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    Laugh also don't change anything.

    I agree with alpha that we have no real replacement of dm920 for now.

    And yeah maybe you are right DM is the best company of the world with greatest support. :winking_face_with_tongue:

    I tried several times to end this confrontation here but some people want to prove that DM is the best and all the rest are wrong.


    What is the current replacement of dm920?

    That have same/better hardware capabilities, CI slots and hdd support? Ofcource dm one and two have faster cpu and maybe video but have not same number of ci slots and hdd support.

    If there is not such with better specs and same or better functionality cant we consider dm920 as one of the flags hip models still? If that is the case Isn't it normal to be on support?

    I know when/if dm seven go out then I can say yes my model is obsolete.

    Recording timers for me is a basic function that i expect to work on high class stb.... But it not because often complains for no free tunner when there is.... And that is just an example...

    And excuse me but we dont know on what devs are working now because there is no any official statement or example of what is comming.

    I see from 2 years there are no software update on current oe-s Isnt it enough to be provided some info for what is comming and when?

    Ok. I am not right for 2.5. What i dont understand and will never understand however is why everyone dont want to admit there are functionalities that dont work in 2.5....

    Iam experiencing it and cant understand why one of the most expencive stbs on the market doesnt address the problem.

    Anyway i am changing the box with something that works just its a bit sad DM is not what it was :frowning_face:

    I am comparing product cost - support quality ratio.

    You can not run oe2.5 on dm7080.

    And i can not run oe2.6 on my dm920 either.

    So your comparition is not correct as well.

    Yeah but i am running that windows on 6 years old pc. Dm920 is much newer.

    And my problem are not connected with subtitles at all. There are things that really not work or work improperly.

    DimitarCC: I basically agree with you... but i'm afraid you are not aware of the size of the dream development team.

    if you knew, you would realize how ridiculous your comparison with SUSE, Microsoft, etc. is.

    yes I don't know because everything seems hidden. But they are maybe small but their product is more expensive from Microsoft product. I pay 200euro for windows and i paid 450euro for dm920 before 2 years and now no support. It doesn't seem really fair to me.

    Guys end this discussion because is point less.. Everyone have its point of view . Now i have partly usable stb for 450euro. That's the facts.

    @zombie exactly the company have to provide stable software for its product but its not the case for dm920 its partly stable because some things not really work... At least on my end.

    And some functionality was promised but never done.

    Its pointless to continue this talk further...

    Bt just to answer your question...

    When somebody pay a price for a product not matter software or hardware it is not expected to be full of bugs and nobody to care.

    Also several times it is said from official devs that they will do something but they didnt for years. That is not what we expect from a company like that.

    For companies that have better support in terms of software lets say SUSE linux, Red Hat. They run on open core but they do provide much better support for its closed software part. Microsoft - theys OS, Office are all payed and closed source but they get update several years after new version comes out.

    All is point of view. You like DM too much so is pointless to talk further.

    Stay safe @zombie

    Still there are bugs, issues and missing stuff in enigma2 core that never going to be fixed for oe2.5. I would be happy at least if the issues got fixed... Not matter what you say there are many companies from this grade that provide much better support. :frowning_face:

    Plugins can be written yes, but they can not fix issues that are still present in the core or drivers.

    Txt is another story... Every user has its own taste. Thats why want different things. But if the stuff are hardcoded in the enigma2 core obviously nothing can be done.

    A simple thing is display dvb subtitle yellow instead of white. That is possible in dvb subtitle specs but not supported by DM.

    The truth is lack of support or extensive API limit users to use full capacity of the hardware or to use their own preferences.

    That is what bothers me.

    You are great loved of DM and you refuse to acceot any critics that addresses DM.

    Well everyone can have its own opinion.

    It has already been written several times that OE2.5 will not really be passed on, OE2.5 is used for the old hardware and there is nothing new or big anymore, everything about OE2.5 is for the new Amlogic hardware there will be new software and how often do you have to write it until it arrives?

    Software development is moving in the direction of new hardware and therefore there is not much to be expected for any other old hardware, you don't have to be a prophet to slowly but surely understand this, because there is simply not that much capacity to deal with old and new software development and on the other hand you can program completely different things on the new hardware than on the old hardware.

