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    Swiss-MAD HD channel has 8dB on 120cm, and SD version 15dB on 80cm :D Both are located on other position and I can't mount bigger dish.

    dre Thanks I will try it :)

    Anyway to be more clear - I'm looking for any software solution - writting own timer plugin or python script to check signal and deactivate/activate timer on demand. Help needed if this is possible?

    I'm looking for any help how to do that.

    I have cyclic timer scheduled on HD channel, but sometimes if bad weather there is no signal there.

    I would like to record SD version then. Could anyone propose any solution?

    Thank you :)

    I have Dreambox 525HD with tuner BCM73625 (G3) (DVB-S2), OS 4.3.2r4-2019-02-19, Image: Experimental 2.5
    I have DiSEqC 8/1 and receiving several satellites e.g 7E, 9E and 27.5W, etc.
    I notice a issue I hope someone here reproduce and could fix :)

    When I scan (or even switch in built-in signal checker) transponder on 9E:

    <transponder frequency="12111000" symbol_rate="31400000" polarization="1" fec_inner="0" system="1" modulation="2" />

    I immediately lost signal on some other transponders e.g.

    <transponder frequency="10803750" symbol_rate="30000000" polarization="1" fec_inner="4" system="1" modulation="1" />


    <transponder frequency="11495000" symbol_rate="44100000" polarization="1" fec_inner="9" system="1" modulation="1" />

    I know this transponder on 9E is empty and completly useful for me but it is downloaded by auto update tool into satellites.xml before my weekly full rescan so it's really annoing as only solution then to restore signal is restart box :(

    I can provide enigma logs or other data if necessarily.
    Thank you for help.

    @dhwz - no AFN does not use DES as you wrote. There are other services e.g on 4.8E and 15W using DES. I guess they are legal in dedicated boxes but not for public purposes. (hotels, markets promo etc.)
    However you can buy occasional cards which decode stuff on ebay etc. just for DX hobby :)
    Maybe was it deliberate to break non-commercial solution by Dreambox? Nevermind. I agree and accept you do not have to support it but it would be nice since it worked earlier on your boxex and familiar companies support it.

    You only get support here for scrambled channels that work with a CI-Module(not CI+).

    DM520 doesn't have a CI built-in...

    Dear Dreambox support
    the same issue on DM525 which have CI build-in... and the same firmware I guess :)
    In fact it's not only PowerVu issue. The same is on legal card, which I have, using other DES encripted system.
    It's your firmware issue as it works well on older Dreambox models which I have too.

    @LookAtMe can you write what you expect from box for €150 ? And what exactly is below your expectations?
    I have DM 525 HD which is identical plus CI slot and cannot catch that bad opinion. I have 10000+ channels from 12 satellites and do not see reliable issues works fast enough! Receiving feeds as well, no issue at all.
    Every software issue I found was resolved (or at least workaround) here. Maybe one issue with black screen while switching from DES to AES on this box is annoying. Everything else works fantastic for me and I also had many others boxes in my hands. I did not see better box in that price.

    @gutemine Thank you once again - I've just switch to not use transponders time as you recomended, but I hope it's only workaround and someone can fix this issue :) Maybe @dhwz will look at it again with my latest update.

    Back to ntp: it looks (in journal enigma2 log) that TimeHandler do not catch time from transponders now what it's better but I set ntp to auto, restart dreambox (not hard reset) and waiting about 1 hour now and time is not changed to correct (network is ok) - still 30 min ahead. How often ntp should update time? I do not see any messages related to ntp in jounal log too.

    It takes me some time to find it but I've finally got it . DM time changed 30 min ahead but it shouldn't as it's wrong transponder time!

    sie 26 20:15:05 dm520 enigma2[190]: [eDVBLocalTimeHandler] Receiver time is 'Sun Aug 26 20:15:05 2018'
    sie 26 20:15:05 dm520 enigma2[190]: [eDVBLocalTimeHandler] Transponder time is 'Sun Aug 26 20:50:45 2018'
    sie 26 20:15:05 dm520 enigma2[190]: [eDVBLocalTimeHandler] diff is 2140
    sie 26 20:15:05 dm520 enigma2[190]: [eDVBLocalTimeHandler] we have correction -228
    sie 26 20:15:05 dm520 enigma2[190]: [eDVBLocalTimeHandler] diff after add correction is 1912
    sie 26 20:15:05 dm520 enigma2[190]: [eDVBLocalTimeHandler] use stored correction(<5 min)
    sie 26 20:46:57 dm520 enigma2[190]: [eDVBLocalTimeHandler] update RTC
    sie 26 20:46:57 dm520 enigma2[190]: [eDVBLocalTimeHandler] time_difference is 1912
    sie 26 20:46:57 dm520 enigma2[190]: [eDVBLocalTimeHandler] update Linux Time

    I think it's correction issue if there is no exception of earlier explanations for correction > 5 min. Please explain or fix it :)
    I can provide full journal log if necessery, but I guess above code contains a clue.
    Thaank you.

