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    But in my opinion, the new Dreambox device, although it wants to enter the market later, is not a problem. It should only be a device that does not enter the market in a hurry so that it does not have production and manufacturing problems. :whistling:

    Hello. You can use the device manager gemini plugin and enable the sd card display option.
    To install, you must use an unstable factory image

    AAk: But that is not the problem. In the generated skin_user.xml an id="100" must be inserted at the end of ALL "<screen"-lines. You can test that, maybe this is enough.


        <screen name="InfoBarSummary" position="0,0" size="240,80">
        <screen name="InfoBarSummary" position="0,0" size="240,80" id="100">

    or find and replace


    " id="100">

    I entered them this way and the other device did not boot.

    And I just entered them in the L4L01 On field and some of the screens themselves had id = 3

    @joergm6:Thank you. Finally this problem must be solved.

    @dniestre:Yes, it's a good plugin, but only for beginners and those who are not bored!

    @mimisiku:But we are in a situation where we do not have access to photo frames! In my opinion, launching this plugin is very efficient, of course, for us. Finally, this plugin must be fixed, because if it goes like this, it will not work on Dream Box Seven either.

    Hi. I have a dream box number two that I want to adjust the screen to my liking. Well, as you can see, I changed the font and it became more beautiful. But there is still a lot of work to be done. I want to adjust it so that multiple pages can be rotated every few minutes And also make its font bigger etc .. .
    Has anyone been able to run the lcd4linux plugin on it?

    I talked to the developer and he fixed his plugin problem but the changes to this plugin do not apply to screen two.
    The problem seems to be the new dream os operating system. :/


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    Das wird sich nicht mehr lohnen, weil das neue Universal-Image für die One/Two/Seven dann von Hause aus schon PiP haben soll ;)

    The pip option that should appear in the main image.

    But on my behalf, I apologize to gutemine.Because we mistreated him. He is everything to himself. Bad answer with good.

    We overdid it with him

    And does Dreambox 7 have picture in picture options? What type of tuner will it be? The same silabs?

    And will it do 8 records at the same time?

    I know these questions are a bit ridiculous for a device that has not yet arrived ^^

    In the sync mode option, hold first frame does not work, also in this part, the slow motion option is associated with synchronization problems, which you will surely fix later. Also, sometimes the sound is output in the player and the sound gets stuck in some movies. We are waiting for Dreambox 7, more attention should be paid to the hardware of this device and its assembly to become a historical device in terms of quality, speed, and beauty. Thanks to dp company and all those involved

    Excellent and useful. Your plugins always make me happy because they run simple as well as useful options on simple devices in Enigma2 and make enigma2 more useful. So thank you very much dear plugin writer. :thumbup:

    Thanks for test and feedback :thumbup:

    Would it be better, if the box only startup to idle mode if the power cut come from idle or standby?

    Now the box is also going to idle after power cut from active mode.

    If you want my opinion, it is better to start from standby, but it is great right now. These topics are a matter of taste, and it would be good if you could design a separate option, otherwise it is already great.

    This is only a command to simulate a real power blackout.

    This command must not automated on a real power blackout.

    To test you can also switch of the power-button on the backside of the box in the idle mode and reswitch to on after 10 seconds.

    This should be like a real power blackout and the box should be start to idle mode after restart if choose 3. option in setup.

    I tested this and it works well in idle mode. But I want it to be the same when the power is off and the device is completely off(shutdown). Is there a way?

    - simulate power blackout: killall -9 enigma2 && reboot

    Thanks. I tested this. This is exactly what I want, but did I disconnect the adapter and reconnect the device ?, Can this be automated when the power goes on and on?That is, option 3 becomes automatic ?