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    Let be honest. There is no C++ code available. Yes the python code for the browser and hbbtv applications is available... But it is no use since the enigma is locking itself on some channels when try to access hbbtv. So in my opinion the problem is somewhere in c++ code.

    I experience this for example on rtl 2 HD on 19,2 E. When i try to access hbbtv sometimes nothing opens. Another case is complete locking of the box that i cant recover.

    Just to clarify EPG age rating are sent by my providers... However Dreambox doesnt know about them because there is no code to read them. Otherwise yes it will be good if dream people listen to users voice.

    Well i know about this....but there is not actual enigma 2 code. Only the python part is there. To fix something more fundamental enigma2 code (c code) is needed.

    And what bugs do you struggle with? maybe you can list them :)

    Yes i can name some of....

    1. Lack of EPG age rating so to be possible to use parental control efficiently (need age rating and genre to be possible to be got from EPG entry)

    2. Sometimes EPG get lost

    3. HBBTV cause entire system locking or not open at all on some channels (ex. RTL2 HD on 19.2E)

    4. When using FULLHD skin and you do fast actions (ex. fast scrolling in a list) there are many artifacts, lags and you can see how the text got blurred. That generally happens if the background is pretty dark (gray for example) and text is white. I suppose this could be a driver issue or based on latest enigma changes for graphics loading.

    5. PIG component in skins cause flickering on window close since for some reason it moves its position abnormally (that is clearly visible if there are no animations enabled)

    There are other issues but that are the most issues bothering me ;)

    I Love Dreambox..... However i have to admit it is totaly lack of support. Only latest two models are supported with frequent fixes and new enigma versions. Older products lack any update more than half year and nobody seems to care. There are many bugs and nobody fix them. Or nobody provide enigma source so community to can fix them. In particukar i am talking about DM920 for example. No new enigma version no fixes. I think its a shame. :(

    Interesting..... How many time it takes to zap? And is that with a double tuner setup? I dont see you have a tuner B2. Also i use DreamOS from 26.05.2020 if it matter. What i am notice is zapping is notably slower when i am on dvb-s Chanel and then go to dvb-s2 one. If i zap on the same transponderi there is no issue and zapping takes less than a second. If the problem is on my side only What could cause it?

    Oh i forgot to mention that i have a 8 port diseq connected to tuner A1


    I am experience a slow zapping on some DVB-S2 transponders.

    It happens when switch between normal DVB-S transponder to DVB-S2 one. It takes 2-3-4 seconds to show up the channel picture.

    It doesn't happen on all transponders but for example it can be seen on 39E 12464 H DVB-S2 8PSK 2/3 30000.

    I suspect this has something to do with the tuner drivers.

    My box has BCM45308X FBC tuner and i am using the latest DreamOS with latest drivers 3.14-1.17-dm920-20200321-r0.0.

    Can someone check this?

    Hello to all,

    I have a problem with HasSubtitles converter....

    It just doesn't work at all. Sometimes it show correctly that there are subtitles present but most of the time it doesn't work at all.

    Can that be fixed?

    P.S. i am with latest DreamOS on DM920 UHD

    Hello to all,

    I have a problem with HasSubtitles converter....

    It just doesnt work at all. Sometimes it show corretly that there are subtitles present but most of the time it doesnt work at all.

    Can that be fixed?

    Das Problem kann ich bestätigen, das gleiche hab ich gestern auch einer DM500HD beobachtet MPEG Prozess mit 50% und Enigma2 hing, der Film der abgespielt wurde lief aber weiter, die Box lies sich nur noch durch einen Hardware-Reset neu starten. Ich hab dann allerdings gestern das Unstable aktualisiert, also keine Ahnung ob der Fehler nicht mittlerweile schon behoben ist.

    can you test with the drivers update from…d-20110501-r0_dm500hd.ipk

    Hi there is really bad bug in DM500HD with SSL #83 and latest drivers. When i go to a channel on hotbird 13E that is HD and have a ac3 audio and after that if i go to another HD channel on same satellite that have MPEG audio and wait a little bit when i check runnig process and CPU usage i can see a process [MPEG] that get 50% CPU and i cant reboot or restart enigma. The only way is to hard reset the receiver. I think is kind of audio issue. But i dont know is it connected with drivers or SSL version. On images with older SLL and drivers it is work with no problems. I was see there is a new drivers for DM500HD is that fixed my issue? I really demand fast fix since my receiver is unusable with current software!

    Hello to all! I am a big fen of Dreambox receivers but there is really annoying bug with DVB subtitles!
    On Discovery channel on 16E (11303 V SR 30000 FEC 3/4) and National geographic channel 16E (11010 V SR 27500 FEC3/4) there is several subtitle steams (Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian). The problem is that that subtitles are not displayed correctly! They display OK for some time and then disappear and after some time show up again! I was try [Moderator] Image is in violation of the Boardrules [/Moderator] that uses Enigma1 from 10.05.2007 and there subtitles are very OK! But at Enigma1 version newer that May 2007 there is the problem mentioned above! I think that is very annyoing bug and i hope Dream multimedia team to fix the CVS as soon as possible becasue until not fixed people that use the channels mentioned above can not use Dream multimedia software and hardware! So can someone give me more info about subtiles or can someone fix the problem???
    I have to say i am regarding real DVB subtitles not teletext one!
    OK i wait your answer!