How to edit keymap.xml file of DM520 DM image

  • Dear Experts

    For some times I have been using Sony TV remote to control DM520 through CEC function. Yellow Button shows programs of the current service and Blue Button shows extension menu. While the Red and Green buttons do nothing

    I want to assign following functions to colors button;

    Red to record the program

    Green show Audio function

    Yellow to show Movies (PVR function)

    Blue to show plugin menu

    Kindly help how do I edit keymap.xml file. File is attached.

    or is there any plugin to assign above functions to color buttons of remote.

    Thanks :)

    keymap .txt

  • athart

    Changed the title of the thread from “HOW TO EDIT KEYMAP.XML FILE OF DM IMAGE FOR DM520” to “How to edit keymap.xml file of DM520 DM image”.