    My problem is: when I search channels on my Dreambox 12 satellites there are many radio and data channels found as well. I would like to remove quick every new Radio and Data which are not interesting for me then.
    Now I have to filter by Radio, delete and again filter by Data and delete. It's not a big issue but only useful feature, but I guess easy to implement :)

    first the .value was just a cut and paste error from e2 python code and second you have to stop e2 with systemctl stop enigma2 before editing or e2 will overwrite it from his cache when restarting next and hence never use it.

    Sure, thx I will try it next time :)

    Ok seems you didn't understand. It doesn't sync time at all if the difference is larger than 5 minutes.Not to future and not to the past...
    It's just not possible that it sync a time with 20min difference. Maybe you switched to different transponders which all had a offset <+5min. Which results in increasing again and again.

    I can't provide log because it looks they fixed time on 9E transponder a moment ago but I will track this issue and try to catch E2 logs while time is changing since I notice this problem myself from time to time.
    I'm pretty sure it's not true (about <5 min) or someting else caouses bigger resync because I had many time even bigger time resync e.g. about a day(!) so what I would have to do to achive that :D

    So, for now thank you for your help. Please do not close this thread as I will looking for more details of this problem.

    Thank you for response.

    That's not a bug but expected behaviour. It's not accepting time sync if the diff is too high (>5min) to the current system time.
    And E2 is not syncing time if it is 20min out of sync in future. ;)

    Ok, but why E2 allows to resync time > 5min?
    So its a feature to have resync time and can't sync it? I hope not :)

    I was trying this earlier too :)
    config.misc.useTransponderTime.value=false and config.misc.useTransponderTime=false

    I thought the second one which was mention earlier here when I search is correct, but nevermind. I put both via shell vim editor (plus ntp on) and nothing happend, so how long I should wait? or maybe something else? I even restarted DM and sadly then in /etc/enigma2/settings both lines were removed :/ The same if I sending it via DreamboxEdit, these lines never even can be see in setting file. Please corect me if I doing something wrong :)

    Nobody answers my question in solved thread [solved] Wrong system time, how to get the correct time again
    so I create ne one to report this problem:
    To reproduce:
    1. Switch to transponder with broken time from the future (e.g. now on 9E 11804/V/27500, time is resync about 20 min)
    2. Dreambox synchronizes bad time what is not problem yet :)
    3. But then switch to channel with correct time and you get: (journalctl -f -u enigma2 | grep eDVBLocalTimeHandler)

    cze 07 18:09:27 dm520 enigma2[176]: [eDVBLocalTimeHandler] Receiver time is 'Thu Jun 7 18:28:06 2018'
    cze 07 18:28:06 dm520 enigma2[176]: [eDVBLocalTimeHandler] Transponder time is 'Thu Jun 7 18:07:12 2018'
    cze 07 18:28:06 dm520 enigma2[176]: [eDVBLocalTimeHandler] diff is -1254
    cze 07 18:28:06 dm520 enigma2[176]: [eDVBLocalTimeHandler] we have correction 135
    cze 07 18:28:06 dm520 enigma2[176]: [eDVBLocalTimeHandler] diff after add correction is -1119
    cze 07 18:28:06 dm520 enigma2[176]: [eDVBLocalTimeHandler] use stored correction(<5 min)
    cze 07 18:28:06 dm520 enigma2[176]: [eDVBLocalTimeHandler] update RTC
    cze 07 18:28:06 dm520 enigma2[176]: [eDVBLocalTimeHandler] time_difference is -1119
    cze 07 18:28:06 dm520 enigma2[176]: [eDVBLocalTimeHandler] update Linux Time

    Time is fixed to correct time.
    No time fix -Time is wrong!

    Even after restart of DM there is the same behaviour, only switching off power for several seconds resets time to 1.1.1970 and then time is fill in properly.
    Can anyone fix it or give at least any workaround to reset to corect time, please. (NTP on/off did not change anything).

    Once again, I think this issue is still reproducible in some cases :( when time was broken on bad transponder and set to 2h from the future
    Even with ntp enabled and switch to correct time transponder I got:

    maj 31 01:11:08 dm520 enigma2[1682]: [eDVBLocalTimeHandler] Receiver time is 'Thu May 31 01:11:08 2018'
    maj 31 01:11:08 dm520 enigma2[1682]: [eDVBLocalTimeHandler] Transponder time is 'Wed May 30 23:08:17 2018'
    maj 31 01:11:08 dm520 enigma2[1682]: [eDVBLocalTimeHandler] diff is -7371
    maj 31 01:11:08 dm520 enigma2[1682]: [eDVBLocalTimeHandler] no correction found... store calced correction(7371)
    maj 31 01:11:08 dm520 enigma2[1682]: [eDVBLocalTimeHandler] not changed

    Is this really accepted action? Time shouldn't be fixed?
    I doubt only switch off of DM should be solution.


    Maybe its a stupid question but after 1h I was not able to do it:
    There is web browser on my Dreambox DM 525 HD but how to write in authorization window password with caps letters e.g 'W' or special chars '%' etc ? Look that I can only write numbers there :/