DM920 with Si2169D and Sundtek dvb c/t/t2

  • Hi
    I have a DM920 with BCM45308X, Si2169D and an Sundtek usb tuner dvb c/t/t2.
    The sundtek tuner is for the possibillity of receving up to three terrestial services at the same time.
    The only image were I get the Sundtek tuner to work is Openpli 6.2.
    But the Si2169D does not recognize any dvb t2 services at all if I not use a OE2.5 image.
    Is this a know problem (Si 2169D not receiving dvb t2 using OE2.0 image) or have I done something wrong. I want to use all tuners at the same time.

    / Kjell

  • Hi again!

    Now I have got Si2169D to receive DVB-T2 in Openpli and Openatv images. Just do a separate scan for every T2 mux with all parameters manual inserted.
    If You don´t have the channel parameters, You can get it from channel info on a working OE 2.5 image.
    Works like a charm.

    / kjell