Howto use "lib/python/Components/Converter/"

  • According to git there is a Combine-converter, but it also says it is not yet usable form skins.
    Is it already usable?

    I would like to combine 2 labels into 1 label:

    <convert type="EventName">Description</convert>
    <convert type="EventName">ExtendedDescription</convert>

    Can I use the combine converter to do this (how?), or is possible in another way?

  • I solved the combining of shortdescription and extended-description in python.
    I created a new file "EventNameExtra" in /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Components/Converter/ with the following contents:

    Within the skin I can now use:

    <convert type="EventNameExtra">FullDescription</convert>

    And it works great :thumbup:

  • Nice job!!!

    I workarounded with your the problem of TivùSat's EPG. The EPG of this provider is shown only in 'short event description' and 'extended event description' remains empty.

    I applied it to:
    <screen name="ChannelSelection"
    <screen name="EPGSelection"
    <screen name="GraphMultiEPG"

    It works perfectly :thumbup: The EPG of TivùSat is now displayed on all this screens ;)

  • OKA
    Thanx a lot for the "EventNameExtra", it's very helpful.

    p.s. I think it will be good if developers include this converter into original image

    dm500 hd; OE2.0 (20130715)

  • @DMM.Devs