EPG not completelly downloaded - how to troubleshoot?

  • Hi guys,

    It's been few months I have started to solve the situation where since 1st of July Plex stopped to provide EPG for Czech TV channels .

    Because I am not a developer and I don't understand python I have put together few PowerShell scripts which run on my Plex Server windows machine and pull the EPG from my dreambox.

    And that's where I realized that there are holes in the EPG data on various channels.

    It didn't occur to me before, because one never goes through the whole list of EPG events if all the events have the extended description.

    For example on the Film Europe channel where it is worst, I can see the times and event tittles for 7days in to the future, but the extended description only for 4 days.

    On other channels I could see blank descriptions in the middle of the list.

    I have tried various things even the reset of epg.db, but the EPG never downloaded fully, there were always some blank places.

    I have tried to configure the EPGrefresh plugin, from the time-based duration (120 seconds) to the automatic and then back and enhanced the time 400 seconds to overcome the issue, but it doesn't seem to help. In the journal log It looks like it stops the caching of events after much less than the 400 seconds e.g. around 100 seconds and then waits 60 minutes.

    How can I troubleshoot it?

    I remember in the past I was able to save the stream and extract the text stream from it, but I can't find how I did it, if it isn't just a made up story in my brain :)

    Does anybody have an advice for me?



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