dreambox dm 8000 hdpolarization H does not work

  • After rain storm in my tuner does not work polarization H : ( how much can cost to repair and where to give dreambox to repair

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  • If its happened after a rain storm then its probably the LNB or the cable that has got water inside it.

    Can you borrow another box off someone to check if its the Dreambox that has a fault or just the LNB or the cable.
    It shouldn't cost that much to have the LNB and/or cable replaced, unless your dish is very high up.

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  • dreambox is damaged heads H polarization does not work, I will send to dream multimedia repair cost 100 - 120 euro :(

  • you only need a new tuner, don't you?

    Can't you simply use 2nd tuner and buy another (3rd) one?

    But for sure, repairing the broken onboard tuner makes sense too ;)

    Theorie ist, wenn man alles weiß, aber nichts funktioniert.
    Praxis ist, wenn alles funktioniert aber niemand weiß warum.

  • how long can repair dreammultimedia DM8000, reached them 05/05/2014 :( RMA status "Gerät im Reparatureingang"


    2 tuners are damaged in dm8k, buy 2 additional heads are expensive and do not know if the damaged dm will work

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  • How much longer it might take to repair my DM8000, it reached dream multimedia in 5th may and I still dont have any information about repair status and costs other than RMA status saying "Gerät im Reparatureingang". Does anyone know how much longer do I need to wait?

  • Ask in the Ticket-System or send a mail directly to the support with your RMA number. It seems that your box is stuck in the queue for repairs because "Gerät im Reparatureingang" means as much as that your box is still in the incoming queue.

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