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    Strange behavior i must say and i must also agree that it looks like epg is effecting this some how, Usual EPG works like crapp for IPTV Streams so next question must be

    how do you assign your epg to the Streams?

    And how do you build your bouqets?

    for example it could be YouTube liveTV and I added epg from sat channel using option <map to dvb service>

    at first, of course, I added livetv stream to buquet


    With 4097 and 8193 the streams works fine, also 4k streams, but only one problem is exist. If I add epg the cpu loads over 120% and the temperature growths up.

    Same stream without epg cpu loads 11%

    Is it possible to do something?


    May be wrong thread for my question, but I hope somebody can explain or have solution. The problem is that the cpu overload, when i watching iptv stream with epg if the link stream start with 4097.

    for example, i have stream link(#SERVICE 4097:0:1:...:http) and mapped it to dvb-service, after that i can watch iptv channel or youtube channel, but the cpu load up 90% and the temperature of the cpu growth up.

    if i watch same link (#SERVICE 4097:0:1:) without epg the cpu load 3-7% and if the link look like this #SERVICE 4097:0:1:the channels opens very fast, also uhd.

    If i change the link to #SERVICE 1:0:1 .... with epg and without it, the cpu load 3-7%, but the channel starts slowly when switching

    I have tried

    #SERVICE 4097: 0

    #SERVICE 4097:256

    #SERVICE 8193:0

    In all those cases with epg the cpu load over 80-120%, depends of the channel

    without epg 3-30%

    Is it normal or bug? Is it possible to play stream(#SERVICE 4097: 0) with epg without cpu overloading?

    Would you please to update <youtube-dl> again

    Some problem with Mytube plugin. I can play some trailers, but if I search by my self something and try to play nothing happens, no video. I attached log, may be it possible to solve.

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    replace /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Istanbul file were lot safer method

    i replaced "Europe/Istanbul" by "EET" for line "(GMT+02:00) Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius"
    by example from "(GMT+01:00) ... "CET" zones,
    and now box doesn't start and also not accessible trough telnet and ftp :(

    yesterday, i did the same and didn't have any problem with my box,

    Actually, the point is, that the issue in the DM-image,
    of course every user can solve it by itself it isn't difficult
    may be it isn't hard to solve it in the image

    I have changed your file Istanbul, after that also right time, when I edited back Helsinki zone=Europe/Istanbul in timezone.xml