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    My ask is about any player can be play multiple quality same YouTube or any other player

    YouTube player when you use it in any other device same Windows or android or iOS

    It play any video and you can chose automatic quality or you can chose what quality you need play

    So I thing new dreamos is also support it but I don’t see any player or I don’t know if there already player work on it

    And if there player can you please tell me what’s is it!

    Because the new dreamos I’m 100%

    It’s amazing and can do any thing if dev need doit

    I sell dream in my country since 15 years until now

    And I don’t sell any other brand

    But when I see what’s dream guys talk same like this about Arab

    And not give me support for what I need then why I still sell it!

    All my market is down business for dreambox because customers go to other brand give them what they need

    And I lost too many

    I’m talk about me not about dream Multimedia DXB

    really I lost too much for my stupid mind I don’t sell other brand

    And I promise you

    I will stop every thing if I don’t get support to help me selling in my area



    Yes we don’t need from dream team add any provider or add any link or doit any thing not illegal

    We just need add only one option

    Add external audio on audio button

    When press audio button some channeled have 2 or more languages

    We need only add options add external audio

    And this not illegal

    Dream team will not add any audio on it and will not add any link

    It’s hard!

    On all experience in this job

    I don’t ask dream team anything

    But when I see other box very bad quality doit same this options

    All my market is go buy it and this what happened

    You thing by developer but I’m thing’s selling and also support for my clients and I need sell more

    But how I can sell it if I can’t do what’s customers need!

    I’m talk about more than 20 million only in my country Only

    In this year did you know how many box they buy from this bad box !

    More than 10 million

    If you thing this Impassible!

    Then you don’t know any thing about Arab customers


    Hi again

    I hope everything is fine

    And I really hope see this video

    To know what exactly need

    We all Arab customers need options for external audio add

    And I’m sure 100% is you add it in your mind you will doit and I’m also sure 1000000% again it’s only dream Multimedia can do this options on Linux receivers with new os 2.6

    Maybe this opinions not important for you or any other one in Europe but it’s very very very important for all Arab customers and if you doit this for us will get great job

    And we will get big bossiness

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    What bothers me most is the proliferation of valuable devices that I do not remember unnaturally because of the presence of this feature that they have and cannot be compared with the Dreambox devices, so why do we leave the market for them when we have capabilities that exceed them tens of times

    Thank you very much dhwz for best support and

    The big gift from dreambox team is add what I ask them for audio options..

    Really this is big gift and I will not ask you any thing more because it’s enough for me 😃



    I need tell one thing sir

    Maybe this options not important for you or any one in Europe

    But in specialty in Middle East it’s very important

    Because in Middle East more than 800 millions they can spake Arabic only and they can’t understand any other languages


    What we will win with this options!

    We win sell dreambox minimum 20 times for what sale now..


    If now sell 500 box in one


    With this will sell 5000

    I hope now understand why it’s important for us

    thank you is not enough for you and your upscale dealings and for really best support

    my ask is about this...

    in most of the satellite receivers in market these days there an option to use external source of audio to be played with live channel.

    as example if i am watching a Polish or Italian sports channel i can use external source of audio from internet to play my own language to be used instead of the original audio of the channel.

    is it possible from developers to add this feature to Dreambox so client can add audio url so it can be played instead of the original audio ?

    normally many channels has by default several audio to select and we need to add own audio as well .

    this feature is missing with Dreambox if possible to help adding as it is very important for many.

    Ok if it passible I can send font to you

    Maybe it’s work on other language very good then you can replace it and it’s will fixed

    I mean the font ae._almateen.ttf

    You can add it and replace name to


    And check if it’s ok on all other languages then the problem is fixed

    I hope you understand what’s I mean 😅


    Please dhwz

    We need. Also fix this bug and big and big problem

    Not only for me

    For all Arabic customers have dreambox

    Really we hate watch vod because subtitle not showing good and can’t read it


    I will very very very happy if you fix it

    yes yes yes

    That’s what need and talking about from beginning

    And really my friends use enigma2 receivers

    They told me bad words joke about my dreambox and that’s why I com here and open this thread

    And I hope dreambox team do action to fix this problem

    OE-A image have absolutelly nothing to do with DreamOS. So don't compare it as the code is not identical. Again read what I said about EMC.


    How can you need from me don’t compare between dreamos and enigma2?

    If dreamos not get me basically what’s enigma2 options?

    I’m not developer

    And I see dreamos not get me what I need but enigma2 it’s get me all what I need..

    Any way

    I’m here not for fight sir

    I need help for this issue

    I don’t thing this options it’s very hard to doit on dreamos

    Yes many Arabic channel have 2 epg languages

    And with plugin it translated by google and is very bad

    Why new dreambox don’t have this option?

    All enigma2 receivers they have it and can chose what’s language need epg

    And in new dreambox with new dreamboxos don’t have!

    I thing dreambox is more than futures from enigma2 but as I see now the simple thing I don’t have it on my dreambox!..


    i think y mean that plugin.

    An other option is the epg-translater plugin from gutemine, but the translation isnt good!

    Yes exactly I mean this

    That’s what’s I’m talking about

    And I search all in my dreambox I don’t find any thing same it or can do same