[solution] signal problem: BCM4505 (at) dm7020hd v2

  • (1) Device information of dm7020hd v2, as shown by box

    Enigma2: 2014-03-14-tarball

    Detected Tuners:

    Tuner A: BCM4505 (DVB-S2)

    Tuner B: empty

    (2) Hardware tuner configuration, as installed

    Tuner A: BCM4505 (DVB-S2)

    Tuner B: BCM4505 (DVB-S2)

    Though there seems to be some signal (for example dB 17.28, SNR 100%, AGC 15% for some tv channel), no picture is shown or sometimes a narrow stripe of small coloured blocks on top of the tv display. No acoustic sound. Change of channel or satellite don't lead to a better result.

    I asked technicians to measure satellite position and signal strength, to check the cables. They found nothing abnormal, no fault. The technicians tested signal strength, connected both antenna cable connections with another device with an own tuner: there display and sound reception worked fine.

    I interchanged antenna cables from tuner A to tuner B and vice versa. The boxes display information still told that tuner B was empty. Therefore: (a) should I try to replace tuner B; (b) does anybody know if BCM4505 (DVB-S2) still is available or, if not, which tuner might be a compatible replacement; (c) should I replace both tuners; (d) any other suggestion?

    Thank you.

    : Solution: damage caused by water intruding via antenna cable. Box is ruined.

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