    We all can assume things. But serious companies have official statements. If you want check Microsoft, Google or whatever serious software company you want and will see there are official statements for out of support.

    P.S. Besides they dont have their own flags hip product on their own site.... How serious.... :thinking_face:

    We're not talking about company's secret here. We talk about just a plain statements when a new image will go out (or when is planned) for which models...which models are out of support?

    What secret are these so to be hidden?! That is normal info every company gives (including mine ) :grinning_squinting_face:

    Anyway here is not a place to discuss this and I don't expect such an info to come out officially soon. That's why I said we have to care ourselfs :winking_face:

    Oh, and I think I can also show that here, so you can see that things are going on, just not everything is kicked around until everything is ready for release.

    In the picture you can see the date of the image and when the DreamOS is from and that is not 2 years ago but 5 days :winking_face::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, so it is wrong to think that nothing is done, it will only be released when the company says it is releaseable and can be given to the users, it's that simple.

    That is oe2.6 Dreambox Two. In that thread is asked for oe2.5 for which nothing is going on from october 2021 :smiling_face:

    If it is possible to be done in python only i am interested. I know official doesnt care for oe2.5 owners from years. So we have to care for ourselfs.

    Regarding new image... Hmmm there are talks for that from 2 years...nothing so far.

    I think the main job of the devs is to develop new software or improuve existing one. That is what is payed for to software developer. Its a fact that we dont see any fixes not new software developer from more than a year. It looks strange anyway. No offence but that is not serious behavior for a serious company that dream multimedia claims it is.

    ach, mein VAGHändler um die Ecke hat auch zu gemacht, gleichzeitig gibt es viele gebrauchte VWs und Audis auf dem Gebrauchtmarkt, spinnst du da die gleichen Theorien?

    Hier will nur jemand einen aktuellen E2-Core um diesen für die Nachbauten verwenden zu können.

    Wieso sollte Dream diesen e2-Core öffentlich machen? Auch wenn es Dream nicht mehr geben würde, wäre sie schön blöd, ich jedenfalls würde nicht vergessen haben, was vor Jahren passiert ist. Sollen sich die Hersteller dieser Nachbauten doch selbst einmal an die Arbeit machen und selbst entwickeln un dprogrammieren und nicht immer nur abgreifen, was andere gemacht haben.

    The clones manufactures anyway make they own software based on oe1.6 even now. I dont think will be any different after/if e2 core is opensourced.

    As i said i agree to not be open source but then support it. If it is impossible to support for what we payed for? Is not the same with the cars because well even now for those old cars there are spare parts.

    For the brands that spare parts are no manufactured anymore there are companies that make their own parts as a clones of the original ones. even some are better than original.

    So dont compare it with cars. Ofcource its Dream Multimedia decision should they open source it or not. But its the fact that they left current customers without support. Although it was advertised different.

    All that seems to give an impression that everything goes to its end. If that is the case too bad. :frowning_face:

    But if that is really the case it will be good somebody to say it officially. There is no point of hiding.

    Also if Dreambox goes to its end it is one more reason to opensource their E2Core.

    Ofcource that are just speculations at the moment. We don't know what the real case is so somebody from the officials should give us light.

    To be precise i have asked E2Core to be opensource because nobody do a support at the moment. I am fine to stay closed source but then they should support it at least for a several years ahead.

    DimitarCC  What exactly is not working for you?

    DM920 does not show satellite and IPTV channels?

    I have a DM500S which is still working. :winking_face:

    Well yes the box is generally working. But what i can say without problems is working only the satellite part. IPTV is working so so. Channel loads have huge delay on start sometimes due to that it is used gstreamer which have no configuration options. Also sometimes channel even don't start because gstreamer give up waiting after a 1-2s (if the connection is a bit slow).

    HBBTV doesn't work properly in some cases. For example, on RTL2HD on 19.2E it doesn't load HBBTV and if by some coincidence it loads it immediately freezes enigma2.

    On other channels it loads HBBTV but its very very sluggish.

    In EPG information, the parental rating of the event is not given even if it is transmitted by the provider. Without this we can't really control what kids are watching and is it suitable for their age.

    Ofcource it have other bugs but the main problems are the mentioned above.