Dreambox dm900 fail to open , no rescue , no system , no ip , nothing

  • i bought dreambox Dm 900 triple tuner , i am new to it . i read in internet about other images so i wanted to try each of it . it worked with some of it but last time i tried to flash opendroid and this was the last thing . it showed nothing in browser ( no restart option as usaul ) . i restarted the box and it just have red light . lcd off . i tried to log to rescue mode many times but not succeeding ( no blue or purple flas it is only red from begining . i tried to make bootlog and it showed .

    CPU 01
    Dreambox DM900
    AVS init...
    AVS init OK
    AVS load:select_image: addr_offset: 00051000 part_offset: 00000000 bootStatus: 2a2f2b00
    AVS load_code offset =00051000
    AVS: overtemp mon ON

    single boardteraterm.log
    FATAL ERROR: Boot 2nd image failed

    Any help for this .