and HD.

    Hopefully, someone know the technical details differences between DVB-T and DVB-T2, and so if a DVB-T tuner is compatible with T2..
    This because lots of Enigma2 users will switch in Netherlands from DVB-S2 to DVB-T (and DVB-T2 in short future). The DVB-S2 provider M7 / CanalDigitaal will ue by end of this year Viaccess Orca ( CI+ ) with boxkey (certified receiver). And a enigma2 device is not compatible with this unfortunately.
    I think that Sky-UK and Sky-Germany will do the same...It sucks.

    Or is it possible that we can use DVB-T tuner in a HD Dreambox to watch DVB-T2.
    Like the CXD1981 LG hybrid DVB -C/-T tuner (with dvb-c HD support)

    Wikipedia shows me this info at DVB-T2 page:

    This system transmits compressed digital audio, video, and other data in "physical layer pipes" (PLPs), using OFDM modulation with concatenated channel coding and interleaving. The higher offered bit rate, with respect to its predecessor DVB-T, makes it a system suited for carrying HDTV signals on the terrestrial TV channel (though many broadcasters still use plain DVB-T for this purpose).

    Since the DVB-T2 physical layer specification was complete, and there would be no further technical enhancements, receiver VLSI chip design started with confidence in stability of specification.

    Who knows if we can use CD1981 for DVB-T2

    I unplugged power, replug...Turn on DM8000.
    Only blue powerled, but just didn't touch it again and just let it on.
    Now hour later webinterface is working, and device is working normally.

    Great. My house is on 1st floor and DM8000 in garret at 4th floor. (network connected by powerline).

    No idea why DM8000 wasn't working, but it's working again. (i've a 6 ampere automatic fuse at 230V~ 50Hz. it was turned off, maybe that was the reason why DM8000 didn't boot as normal after resetting the external power fuse)

    My DM8000 always worked good. It has original uptodate DM8000 oe2.0 image from from already half a year ago.
    It was always in standby (webinterface accessible). The last few months the DM8000 was in the garret of my house. The last 4 days with a night temperature of say 8 * celcius.

    Why is the DM8000 not working anymore? I didn't touch it. (only access it with webinterface a few days ago)
    Is it too cold, or is the hardware dead after 5 years of usage? (it's first generation of DM8000 build at prodrive NL)

    If i disconnect power, and turn power back on, then the only thing that works is the blue led of front powerbutton. (that goes on and stay on), internal leds on tunercards stay off.

    If device hardware is broken, is their a way of selling it as broken, for parts? You think people want that?

    Hello all.

    I'm using CanalDigital as my (legal) DVB-S(2) signal provider.
    In netherlands we have Film1 and HBO as movie channels.
    Canal Digital has only 1 Film1 HD channel, and 1 HBO HD channel.
    The coax cable provider UPC offers all channels in HD.
    I have a DVB-C tuner in my Dreambox. That is in use to watch the fta(free to air) channels of UPC Netherlands coax signal provider.

    I want to switch from DVB-S(2) Canal Digitaal to UPC DVB-C . I want to use my Dreambox for this. UPC offers a CI+ module for devices that are compatible with this CI+ module.

    So my question is: Is my DM8000 with uptodate OE2.0 DMM image compatible with UPC Netherlands CI+ module?
    They have a list of certified TV's that work with UPC CI+ module, here the PDF file .

    It's all German. I understand German , but not as good to understand it all.
    If you see me posting the say 'Kuhscheiße', then why don't you correct me if you are on that forum (otherwise you didn't read it). You mean opensat4all?
    Show me all the misinformation i post, seriously. Send me a PM with the links.

    So if you know for sure, then pretend :D

    You should read better, because i wrote in that posting it's unofficial info, and based on rumours. :D

    If DMM has the last news item from 15 August 2013, then yes people copy rumours that came out these month. :P