Dreambox os - radio

  • Can you please refine the radio function in oe 2.6?

    It is good that you can enter the radio stations from the menu, because the remote control does not have a radio button. But it is a pity that you can not disable the OSD.

    1. In the background you can see the wallpaper that is obscured by the OSD

    2. there are radio channels that broadcast more stations under other soundtracks, unfortunately with OSD enabled you can not change the audio track

  • I managed to solve the problem completely as I like, i.e. without installing external add-ons

    1. Enable "Alternate Radio Mode" in: Menu -> Configuration -> System -> Configuration

    2. To get to the alternate radio mode on the original RC20 remote control without installing external add-ons, simply press the "Help" button and select "Show radio player..."