Please explain Enigma2 vs. Image

  • Hello!

    I will play dumb and ask a number of dumb questions, so please be patient with me and try to explain these numbers and the thinking behind all this because I do not understand, it makes my head spin round and round.

    So I have this DM500 HD with the following software.

    Enigma2: 2012-11-03-3.2
    Image: Release 3.2.3 2012-07-07

    When I look at the downloads for this box I get the following details.

    (Release 3.2.4 from 04.11.2012)

    How is Enigma2 different from Image? Are they not one and the same? Can I get an Image without Enigma2? Or just Enigma2 and no Image? :wacko:

    What is the said download for? The Image or Enigma2? Or is it just the Firmware? ?(

    Why does it say "3.2" in the first string "Enigma2: 2012-11-03-3.2"? :huh:

    Why is the date in second string "2012-07-07" not the same as "2012-11-03" in the first string? 8|

    Is it true then that 3.2.3 was released on 2012-11-03, only one day before 3.2.4 which was released on 2012-11-04? :rolleyes:

  • enigma basically is the app running on linux.
    the image contains enigma, linux, device drivers

  • enigma basically is the app running on linux.
    the image contains enigma, linux, device drivers

    So basically Enigma2 is to a Dreambox what Ubuntu is to a PC?

    The "3.2.3" is the version number of the image binary? This refers to the the NFI file "release-dm500hd-3.2.3.nfi"?…release-dm500hd-3.2.3.nfo

    "Enigma2: Release 3.2.3
    Machine: Dreambox dm500hd
    Date: 20120707
    Issuer: Dream Multimedia"

    OK, so the 3.2.3 binary was released 2012-07-07? So then what is "Enigma2: 2012-11-03-3.2" referring to? This Enigma2 was built in december 2012, then they went back in time, and released the binary in July... ? 8o

    Is there a version history of Enigma2 somewhere? :|

  • How does Open Embedded (OE) fit into all of this? Is this something like the build system for Enigma2? (Answered in another thread.)

    I am told in another thread that my Dreambox currently has OE 1.6 and that I should get the latest OE 2.0 based binary from the link below.

    What kind of Enigma2 will I be getting then? For example if I take "dreambox-image-dm500hd-20170216.nfi"?…mage-dm500hd-20170216.nfo

    Date: 2017-02-16 00:36
    Enigma2: 3.999git20160616-r10.0
    Distro: opendreambox 2.0.0
    Machine: Dreambox dm500hd
    MD5: 3f5c2aa9096d4ddda8bc3c1dac656ac0
    SHA256: 75ad3b858044fc96772de05ebc3862801e361a30f6721b5ec6438d9dbe46926d

    Who is the issuer here? And why does it say "Distro: opendreambox 2.0.0"? Distro? Is the name of the distribution not Enigma2 anymore? Isn't that the name of the OS? 8|

    I almost understand all this... :huh:

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  • Seriously don't ask just flash it. I'll not answer any further questions as this is just useless waste of time.

    Sorry for asking all these dumb questions. :(

    See it on the bright side, I helped you reach 3000 posts! ^^